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Through the Seasons: The North West Landscape (2006)







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This sequence is one year of what we see looking left out of an upper room window. In the foreground is what we call the 'main pond' named 'Dragon Pond'.

If you want to study these it is best to use the Backward & Forward buttons and the table of 'highlights' below. The image number appears at the lower left of each image, and the time and date on the lower right, preceded in brackets by the approximate time since the previous image. Images are nominally taken weekly at 12:00 GMT or BST, whichever is current, but we adjust this to match weather and speed of changes.

This sequence was taken through 2006. At that time most of the trees were about 16 years old. The black poplars and single lombardy poplar line the farmers track which provides our access to the road, and would seem to be at least 100 years old.


The Tit-box on the Ash tree (middle of island) overheated in sunshine, and the mallard box below it was not a used. We moved both before the 3rd image.


The splash of orange at the left edge is Willow fronds.


On the near edge of the pond a mallard Duck & Drake drowse in the sunshine.


The white blossom left of centre is Blackthorn (flowers before leafing).
The yellow specks lowser left and along the back of the pond are various types of daffodils. 


The green growth around the left edges of pond and island is Flag Iris.
The haze on the Black poplars top left is their extensive catkins which appear weeks before the first leaves.
The distant white patch is a Field Maple blossoming in a distant hedge.
Just right of centre a cherry tree is starting to blossom. 


The Cherry blossom is now fully out..
The Lilac flowers along the front edge of the pond are Dames's Violets, a pretty cottage garden plant now becoming naturalised, which arrived without our help.


The Ash tree on the island is just starting to leaf.
The Lombardy poplar (a single vertical tree at the top about a quarter of the width from the left in among the black poplars) is just starting to leaf. 


The white spikes on the tree just left of centre are Horse Chestnut 'candles' about 20cm tall.


The white branches on the left is Hawthorn blossom - much brighter in 16.
The Black Poplars (most of the trees upper left) are just starting to leaf.


The yellow flowers around the pond are the Flag Iris flowers - never seems to last long enough to us!


That horrid red colour on the pond surface is some sort of algae. Its green until it has been in full sun for several minutes, shadows sometimes leaving a non-red patch.


The white flower heads a bit left of centre are Oxeye Daisies on the bank behind the irises.
The trails through the red algae are made by the moorhen as they swim across. 


The cereal crop in the distant field has just ripened.


The Seed pods of the Ash tree on the island are beginning to turn yellow. 


The silvery look at the tops of some tree is the backs of leaves blown in the wind. 


Autumn colours are just starting on the Horse Chestnut (left of centre) and Ash (on the island) 


On sunny days the shadow of the house returns to the pond. 


The red haze at the centre is a Vibernum 


In only 6 days the green cherry left of centre has turned to gold for a few days.


Those Ash tree seed heads that turned yellow in August but did not fall have now turned brown and will stay there until next Spring.


The starkness of winter again exposes the lovely white bark of the Silver Birches at the centre and the distant horizon exposed again. 


Our standard copyright applies - see Copyright & Legal. Anyone needing access to any or all of the original multi-megabyte images should email us.