This aircraft was photographed in flight
near N 52:05:20 W 0:48:31
in Haversham, Milton Keynes

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The Aircraft is owned by one of our two nearest Neighbours, but we rarely see it because it needs a runway to takeoff and land. Fairly regularly we see the same pilot's Helicopter G-CCMR taking off and landing at his home.

G-BZLC at 10:38 on 25 Jun 2013

Ref: DF1_20130625_1038_118 Aeroplane G-BZLC (R&MB auto-crop).jpg

G-BZLC at 15:10 on 06 Jan 2012

Ref: DF1_20120106_1510_048 Aeroplane G-BZLC (R&MB auto-crop).jpg

G-BZLC at 17:49 on 28 Jul 2011

Ref: DF1_20110728_1749_043 Aeroplane G-BZLC very low with pilot looking at us (orig) (R&MB auto-crop).jpg