This aircraft was photographed in flight
near N 52:05:20 W 0:48:31
in Haversham, Milton Keynes

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The 'wing' of a Para-Glider is actually two sheets of material with openings along the front edge to inflate the wing into an aerodynamic shape. If the top and bottom are different patterns or colours, light through the fabrics can change the appearance as they change direction.
There are no G-xxxx license numbers on the canopies as seen on most aircraft and even Hang-gliders. The explanation is that ...
"A self-administering organisation is responsible for administering operational and airworthiness standards and for issuing pilot certificates."
Parachutes (as emergency equipment) don't require registration, and Para-gliders are sort of similar. We notice that Para-glider pilots sport an emergency parachute on their backs! Very sensible.

PARA-GLIDER at 16:25 on 01 Aug 2018

Ref: DF3_20180801_1625_188 Para-glider and Airliner (R&MB auto-crop).jpg

PARA-GLIDER at 16:12 on 01 Aug 2018

Ref: DF3_20180801_1612_061 Para-glider about to land over horizon to south (R&MB auto-crop).jpg

PARA-GLIDER at 16:09 on 01 Aug 2018

Ref: DF3_20180801_1609_044 Para-glider (R&MB auto-crop).jpg

PARA-GLIDER at 16:06 on 01 Aug 2018

Ref: DF3_20180801_1606_037 Para-glider with hunting Buzzard (R&MB auto-crop).jpg

PARA-GLIDER at 16:06 on 01 Aug 2018

Ref: DF3_20180801_1606_025-1631_219 Para-gliders over 25 minutes (montage) (R&MB auto-crop).jpg

PARA-GLIDER at 16:34 on 24 Jul 2013

Ref: DF1_20130724_1634_011 Para-glider (unpowered) very high (R&MB auto-crop).jpg