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Copyright and Legal

Except where noted the photographic images contained on these pages are the copyright of the photographers
Roy & Marie Battell.
You are permitted to make copies for personal use, and you can post copies on your own web site so long
as you don't claim ownership, and provide a link to the Moorhen home page (see later).

Do not embed links to images from our web site into your own.
Our bandwidth is limited and can not cope with the heavy traffic that can ensue.
If you want to use one of our images simply save a copy to your hard disc and upload it to your own web
site along with an acknowledgement of the source in the text.

The images viewed here are usually below the quality of the original digitised images in order to fit the images
into reasonable disk space, and so as not to try your patience while waiting for them to load.
Wildlife & conservation charities, other non-profit organisations, and individuals who want to use
these images (including printed publications such as guide books, museum displays, education spreads)
can obtain higher resolution versions by contacting us. There is usually no charge.

Artists & animators who use our images as reference are welcome to them.
Substantial use should include a credit to us/ and/or the web-site. We do like to see what get produced -
please email us a link to, or actual image(s) of your creation, at any size you feel comfortable with.

Commercial use (Books, journals etc.) is fine as well - we ask the fee to be donated
to one of the UK charities RSPB or the Woodland Trust.

If you like our pages, or use items from it, please provide a link to the 'moorhen' home page.
We suggest that you do not point at individual pages as these are likely to change.
If you want to use images copy them to your own site renaming them or not as you choose.

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