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30 Apr 2005

The muntjac fawn is growing and has been photographed at both night-photo kits apparently feeding on its own.

Ref: d3c_10422 fb2 Muntjac Deer Fawn 2005apr29_20-59-42.jpg

29 Apr 2005

We really don't know what is going on with these male and female chaffinches. Family Spat? Showing off? Fleeing something and the positions are just chance?

Ref: d3e_15120 fb1 Chaffinch Male and female beak to beak in flight 2005apr26_14-31-06.jpg

28 Apr 2005

This year a family of Tree sparrows contains at least 4 youngsters. Here 3 of them are tucking into the mixed corn in late afternoon.

Ref: d3e_15133 fb1 3 Young Tree Sparrows 2005apr26_16-59-42.jpg

27 Apr 2005

These red legged partridge are more usually seen in pairs but rarely both in focus or decent profile at the same time. We do not know whether or where they may be nesting.

Ref: d3e_14773 fb1 Red Legged Partridge 2005apr21_18-17-02.jpg

26 Apr 2005

After the loss of the nest our pair of moorhen are often seen feeding together and prospecting new nest sites.

Ref: d3c_10370 fb2 Moorhen Pair 2005apr22_06-13-58.jpg

25 Apr 2005

Mother Muntjac deer and fawn paused in the garden for a while mum spent most of the time licking the fawns bottom. We have chosen a less functional moment to show you.

Ref: d60_02495 Muntjac deer and fawn 2005apr22_07-31-20.jpg

24 Apr 2005

The Moorhen nest was destroyed during the night of 20/21 April. The two birds were photographed away from the nest site on the 21st and the morning after that this listless & bedraggled bird was barely bothering to feed. Later in the same day they were back 'courting'.

Ref: d3e_14811 fb1 Bedraggled Moorhen about 24Hrs after nest destroyed 2005apr22_06-13-08.jpg

23 Apr 2005

Chaffinch launching itself from one of the feeding sites showing his wonderful colours.

Ref: d3e_14627 fb1 Chaffinch Male taking off 2005apr18_19-37-54.jpg

22 Apr 2005

We rather like the juxtaposition of a leaping mouse and a couple of snails.

Ref: d3e_14573 fb1 Mouse and 2 snails 2005apr17_23-11-48.jpg

21 Apr 2005

Pair of Dunnock on a frosty morning in mid April.

Ref: d3e_14506 fb1 Pair of Dunnock in frost 2005apr17_06-07-46.jpg

20 Apr 2005

The Carrion crows are now sitting on the nest all day, changing shifts at indeterminate intervals. They have not enjoyed the recent windy weather in this flexible conifer but at least the nest is still there.

Ref: d30_04771 Carrion Crow on nest 2005apr16_13-08-48.jpg

19 Apr 2005

Magpie grabs as much as it can stuff in the beak.

Ref: d3e_14236 fb1 Magpie flying with beakfull of bait 2005apr12_07-44-32.jpg

18 Apr 2005

Pair of robins courtship feeding.

Ref: d3e_14093 fb1 Robin pair courtship feeding 2005apr09_05-49-36.jpg

17 Apr 2005

Why this moorhen collects nesting from a pond 50m away when there is plenty on the pond it is nesting on we don't know.

Ref: d3e_14115 fb1 Moorhen carrying Reedmace leaf 50m from Round pond to nest on main pond 2005apr09_18-26-30.jpg

16 Apr 2005

8 days after first daylight sighting the red-legged partridge made visits to the camera site two days running.

Ref: d3e_14337 fb1 Red-legged Partridge 2005apr13_17-29-16.jpg

15 Apr 2005

Regularly saw red-legged partridge when we first moved here, but recently have seen only Grey partridge. This Red-legged spotted walking down the farm track.

Ref: p20_1000482 Red-legged Partridge 2005apr05_10-48-12.jpg

14 Apr 2005

Worms are obviously 'on the menu' at the moment - two night running in the evening. Perhaps the female has a 'worm craving'.

Ref: d3e_13982 fb1 Moorhen carrying worm 2005apr07_18-20-32.jpg

13 Apr 2005

The worm is probably being taken back to the female who is now egg laying.

Ref: d3e_13944 fb1 Moorhen with worm 2005apr06_19-39-30.jpg

12 Apr 2005

A love token is being presented - also boosts her energy intake for egg making.

Ref: d3e_14046 fb1 Robin pair apparently courtship feeding 2005apr08_17-14-16.jpg

11 Apr 2005

The moorhen are disputing territory and can be seen tearing round chasing one another. This chase happened to go through the beam.

Ref: d3e_13888 fb1 Moorhen running 2005apr06_06-02-12.jpg

10 Apr 2005

The Robins are paired up now. The one on the right looks definitely a mess on this wet and dingy morning.

Ref: d3e_13906 fb1 2 Robins with one dishevelled 2005apr06_11-23-24.jpg

09 Apr 2005

Lichen on oak tree bark - it grows on anything clean and stationary!

Ref: p20_1000251 Lichen on Oak Bark 2005mar25_13-36-42.jpg

08 Apr 2005

Most animals stay away from the feeding station when it is raining. This robin must have been particularly hungry.

Ref: d3c_10064 fb2 Robin in Rain 2005mar26_05-24-12.jpg

07 Apr 2005

Jackdaw pretending to be a gargoyle?

Ref: d3c_09959 fb2 Jackdaw in Heraldic pose 2005mar17_16-25-16.jpg

06 Apr 2005

On dewy night the logs at the feeding stations get covered in slugs and snails. Our jay seems to have discovered this nutritious snack. We know it was eaten because it hadn't had time to 'run' away before the next frame was taken.

Ref: d3c_09956 fb2 Jay eating snail 2005mar17_07-13-26.jpg

05 Apr 2005

The ladybirds mating on an evergreen on an unexpected warm and sunny day.

Ref: d12_02438 7 spot Ladybird pair mating 2005mar26_12-38-48.jpg

04 Apr 2005

The jackdaws are busy building nests as well.

Ref: d3c_10028 fb2 Jackdaw gathering nesting material 2005mar23_17-35-46.jpg

03 Apr 2005

3 days after the twig being brought to the nest (see 2 April 2005) the automatic camera photographed a Carrion crow (presumably the same pair) collecting Reed mace to line the nest.

Ref: d3e_13585 fb1 Carrion Crow collecting nesting material (Reed Mace) 2005mar31_17-19-02.jpg

02 Apr 2005

For the first time carrion crows are nesting on the site. Here one is bringing in a twig.

Ref: d30_04675 Carrion Crow by Nest with twig in beak 2005mar28_10-30-00.jpg

01 Apr 2005

A pair of long tailed tits have appeared and seem to be nesting.

Ref: p20_1000119 Long Tailed Tit high in tree 2005mar18_16-09-02.jpg



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