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31 Aug 2005

Hope you like Swallows!

Ref: d60_04998 Swallow in Flight 2005aug20_14-35-16.jpg

30 Aug 2005

These are immature Starlings - note the light coloured head.

Ref: d60_04530 Young Starlings on Concrete Post 2005aug20_11-51-20.jpg

29 Aug 2005

Swallow perched on our decades old overhead mains wire.

Ref: d60_04679 Swallow on verdigris wires 2005aug20_13-31-14.jpg

28 Aug 2005

Swallow out collecting insects. They will be leaving soon for a warmer continent and feed intensively before they go.

Ref: d60_05132 Swallow in Flight (full frame) 2005aug21_12-06-04.jpg

27 Aug 2005

Often swallows take off en-masse for no reason we can discern. Sometimes most of them come back quite quickly, sometimes most go feeding, and sometimes they just 'go'.

Ref: d60_05255 Mass launch of Swallows from Wires Seq 1 of 2 (crop) 2005aug21_14-28-50.jpg

26 Aug 2005

2 Brown Long-eared Bats (see 22 Aug 2005) in a recess of the house. If you can't spot the second it is up and left of the main image against the rafters.

Ref: p20_1030337 2 Brown Long-eared Bats 2005aug21_05-21-50.jpg

25 Aug 2005

A chance pairing of a slow soaring Buzzard and nimble swallow. Scales must be approximately right for them both to be in reasonable focus

Ref: d60_05039 Buzzard & Swallow 2005aug20_14-47-12.jpg

24 Aug 2005

Another instance of swallows taking insects off trees (see 18 Aug 2005) but this time landing on a Hawthorn tree and picking them off.

Ref: d60_05023 Swallow Taking Insects from Hawthorn Seq 2 of 4 2005aug20_14-39-52.jpg

23 Aug 2005

One or more young foxes continue to visit.

Ref: d3e_23563 fb1 Young Fox 2005aug19_22-50-20.jpg

22 Aug 2005

In the pre-dawn gloom swoops of white appeared on an Infra-red security camera. Not the usual moths close to the camera but at least 4 Long eared bats hunting at the front of the house. For 15 minutes breakfast got cold while we took several dozen flash images (mostly of where a bat WAS) but this was the most useful for identification. (Another image in a few days.)

Ref: p20_1030291 Brown Long-eared Bat 2005aug21_05-12-30.jpg

21 Aug 2005

Robin rising out of the frame to avoid an oncoming moorhen.

Ref: d3e_23469 fb1 Robin in flight 2005aug18_06-45-30.jpg

20 Aug 2005

2 magpies appearing to be doing 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'.

Ref: d3e_23210 fb1 2 Magpies Mutual Preening (Q) 2005aug14_05-58-44.jpg

19 Aug 2005

This young fox visited one feeding site, then the other, and back to the first over the course of half an hour just after full darkness. This was the last image of the three. Lots of fruit peelings that night - foxes like fruit.

Ref: d3c_13860 fb2 Young Fox 2005aug11_22-43-16.jpg

18 Aug 2005

This image shows a piece of Swallow behaviour we have not seen before. The swallows hovered over this Ash tree top for a second or two beating their wings against the leaves. They then swooped down to collect the insect(s) they dislodged. A number of individuals were doing this from a group of about 100 feeding over the plot for an hour or so.

Ref: d60_04343 Swallow flushing insects from Ash Tree 2005aug10_12-20-56.jpg

17 Aug 2005

Adult Swallows can feed their youngster in mid-air in a wonderful show of aerobatics. This is the 'best-so-far' image we have of this event

Ref: d60_03965 Swallow feeding young on the wing 2005aug10_11-54-34.jpg

16 Aug 2005

The rabbit control officer on duty.

Ref: d3e_22768 fb1 Fox 2005aug07_04-55-24.jpg

15 Aug 2005

The Young Muntjac deer knows where to get a free meal.

Ref: d3c_13678 fb2 Muntjac Deer 2005aug06_18-30-36.jpg

14 Aug 2005

Going out to change the camera memory cards, this lovely dawn through the trees made up for the wet feet.

Ref: p20_1030061 Dawn through the trees 2005aug06_05-06-02.jpg

13 Aug 2005

After a few years break skeins of Geese are again flying over the plot.

Ref: p20_1030009 Skein of (prob Greylag) Geese 2005aug02_06-08-26.jpg

12 Aug 2005

A Peacock Butterfly yet to encounter bramble thorns, bird pecks and other ravages of life.

Ref: p20_1030047 Peacock Butterfly on ground 2005aug05_13-12-32.jpg

11 Aug 2005

This robin took it's picture fleeing from the approach of the monster coming to swop memory cards in the camera and chuck down some corn. During the day robins are now fairly trusting but in the half-light they quite rightly play safe.

Ref: d3e_22685 fb1 Robin launching as Roy approaches 2005aug06_05-06-54.jpg

10 Aug 2005

Don't know what this young moorhen is doing, but you get a good views of the structure and patterning of the wings.

Ref: d3e_22637 fb1 Young moorhen wing raised 2005aug05_18-05-48.jpg

09 Aug 2005

The Muntjac deer at the front of the house after photographing itself the night before.

Ref: d60_03711 Muntjac Deer on front shingle 2005aug06_07-02-46.jpg

08 Aug 2005

The Fawn seems to be a male judging by appearance of antler bumps on the head (actually better seen the next morning at the front of the house when he triggered the movement detector - see tomorrow)

Ref: d3c_13665 fb2 Muntjac Deer 2005aug05_21-00-20.jpg

07 Aug 2005

A slight tatty Speckled Wood butterfly on Blackberry.

Ref: p20_1020815 Speckled Wood on Blackberry 2005jul28_17-52-08.jpg

06 Aug 2005

The underwing of this comma butterfly shows the camouflage view that with both colour and wing edges mimics a dead leaf.

Ref: p20_1020842 Comma Butterfly on Large-leaved Lime 2005jul28_17-54-28.jpg

05 Aug 2005

The top view of this comma butterfly shows the display colours. The wonderful scalloped edges are part of its disguise - see tomorrow.

Ref: p20_1020821 Comma Butterfly on Large-leaved Lime 2005jul28_17-52-24.jpg

04 Aug 2005

A freshly emerged Peacock butterfly sunning itself on a blackberry leaf.

Ref: p20_1020857 Peacock Butterfly on Blackberry 2005jul30_10-22-22.jpg

03 Aug 2005

For the first time we have seen young green woodpeckers here. There are at least two, and this one is standing on top of a Great Tit nestbox mounted on a dead elm. Last year a Great Spotted Woodpecker pair wrecked the box as you can see, but did not use it last year nor this so it's time for replacement.

Ref: d10_01996 Young green woodpecker on elm post nestbox 2005jul28_11-55-04.jpg

02 Aug 2005

First sighting of a Small Copper butterfly here, this one rather nicely poised on a buttercup flower.

Ref: p20_1020722 Small Copper Butterfly on Buttercup flower 2005jul23_14-59-40.jpg

01 Aug 2005

Image from this date last year - a couple of 'Gatekeeper' (AKA Hedge Brown) Butterflies feeding from Blackberry Nectar.

Ref: c740_048010043 Gatekeeper butterflies on blackberry flowers 2004aug01_12-23-54.jpg



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