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28 Feb 2005

In prolonged cold weather birds use snow to bath in like they do dust in the summer.

Ref: d3c_09256 fb2 Blackbird having snow bath 2005feb24_06-42-18.jpg

27 Feb 2005

This Robin has found a corn grain under the snow. Small birds desperately need a reliable source of food in cold weather, and a continuous supply of grain, nuts, peelings, blocks of vegetable oil and whatever unsalted items you have will keep them alive and visiting.

Ref: d3c_09254 fb2 Robin in Snow with corn seed in beak 2005feb24_06-31-14.jpg

26 Feb 2005

By chance we ended up with some images which cover 7hrs of snow laying at the site of an infrared beam. We have turned these into this 6 slice left to right scan.

Ref: d3e_10932 to 10940 fb1 Snowfall building up over 7Hrs shown in vertical slices 2005feb23_20-54-14.jpg

25 Feb 2005

1 or 2 pairs of Mallard duck are now regularly visiting the ponds in the mornings and evenings. But it started with these 4 pairs back on 8 Feb 2005. The moorhen are not pleased and hang around sulking.

Ref: c740_052080021 8 Mallard on main pond 2005feb08_07-55-34.jpg

24 Feb 2005

First ever sighting here of a Polecat. It photographed itself 3 times within 10 minutes around 4 a.m. 22 Feb 2005. This is the only view of the face showing the facial mask. The mask is rather light and identification has been questioned, but we now have two confirmations that it is a genuine Polecat in Winter coat.

Ref: d3e_10788 fb1 Polecat (front view) (crop & proc) 2005feb22_04-11-40.jpg

23 Feb 2005

Rabbits contribute about a third of the pictures taken by the automatic cameras. This one with a mouth full of apple peel is a little more interesting than the usual head down eating or a blur of panic.

Ref: d3e_10584 fb1 Rabbit Eating Apple Peel 2005feb19_16-39-16.jpg

22 Feb 2005

About weekly we take a panorama from a North facing upstairs window. This is the left section taken at about midday Saturday 19 Feb 2005. You may need to pan sideway to see it all.

Ref: d12_02193 weekly field left 19feb05.jpg

21 Feb 2005

Not for the squeamish! On 28 Apr 2003 we got a whole series of images of herons feasting on frogs. Also seen as early as mid-February but not this year yet. More such feasts including Great Crested Newt on the Home Page > Birds > Herons.

Ref: D32_03951 Heron Eating Frog (Cropped).jpg

20 Feb 2005

On 22 Feb 2002 we found this mossy nest in a hedge we were working on.

Ref: QV2900_0302220004 Mossy Birdsnest in Hedge.jpg

19 Feb 2005

Most of the bird boxes are now being 'inspected'. On 20 feb 2000 this tree sparrow was checking out a nest box on what was then a living elm, now sadly a pole for the same nest box - this is the one that got 'modified' by the woodpeckers.

Ref: MVC1263X Tree Sparrow in Elm Nest Box.JPG

18 Feb 2005

Male Blackbird wings upraised and about to depart after a feed on this frosty dawn.

Ref: d3e_10227 fb1 Blackbird male wings lifted on frosty ground 2005feb15_06-47-54.jpg

17 Feb 2005

At this time of year we often see robin pairs with (presumably) the male doing vertical launches followed by tumbling to earth and a last-minute pull out. Must impress the girls! Poor quality photo but of interest.

Ref: d3c_08918 fb2 Robin pair with male in display flight 2005feb15_08-06-12.jpg

16 Feb 2005

A pair of Magpies frequent the plot. Not too popular with us because they feed their brood on the first moorhen eggs or chicks, but you have to admire their tenacity.

Ref: d3e_09829 fb1 Magpie with apple in beak 2005feb10_15-25-12.jpg

15 Feb 2005

Goldfinches are usually an early winter visitor to our teasels, but this lone bird arrived and stuffed him/herself with seeds in the left-over heads. This image from a sequence shows the chaff dropping from the beak as it frees the kernel.

Ref: d30_04579 Goldfinch eating Teasel Seed Seq 3 of 4 2005feb09_13-01-16.jpg

14 Feb 2005

This robin must be almost stationary in the air to be this sharp with a 0.001 second flash. The Great Tit is about to get a surprise.

Ref: d3e_09649 fb1 Robin hanging in the air over a great tit 2005feb07_15-46-18 (crop).jpg

13 Feb 2005

A Feast - a whole corn grain.

Ref: d3c_08565 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) eating a corn grain 2005feb07_19-16-22 (crop).jpg

12 Feb 2005

Fascinating angle to see a bird launching into the air. How we envy the agility but not the reasons he might have been taking off to avoid.

Ref: d3e_09639 fb1 Great Tit launching from side of log 2005feb07_12-08-18 (processed).jpg

11 Feb 2005

Great Tit in beautiful condition.

Ref: d3e_09398 fb1 Great Tit 2005feb05_15-36-36.jpg

10 Feb 2005

The ultimate in exotic (pheasant male) takes precedence over the dowdy little blackbird hen, Original image - not a composite.

Ref: d3e_09376 fb1 Pheasant male facing blackbird female 2005feb05_07-24-30.jpg

09 Feb 2005

This has to be a 'pair' of robins. In our experience if you see two robins that are not fighting then they are deeply in love!

Ref: d3c_08448 fb2 2 Robins 2005feb05_07-12-36.jpg

08 Feb 2005

Song thrush with unusually light markings.

Ref: d3e_09415 fb1 Song Thrush with unusually light colour 2005feb05_17-22-58.jpg

07 Feb 2005

Hen Blackbird just taken off from the log feeding area.

Ref: d3e_09270 fb1 Blackbird female in flight 2005feb04_07-53-40.jpg

06 Feb 2005

A Robin poised for takeoff

Ref: d3e_09295 fb1 Robin poised for takeoff 2005feb04_14-56-22.jpg

05 Feb 2005

At the log feeding station here are two great tits (bottom left) and two Blue tits stuffing themselves with apple.

Ref: d3e_07559 fb1 2 Blue Tits & 2 Great Tits 2005jan12_15-28-42.jpg

04 Feb 2005

Robin singing (imagine the sound!) in a hedge top. Taken 23 Jan 2000 but just as relevant to today.

Ref: MVC1249X Robin Singing.JPG

03 Feb 2005

Montage of 2 images from the same night of (possibly the same) fieldmouse (wood mouse) carrying off apple peel.

Ref: d3c_08253 & 08262 fb2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) taking apple peal (Montage) 2005feb01_17-36-40 & 18-34-40.jpg

02 Feb 2005

About weekly we take a panorama from a North facing upstairs window. This is the middle section taken at midday. You may need to pan sideway to see it all.

Ref: d12_02155 weekly field 08jan05.jpg

01 Feb 2005

One of the moorhen prospecting the ponds for a nesting site.

Ref: d3e_08977 fb1 Moorhen 2005jan30_09-33-36.jpg



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