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31 Jan 2005

What they were running from we have no idea, but what a height to jump!

Ref: d3c_08173 fb2 2 fieldmice (wood mice) fleeing something 2005jan30_17-25-50.jpg

30 Jan 2005

This Grey squirrel took about 10 minutes to clear the remaining 50 or so berries on this pruned branch originally positioned to attract Fieldfares and Redwings to a photographable position.

Ref: d30_04556 Grey squirrel eating Hawthorn Berries 2005jan28_09-58-02.jpg

29 Jan 2005

These two Jackdaws are getting very disagreeable as courtship gets underway this year.

Ref: d3e_08659 fb1 Jackdaws Fighting 2005jan26_15-18-26.jpg

28 Jan 2005

Jackdaws are almost a plague, but you have to admire them.

Ref: d3e_08240 fb1 4 Jackdaws eating apple 2005jan22_14-00-36.jpg

27 Jan 2005

A fieldmouse (wood mouse) in the dark of night.

Ref: d3c_07830 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) climbing log 2005jan22_21-27-18.jpg

26 Jan 2005

Two robins look like they are having a pitched battle for territory - its that time of year.

Ref: d3e_08451 fb1 Robin diving on another 2005jan24_16-10-14.jpg

25 Jan 2005

This blackbird and her mate are regular visitors and love to eat apple peelings (along with just about every other creature)

Ref: d3c_07813 fb2 Blackbird female eating apple 2005jan22_16-50-50.jpg

24 Jan 2005

Regular visitors to the night photo kits are pheasants. Yesterday a male, today a couple of hens.

Ref: d3c_06071 fb2 2 Female Pheasants 2004nov21_14-14-52.jpg

23 Jan 2005

Regular visitors to the night photo kits are pheasants. Today a male (tomorrow a couple of females).

Ref: d3c_06175 fb2 Pheasant Male 2004nov25_09-02-22.jpg

22 Jan 2005

Some web sites are already reporting frogs, so here is an image from a slide taken in March 1997 showing 3 frogs mating

Ref: slide 2633-19 01apr97 Frogs Mating (3 individuals).jpg

21 Jan 2005

Night Photo Kit 1: Fieldfare turning in flight taken 19 Jan 2005 16-45

Ref: d3e_08026 fb1 fieldfare turning in flight 2005jan19_16-45-00.jpg



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