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31 Jul 2005

The same Brimstone butterfly flew to a young Beech tree and 'vanished'. A search revealed him under a leaf and this montage shows how the marks of the butterfly match typical beech insect damage marks.

Ref: p20_1020760&1020765 Brimstone Butterfly camouflaged under Beech Leaf Montage 2005jul23_15-25-12.jpg

30 Jul 2005

A Brimstone butterfly feeding on a teasel flower with hover-fly capriciously also in shot. Tomorrow an example of the actual same insect camouflaged in a beech tree.

Ref: p20_1020758 Brimstone Butterfly on Flowering Teasel with Hoverfly 2005jul23_15-23-18.jpg

29 Jul 2005

This fox photographed the same night the moorhen appeared together at the same sight which we would expect to mean the nest had been wrecked. But they still seem to be taking turns on an out-of-site nest - probably the pair were from the other pond (which are not nesting again).

Ref: d3e_21811 fb1 Fox 2005jul24_00-52-50.jpg

28 Jul 2005

These orange beetles are common at this time of year and are usually seen in pairs like this.

Ref: d60_03590 Cardinal Beetles mating on blackberry flower 2005jul09_17-38-34 (cropped).jpg

27 Jul 2005

Male blackbird with a collection of food items in his beak.

Ref: d3c_13264 fb2 Male Blackbird 2005jul23_04-46-16.jpg

26 Jul 2005

A Gatekeeper butterfly on a recently cut branch

Ref: d60_03591 Gatekeeper Butterfly on cut twig 2005jul09_17-41-38.jpg

25 Jul 2005

Young rabbit choosing his apple before it all disappears.

Ref: d3e_21707 fb1 Young rabbit 2005jul22_17-50-42.jpg

24 Jul 2005

Nice portrait of one of the growing moorhen. Note that you can see straight through the 'nostril' on the beak.

Ref: d3e_21538 fb1 Young Moorhen 2005jul20_17-38-04.jpg

23 Jul 2005

Most plume moths appear as a white stick 'T' shape when resting, but in flight multiple feather-like plumes form the wings. Here they are partly spread.

Ref: d3e_21394 fb1 Plume Moth in Flight 2005jul18_23-31-14.jpg

22 Jul 2005

Most bird markings do not follow the pattern of the feather edges, but patterns on individual feathers wonderfully interlink to make the birds camouflage or display patterns. We normally only see this clearly in dropped feathers, but here you can see it on the live bird.

Ref: d3e_21215 fb1 Magpie showing details of individual feather markings 2005jul17_18-45-56.jpg

21 Jul 2005

The young moorhen from both broods are seen about all day. Here 3 troop through a feeding area.

Ref: d3e_21174 fb1 procession of 3 young moorhen 2005jul17_05-13-48.jpg

20 Jul 2005

A couple of Young moorhen feeding together. They still wander round as a group though now without their parents constant vigilance.

Ref: d3e_21070 fb1 2 young moorhen 2005jul16_17-46-56.jpg

19 Jul 2005

Portrait of a Tree Sparrow.

Ref: d3e_18131 fb1 Tree Sparrow 2005jun17_19-14-46.jpg

18 Jul 2005

Portrait of a male chaffinch.

Ref: d3e_18094 fb1 Male Chaffinch 2005jun17_05-32-08.jpg

17 Jul 2005

The 'black poplar' is our tallest tree and started as a cutting from a fallen branch 12 years ago. It is named Ivan's tree in memory of a good friend. Marie at the bottom allows us to calculate the height.

Ref: p20_1010511 black poplar at ivans roundabout = 11,4m 2005may15_15-05-02.jpg

16 Jul 2005

One of the young moorhen. As it grows the feet no longer look ridiculously large.

Ref: d3e_20869 fb1 Young moorhen 2005jul14_19-07-52.jpg

15 Jul 2005

This is a time of year for moths triggering the IR beam (mostly out of frame so you get 'nothing'). Here we have added to an image of a rabbit + one moth a number of other moths from other frames to make this montage of several species. None are good quality but they are all 'real'.

Ref: d3e_20660 + 4 others fb1 Rabbit with moths montage 2005jul12_22-31-06.jpg

14 Jul 2005

We often see carrion crows with bits of peel and the like, but here it shows a preference for an apple core about an hour after it was put out.

Ref: d3e_20326 fb1 Carrion Crow with apple core 2005jul10_18-25-00.jpg

13 Jul 2005

Magnificently coloured fox on the prowl.

Ref: d3e_20406 fb1 Fox 2005jul11_03-55-54.jpg

12 Jul 2005

A couple of scruffy swallow youngsters with mother having a rest on the right.

Ref: d60_03551 3 Swallows on Wire (2nd wire removed) 2005jun28_16-37-32.jpg

11 Jul 2005

The young moorhen are now just about independent while the parents have been building a new nest.

Ref: d3e_20173 Young moorhen 2005jul09_05-34-40.jpg

10 Jul 2005

An adult female swallow quartering the sky over the meadow.

Ref: d60_03486 Swallow in Flight with good wing feather detail 2005jun23_18-00-58.jpg

09 Jul 2005

Our largest Large leaf lime (of about 25) has this year produced our first Flowers and beginnings of fruits.

Ref: p20_1020602 Large Leaf Lime Flowers & forming fruits 2005jul05_09-17-04.jpg

08 Jul 2005

Another family of swallows being fed on the wires. Looks like the parent misjudged a bit as the youngster is about to make unintended take-off.

Ref: p20_1020524 Young swallow losing balance being fed on wires showing insect legs 2005jun28_16-24-14.jpg

07 Jul 2005

Growing moorhen and its parent picking up the grain put out a few minutes earlier.

Ref: d3e_19606 fb1 Moorhen and Youngster 2005jul03_17-39-30.jpg

06 Jul 2005

Young robins don't have red chests. Note the yellow edge to the beak it still uses for begging food from its parents.

Ref: d3e_19711 fb1 Young Robin 2005jul04_04-48-12.jpg

05 Jul 2005

Have no idea what this pair were running from but the chick count the following day was the same so they were apparently fast enough.

Ref: d3e_19391 fb1 Moorhen and chicks running 2005jun28_17-55-20.jpg

04 Jul 2005

A small leaf fall at a isolated sycamore resulted in this interesting collage of greens and browns.

Ref: p20_1020431 Sycamore Fallen Leaves midsummer 2005jun24_18-00-06.jpg

03 Jul 2005

Discovered that this (what we believe is) Oat Grass drops blackish pollen all over your clothes as you push by it. The only way to see it in a photo is against the sky.

Ref: p20_1020480 Oat Grass (Q) with black pollen drifting 2005jun26_16-41-32 (crop & sharpen).jpg

02 Jul 2005

The moorhen chicks (these from the main pond) are developing nicely. We still have 4 though one is more independent than the others

Ref: d3e_19387 fb1 Moorhen with 2 chicks 2005jun28_17-35-40.jpg

01 Jul 2005

This magpie seemed to capture their immaculate plumage and cheeky nature of these birds.

Ref: d3e_18856 fb1 Magpie eating peel 2005jun23_18-29-22.jpg



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