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30 Jun 2005

Although they dominate the photos taken at night (often over 100) we don't usually include rabbits unless they are being eaten by something. But this image of 4 at once trouping through the IR beam seemed appropriate.

Ref: d3e_19021 fb1 4 rabbits 2005jun24_23-39-02.jpg

29 Jun 2005

Wrens are small, lightening fast and spend most of their time inside obscuring dense hedges so we were pleased to get this chance image of a young wren in flight.

Ref: d3e_19009 fb1 Young Wren in Flight 2005jun24_20-45-00.jpg

28 Jun 2005

The moorhen family now has 4 chicks both feeding themselves and being fed by a parent. Note the huge feet of the chicks that help them get about on floating vegetation.

Ref: d3e_19074 fb1 Moorhen with chick 2005jun25_19-10-46.jpg

27 Jun 2005

This adult swallow in flight caught the insect at the upper right and went back to the chick to feed it.

Ref: p20_1020337 Swallow about to catch visible insect while young swallow waits on wire 2005jun19_12-32-42.jpg

26 Jun 2005

A dozen swallows including adults and fledglings spent an hour in the evening light swooping over the trees and ponds collecting insects.

Ref: d60_03302 3 swallows in flight 2005jun22_18-39-36 (cropped).jpg

25 Jun 2005

Guess this is still our growing fawn. Look at the lovely detail inside the ear.

Ref: d3e_18283 fb1 Muntjac Deer (cropped) 2005jun19_05-54-58.jpg

24 Jun 2005

Midsummers day today so an image to reflect the light of summer. Oxeye daisies now grow rampant here with our blessing and light up the meadows. No we haven't got it wrong - the 'longest day' was 21st June, midsummer day being the 24th.

Ref: p20_1020232 Ox-eye Daisy meadow 2005jun10_16-27-34.jpg

23 Jun 2005

Both moorhen families still doing well.

Ref: d3c_11935 fb2 Moorhen with 2 chicks 2005jun17_06-48-18.jpg

22 Jun 2005

This male blackbird is out in the early morning (6 a.m.) collecting insects to feed his youngsters.

Ref: d3e_18284 fb1 Blackbird male with beak full of insects 2005jun19_05-58-54.jpg

21 Jun 2005

The wild roses are flowering in the hedges and making a wonderful sight and aroma.

Ref: p20_1020299 Wild Rose Flower 2005jun17_18-01-16.jpg

20 Jun 2005

Two carrion crows are till making regular appearances to photograph themselves and look to be in really good health.

Ref: d3e_17867 fb1 2 Young Carrion crows 2005jun14_17-45-14.jpg

19 Jun 2005

This young tree sparrow is one of dozens raised this year. You can see the yellow 'gape' at the edge of the slightly open beak is still there to keep the parents feeding it.

Ref: d3e_17784 fb1 Young Tree sparrow on the ground 2005jun13_19-10-12.jpg

18 Jun 2005

We assume that this pristine Muntjac is our growing fawn.

Ref: d3c_11840 fb2 Muntjac Deer (Probably this years fawn) 2005jun13_23-34-18.jpg

17 Jun 2005

This is the first year we have seen two separate moorhen families. This adult hold the ponds and territories East and South of the house and is here taking some unfortunate insect back to the chicks.

Ref: d3c_11833 fb2 Moorhen carrying insect 2005jun13_18-56-32.jpg

16 Jun 2005

This distant shot shows two Swallows twisting around one another producing beautiful shapes.

Ref: d60_03197 2 Swallows twisting around each other 2005jun08_17-39-16.jpg

15 Jun 2005

The male Chaffinch is surrounded by flies of which he also has a beakful, and he was singing at the same time without dropping them!

Ref: d60_03175 Male Chaffinch surrounded by flying insects with beakful of insects (and singing at the same time) 2005jun08_16-10-22.jpg

14 Jun 2005

Swallows parents catch insects and feed their young while in flight. This montage shows a feeding sequence in 6 images (viewed top left to right, then bottom left to right) which took about 2 seconds in real time.

Ref: d60_03034-03039 Swallows transferring food in flight Montage 2005jun08_12-27-08.jpg

13 Jun 2005

You don't want bluebottles in the house, but in their natural environment they can be strangely beautiful.

Ref: p20_1020030 Bluebottle flies on animal dung 2005jun05_13-03-14.jpg

12 Jun 2005

All you hay fever sufferers - the cloud drifting to the left is wind blown pollen.

Ref: p20_1020124 Grass Flower with pollen drifting in wind (cropped) 2005jun07_17-50-12.jpg

11 Jun 2005

The Wild Rose (Dog Rose) plants in the hedges are beginning to flower wafting their sweet scent into the air as you walk by.

Ref: p20_1010769 Wild Rose Flower 2005may27_15-26-14.jpg

10 Jun 2005

This is the first year where we have regularly seen a grey squirrel other than a brief autumn hazelnut raid. Mixed feelings, but they do look cute.

Ref: p20_1010736 Grey Squirrel 2005may26_17-18-54.jpg

09 Jun 2005

The main pond edge is awash with yellow flag iris flowers. Small pictures of masses of flower never seem to capture the impact, so here is a detail.

Ref: p20_1010834 Flag Iris 2005may29_15-17-38.jpg

08 Jun 2005

This male blackbird has found this caterpillar and is probably about to take it back to chicks in a nest somewhere.

Ref: d3c_11575 fb2 Blackbird with caterpillar in beak 2005jun06_20-48-10.jpg

07 Jun 2005

These two carrion crows are presumably the youngsters we watched in the nest for weeks. Much too fine plumage condition to be the adults, and the tails are short. Rarely saw the adults together away from the nest anyway, and these spent several minutes feeding.

Ref: d3c_11465 fb2 2 young carrion crows 2005jun04_18-50-10.jpg

06 Jun 2005

Oxeye daisy (also known as Moon Daisies) are starting to flower by the thousand. Enjoy the intricate detail of the spirals at the centre.

Ref: p20_1010832 Oxeye Daisy Flower 2005may29_15-12-14.jpg

05 Jun 2005

Swallows and Swifts making passing visits and this swallows obliged by flying low enough and in decent light to get a sequence of which this is one.

Ref: d60_02826 Swallow in Flight 3 of 3 2005may31_17-53-26.jpg

04 Jun 2005

The Horse Chestnut trees are in full flower even though only 15 years old or younger

Ref: p20_1010798 Horse Chestnut Flower Spike 2005may29_10-25-14.jpg

03 Jun 2005

The carrion crow chicks now spend most of their time on branches near the nest impatiently waiting for food.

Ref: d30_05815 Carrion crow parent arriving by nest to feed Seq 3 of 4 2005may31_06-15-36.jpg

02 Jun 2005

The carrion crow nest is looking the worse for wear which isn't surprising given the pounding it has got from exercising chicks.

Ref: d30_05746 Carrion crow chick at nest 2005may30_15-59-28.jpg

01 Jun 2005

Swallows and Swifts are being seen, but the conditions are not right for good photos. So here is an image from last year.

Ref: d12_00605 swallow in flight 2004jun22_10-20-32.jpg



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