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31 Mar 2005

We only had (well found) one patch of frogspawn this year. The frogs flee as we approach so this was taken by leaving a camera taking an image each 30 secs.

Ref: d60_02189 frogs in frogspawn 2005mar19_16-34-40.jpg

30 Mar 2005

Particularly relieved this year by the return of hundreds of honey bees after a few years of seeing only a few at any time

Ref: d12_02301 Bee collecting Pollen on Blackthorn Flowers 2005mar19_13-58-00.jpg

29 Mar 2005

Peacock butterflies hibernate, so this one is in remarkably good condition for a 6 month old insect.

Ref: p20_1000154 Peacock Butterfly in Blackthorn Blossom 2005mar19_13-23-38.jpg

28 Mar 2005

Magpie leaving with some potato peel and straw - not sure which it actually wanted.

Ref: d3e_12720 fb1 Magpie with beakfull of peel and grass 2005mar15_17-03-02.jpg

27 Mar 2005

Blackbird taking off

Ref: d3e_12678 fb1 Blackbird female taking off 2005mar15_05-44-42.jpg

26 Mar 2005

Moorhen collecting soft material - hopefully for a nest.

Ref: d3c_09911 fb2 Moorhen collecting reed mace fluff 2005mar15_16-23-34.jpg

25 Mar 2005

A sweetie pair of robins.

Ref: d3c_09870 fb2 Robin pair 2005mar13_16-49-52.jpg

24 Mar 2005

We strew some cut grass around the camera sites in the hope of 'seeing' birds collecting it. Well it is disappearing but this female blackbird is the first usable image of a bird taking some.

Ref: d3e_12541 fb1 Blackbird Female collecting hay for nesting 2005mar13_06-59-34.jpg

23 Mar 2005

A hundred or so common gulls feeding in the cattle pastures passed low overhead.

Ref: d12_02292 Common Gull 2005mar12_15-45-14.jpg

22 Mar 2005

A resident moorhen pairs up with it's shadow?

Ref: d3e_12441 fb1 Moorhen 2005mar12_06-47-00.jpg

21 Mar 2005

Two for Joy.

Ref: d3e_12443 fb1 2 magpies 2005mar12_06-52-26.jpg

20 Mar 2005

Blackthorn flowers before the leaves appear, unlike Hawthorn where the leaves come first.

Ref: p20_1000064 Blackthorn Blossom 2005mar17_12-28-22.jpg

19 Mar 2005

The morning we saw the night-time frog we also found this frogspawn.

Ref: p20_1000073 First Frogspawn (W edge of Round pond) (processed) 2005mar17_12-35-28.jpg

18 Mar 2005

First 'sighting' of a frog here this year would be this fun if rather inelegant image.

Ref: d3e_12760 fb1 Frog landing with rear legs in the air 2005mar17_01-33-30.jpg

17 Mar 2005

One for Sorrow (2 for Joy follows in a few days).

Ref: d3e_12467 fb1 Magpie with head turned showing beak 2005mar12_16-08-46.jpg

16 Mar 2005

Hungry fox on the hunt.

Ref: d3e_12407 fb1 Fox 2005mar12_01-33-22.jpg

15 Mar 2005

Sometimes when you see a bird in flight you fleetingly see colours not visible when the bird is perched. Here you can see an unexpected green patch hidden when this Chaffinch has its wings folded.

Ref: d3e_12209 fb1 Chaffinch rear view showing splash of green 2005mar08_07-36-28.jpg

14 Mar 2005

We have no idea what startled these two fieldmice (wood mice).

Ref: d3e_12188 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) with one in mid-air 2005mar07_22-36-40.jpg

13 Mar 2005

The male robins continue to show off.

Ref: d3c_09678 fb2 Robin Pair with one in flight (proc and Crop) 2005mar06_07-02-06.jpg

12 Mar 2005

A moorhen feeds in the golden light of dawn.

Ref: d3e_12039 fb1 Moorhen in dawn light 2005mar06_07-18-20.jpg

11 Mar 2005

Over the last couple of years Jays have moved into the plot.

Ref: d3c_09634 fb2 Jay 2005mar05_07-17-58.jpg

10 Mar 2005

Another Magpie catching the flashlight to create a show of iridescence.

Ref: d3e_11787 fb1 Magpie iridescence 2005mar04_16-35-10.jpg

09 Mar 2005

Two of our larger birds passing like ships in the night.

Ref: d3e_11775 fb1 Pheasant male & moorhen 2005mar04_07-43-28.jpg

08 Mar 2005

We think this pair of moorhen are the territory holders for the three main ponds. Another pair are lurking in a woodpile near the smallest pond but can't see how they can nest anywhere safely.

Ref: d3e_11796 fb1 Moorhen pair feeding in synchrony 2005mar04_17-13-10.jpg

07 Mar 2005

Tree sparrows (distinguished from House sparrows by the dark patch on the cheek) breed here in boxes designed for tits. On the other hand we hardly ever see house sparrows.

Ref: d3e_11713 fb1 Tree Sparrow Pair 2005mar03_16-34-20.jpg

06 Mar 2005

This blackbird obviously prefers the meat to the fruit and veg.

Ref: d3e_11416 fb1 Blackbird female pulling out worm 2005feb28_17-30-36.jpg

05 Mar 2005

A little domestic bliss in a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) household.

Ref: d3c_09335 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) 2005feb26_19-46-42.jpg

04 Mar 2005

A pair of evil looking jackdaws descending like vultures.

Ref: d3e_11226 fb1 2 Jackdaws 2005feb26_16-08-32.jpg

03 Mar 2005

The wonderful iridescent colour of this Magpies tail is un-enhanced.

Ref: d3e_10987 fb1 magpie with iridescence 2005feb24_14-09-56.jpg

02 Mar 2005

Territorial conflicts continue as the Robin chases off the Dunnock.

Ref: d3e_10959 fb1 Robin chasing Dunnock in flight over snow 2005feb24_07-28-30.jpg

01 Mar 2005

The fieldmouse (wood mouse) is dragging a piece of Potato peel nearly as big as itself.

Ref: d3c_09282 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with huge piece of Potato peel 2005feb24_17-55-36.jpg



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