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31 May 2005

A number of robin families raise chicks here each year. Here one is landing at one of the feeding sites.

Ref: d3e_17333 fb1 Robin landing 2005may30_04-30-20.jpg

30 May 2005

There are multiple families of tree sparrows and from this image it looks like an inter-family boundary fence argument is in progress.

Ref: d3e_17101 fb1 Tree Sparrows fighting in flight 2005may26_20-09-50.jpg

29 May 2005

Tree Sparrows are nesting in a 'great-tit box' on the island to the main pond.

Ref: d10_01864 Tree Sparrow on flight to nestbox 2005may22_12-28-54.jpg

28 May 2005

The moorhens have a family at last. One parent is looking after 5 although 4 are visible in this image. There are probably 1 or 2 with the other parent.

Ref: d10_01921 Moorhen with 4 (of 5) chicks with this parent 2005may27_13-58-58.jpg

27 May 2005

Getting more and more bold, here one of the Carrion Crow chicks is now exercising it's wings on the branch the nest is built on.

Ref: d30_05594 Carrion Crow chick on branch by nest exercising wings 2005may24_15-37-20.jpg

26 May 2005

First ever sighting of this very attractive Pebble Hook-Tip Moth.

Ref: p20_1010461 Moth Pebble Hook-Tip Male 2005may11_15-50-22.jpg

25 May 2005

One of the carrion crow chicks chased after a parent bird as it left the nest. Both chicks are intermittently standing on the edge of the nest and excising their wings (22 May 2005).

Ref: d30_05489 Carrion Crow chick chasing after leaving parent 2005may22_10-27-14.jpg

24 May 2005

The two carrion crow chicks are growing fast (17 May 2005)

Ref: d30_05399 2 carrion crow chicks in nest 2005may17_13-41-50.jpg

23 May 2005

Rabbits are a nuisance when they stop eating grass and start damaging tree bark, but the little ones are so sweet.

Ref: d3e_16597 fb1 Young Rabbit 2005may19_19-51-54.jpg

22 May 2005

The carrion crows are already feeding their young at 5 a.m. This one must have visited just after the camera memory card was changed in the hope some food had been left at the visit.

Ref: d3e_16556 fb1 Carrion Crow in flight 2005may19_05-33-14.jpg

21 May 2005

The moorhen outside the kitchen window are still incubating. Meanwhile this bird at the other side of the plot may be one of the parents, another pair, or a loner. The Red/yellow boarder of the beak pattern is distinctive so we will try to work out which.

Ref: d3c_11015 fb2 Moorhen 2005may18_06-43-20.jpg

20 May 2005

First siting of a fox for a couple of months apart from just a tail a few days ago. This scruffy individual is out early (about 6 p.m.) so is probably a hard pressed parent disappointed that there is only corn at the feeding site this evening.

Ref: d3c_11021 fb2 Fox 2005may18_17-50-26.jpg

19 May 2005

The carrion crow chicks are now so big and vigorous that you can see them from the ground much closer than from the house. Strangely they respond to a single clap of hands and start begging. This is one of the 2 we have recently seen in the nest.

Ref: d60_02617 Carrion Crow Chick begging 2005may15_16-43-24.jpg

18 May 2005

A really unexpected one here - A jackdaw LEAVING its nestbox (up a disused telephone pole) carrying a dead house mouse. Too big for the youngsters? Mouse climbed the pole and was being removed? Why didn't the adult just eat it in the box if the youngster didn't want it? Never seen anything like this before. This is a composite of the first and last images.

Ref: d60_02663 & 02667 Jackdaw leaving nestbox with house mouse (Composite) Seq 1&5 of 5 2005may15_17-48-52.jpg

17 May 2005

The Tree Sparrows are very active at the feeding site near the house. Here one on the ground is watching one in the air. We are seeing occasional visits to the nest box on the island - see archive image on 6 May 2005 for nest building two days earlier - hopefully swapping incubation duties. A few more days and we may see food being taken into the box

Ref: d3e_16223 fb1 2 Tree Sparrows one in flight being watched by one beneath 2005may14_18-59-28.jpg

16 May 2005

Seeing less of the muntjac 'Bambi' during the day now, but it is still around. Note how the spots are fading.

Ref: d3c_10861 fb2 Muntjac Fawn with spots fading 2005may14_21-54-54.jpg

15 May 2005

There are still 3 carrion Crow chicks. This image nicely shows the development of the wing feathers on one of the chicks.

Ref: d30_05308 Carrion Crow chick in nest showing wing development 2005may12_08-40-16.jpg

14 May 2005

A number of mallard pairs have re-appeared presumably after failed nesting attempts. The 'boys' hang around the 'girls' while the girls feed up to make a new batch of eggs.

Ref: d3e_16006 fb1 Mallard Drake guarding duck 2005may11_05-27-28.jpg

13 May 2005

We have seen quite a few dry leaves being carried back to the nest site. This bird photographed itself trudging back with another offering. (Although this image is a month old we got a similar one last night.)

Ref: d3e_14655 fb1 Moorhen carrying leaf back to nest 2005apr19_17-48-52.jpg

12 May 2005

We don't often see a pair of Song Thrush feeding together. May be good or bad news for them.

Ref: d3e_15927 fb1 Pair of Song Thrush 2005may09_19-48-34.jpg

11 May 2005

Oak galls form when an insect lays an egg under the bark. Some remains small and other swell up to wooden sphere 2cm in diameter.

Ref: p20_1010094 New Galls on Oak 2005apr30_12-38-48.jpg

10 May 2005

The Muntjac fawn is still 'loitering' on the plot and is much more tolerant of us than the adult (not that 20m isn't 'close enough'). The image from 10 days ago was taken at a boundary hedge. It walks through these dense hedges as if nothing was there. No wonder farmers use barbed wire and netting to keep in sheep.

Ref: p20_1010192 Muntjac Fawn 2005may01_13-47-52.jpg

09 May 2005

In the corner of a frame was this near vertical lift off by a magpie nicely catching the light in its tail. Point of interest: the white patch at the left is a marker for a Blackthorn branch we are doing as a sequence of bud to fruit images, if only it makes it.

Ref: d3c_10403 fb2 Magpie in vertical flight showing tail iridescence 2005apr30_17-37-34.jpg

08 May 2005

The Carrion Crows still have 3 ever more boisterous chicks.

Ref: d30_05143 Carrion Crow nest with 3 chicks 2005may06_15-32-40.jpg

07 May 2005

We now see only 2 carrion crow chicks. Here one of them shows up really well against the parent's dark feathers.

Ref: d30_05096 Carrion Crow in nest with chick begging 2005may04_17-01-40.jpg

06 May 2005

Although we already have about 10 new tree sparrows, a pair have just started taking nesting material into a (notionally) great tit box on the island of the main pond.

Ref: d10_01784 Tree sparrow taking nesting material into box 2005may04_16-06-06.jpg

05 May 2005

'Bambi' continues to appear all over the plot. This picture was taken at about 2 a.m.

Ref: d3c_10415 fb2 Muntjac Fawn 2005may03_02-09-48.jpg

04 May 2005

We have now seen three chicks (well beaks anyway) at the carrion crow nest. Here is a 'hatching' portrait.

Ref: d30_04940 Carrion Crow hatching portrait - Both parents and 3 chicks 2005may02_18-49-32.jpg

03 May 2005

At least 2 Carrion crow eggs have hatched and the chicks are being fed by both parents. Here the parents beak is inside one of the chick's 'gape'. The orange patch on the right is a bit of agricultural twine they found somewhere - no countryside location is complete without it. The nest is 50m from the house (our excuse for the poor image quality!).

Ref: d30_04861 Carrion crow at nest feeding chick 2005may02_06-42-18.jpg

02 May 2005

Probably the entire family of tree sparrows picking up the corn.

Ref: d3e_15386 fb1 5 Tree Sparrows 2005apr29_19-19-52.jpg

01 May 2005

These three male mallard are going around as a group now that 'their girls' are probably all sitting on eggs.

Ref: d3e_15270 fb1 3 Male Mallard 2005apr28_16-06-08.jpg



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