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30 Nov 2005

A nearly full frame magpie after food as usual.

Ref: d3c_26255 fb2 Magpie 2005nov19_08-36-22.jpg

29 Nov 2005

This very exposed beech leaf has its edge thick with frost.

Ref: p20_1040443 Frosted autumn beech leaf 2005nov20_09-56-32.jpg

28 Nov 2005

Another from the unusually frosty November morning of some sort of wild rose showing a hip the birds haven't had yet and frosty leaves yet to fall.

Ref: p20_1040476 Wild Rose Hip and fading leaves in frost 2005nov20_10-11-06 (crop).jpg

27 Nov 2005

The Muntjac deer Doe still visits the secluded site regularly.

Ref: d3c_26219 fb2 Muntjac Deer Female 2005nov18_20-48-30.jpg

26 Nov 2005

Another from the unusually frosty November morning - this time an oak leaf.

Ref: p20_1040470 Oak Leaf with frosted edges 2005nov20_10-07-42.jpg

25 Nov 2005

All the beating wings in this Jackdaw-Magpie confrontation has lifted the dry fallen leaves from the ground.

Ref: d3e_27457 fb1 Flying Jackdaw menacing Magpie on ground with autumn leaves flying 2005nov19_15-40-00.jpg

24 Nov 2005

Description: About weekly we take a panorama from a North facing upstairs window. This is the middle section taken early morning on an unusually frost mid November morning. You may need to pan sideways to see it all.

Ref: d60_05850 weekly field 20Nov05 (H1000 V=crop).jpg

23 Nov 2005

Magpies move about in a characteristic bound with the legs moving almost but not quite together. Here is one landing while bounding along a log.

Ref: d3c_26158 fb2 Magpie hopping along log 2005nov14_07-33-32.jpg

22 Nov 2005

A capricious image of a wren zipping across a camera site.

Ref: d3c_26096 fb2 Wren in Flight 2005nov12_11-53-30.jpg

21 Nov 2005

A muntjac Doe has been sighted during the day with a buck staying close. She has discovered the new feeding station which she now visits regularly, but of about 10 identifiable nighttime images only the female has appeared in them.

Ref: d3c_26134 fb2 Muntjac Deer Female 2005nov13_21-12-22.jpg

20 Nov 2005

A fox drawn to the smell of apple at a feeding site.

Ref: d3e_26860 fb1 Fox 2005nov08_23-18-12.jpg

19 Nov 2005

Magpie showing off it's tail.

Ref: d3c_25975 fb2 Magpie with vertical iridescent tail 2005nov07_08-21-52.jpg

18 Nov 2005

Dunnock in the sunshine

Ref: d3e_26783 fb1 Dunnock 2005nov07_09-01-28.jpg

17 Nov 2005

Magpies can be a nuisance but they are so photogenic.

Ref: d3e_26697 fb1 Magpie feeding in angular position 2005nov06_12-44-24.jpg

16 Nov 2005

At least one Redwing has been around for a few days and likes the apple peel. Here one is being chased off by a robin half its size.

Ref: d3e_26683 fb1 Robin Chasing off a Redwing 2005nov06_06-30-18.jpg

There was no image for 15 Nov 2005

A tall lorry loaded with straw for the farm broke our phone line and we lost internet access to update this site. BT couldn't repair until a new post was installed. We are picking up the images a few days delayed.

There was no image for 14 Nov 2005

There was no image for 13 Nov 2005

There was no image for 12 Nov 2005

11 Nov 2005

A carrion crow in fine condition - we suspect it is one of the youngsters from this year's brood.

Ref: d3e_26573 fb1 Carrion Crow 2005nov03_07-46-50.jpg

10 Nov 2005

This robin seems to be posing for its portrait. Must know we are starting to look for images for this years Christmas cards

Ref: d3e_26571 fb1 Robin 2005nov03_07-26-46.jpg

09 Nov 2005

Magpie examining the fruit menu.

Ref: d3c_25866 fb2 Magpie on Log 2005nov04_08-31-02.jpg

08 Nov 2005

Fieldmice (Wood Mice) don't only leap when escaping - is this fieldmouse (wood mouse) 'jumping from the mantelpiece'?

Ref: d3c_25852 fb2 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) 2005nov04_03-10-36.jpg

07 Nov 2005

This Jackdaw was photographed during a glowing dawn. If you look carefully you will see two bird shadows: one almost under the bird from the flash, and the other well to the left from the sun.

Ref: d3e_26487 fb1 Jackdaw in Heraldic pose in morning sun with sun & flash shadows 2005nov01_07-29-20.jpg

06 Nov 2005

The male Blackbird was just taking off, showing the wings fully spread.

Ref: d3e_26471 fb1 Male Blackbird with underwing fully spread 2005nov01_06-30-42.jpg

05 Nov 2005

An 'inherited' 15 year old yellow Buddleia provides food for Bees, butterflies etc. well into the autumn.

Ref: p20_1040329 Bumble Bee on Yellow Buddleia (head view) 2005nov01_12-27-20.jpg

04 Nov 2005

First Dunnock we have seen for some time.

Ref: d3e_26280 fb1 Dunnock 2005oct28_17-52-08.jpg

03 Nov 2005

This squabbling pair of Magpies make an almost abstract image in black and white.

Ref: d3e_26269 fb1 Squabbling Magpies 2005oct28_07-49-02.jpg

02 Nov 2005

Our now famous flying fieldmice (wood mice) put on another performance.

Ref: d3c_25632 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping over log with shadow on log 2005oct27_01-59-50.jpg

01 Nov 2005

A pair of moorhen - they clearly like the mixed corn.

Ref: d3e_26217 fb1 Pair of Moorhen 2005oct26_17-52-28.jpg



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