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31 Oct 2005

A male blackbird with a female close to the camera at the front (the dull beak is visible when we 'enhance' the image).

Ref: d3e_26195 fb1 Pair of Blackbirds (female as blurred silhouette) 2005oct26_07-14-58.jpg

30 Oct 2005

Magpie wondering who beat him/her to the fruit?

Ref: d3c_25643 fb2 Magpie 2005oct27_07-48-04.jpg

29 Oct 2005

Domestic Bliss fieldmouse (wood mouse) style.

Ref: d3c_25629 fb2 Pair of fieldmice (wood mice) 2005oct26_19-22-46.jpg

28 Oct 2005

One of the few sycamores not riddled with a harmless but unsightly black spot fungus takes on its autumn hues.

Ref: p20_1040150 Sycamore in Autumn Seq 2005oct11_13-38-26.jpg

27 Oct 2005

The robin surveying the feeding area.

Ref: d3e_26061 fb1 Robin 2005oct21_07-20-14.jpg

26 Oct 2005

A beech twig with leaves all the way from green to brown.

Ref: p20_1040135 Beech Leaf sprig in various colours 2005oct10_16-47-18.jpg

25 Oct 2005

Fallen Horse Chestnut Conker fallen to the ground still with it's spikey shell.

Ref: p20_1040174 Fallen Horse Chestnut Conker in shell 2005oct11_13-47-10.jpg

24 Oct 2005

First time we have seen two fieldmice (wood mice) at this site. Important time of year for mice - fatten up to survive the winter.

Ref: d3c_25480 fb2 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) (crop) 2005oct17_19-09-24.jpg

23 Oct 2005

Just a rather typical collection of visitors. The slug is the shiny brown thing on the log.

Ref: d3c_25452 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping, Rabbit & Slug 2005oct17_05-42-12.jpg

22 Oct 2005

'Everything' seems to have found the new food supply including this Magpie.

Ref: d3c_25466 fb2 Magpie 2005oct17_16-27-02.jpg

21 Oct 2005

To go with yesterday's adults here is one of this years offspring. Note the developing colouration of the beak and shield (the 'forehead').

Ref: d3e_25819 fb1 Juvenile moorhen showing developing beak and shield 2005oct16_17-00-14.jpg

20 Oct 2005

3 way adult moorhen fights are taking place on the main pond. In a more peaceful evening our resident pair resplendent in white trimmed plumage and bright red & yellow beaks feed up after the days activities.

Ref: d3e_25747 fb1 Pair of adult moorhen 2005oct13_17-57-46.jpg

19 Oct 2005

Whole of the fieldmouse (wood mouse)'s tail this time.

Ref: d3c_25216 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) 2005oct07_21-40-48.jpg

18 Oct 2005

We have zoomed in on the log to get some real close-ups of the flood of fieldmice (wood mice).

Ref: d3c_25211 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) 2005oct07_19-27-26.jpg

17 Oct 2005

A lovely carpet of Large leaf lime leaves.

Ref: p20_1040077 Leaf fall in Large Leaf Lime grove Seq 2005oct09_12-50-08.jpg

16 Oct 2005

Just this one branch on a young silver birch has turned gold.

Ref: p20_1040024 Silver Birch branch turning to autumn colour 2005oct04_10-35-26.jpg

15 Oct 2005

At the time we didn't notice the red droplets around the bottom of this fungus photographed on a wet morning
In Oct 2016 (11 years on!) we found another of this Fungus and now had the tools to identify it as a Shaggy Ink Cap Fungus.

Ref: p20_1040069 Fungus with Red droplets along bottom edge 2005oct09_08-50-14.jpg

14 Oct 2005

Our most mature Horse chestnut with fruit about to drop.

Ref: p20_1030922 Horse Chestnut fruit opening 2005oct01_10-07-00.jpg

13 Oct 2005

The Russian vines have gone mad flowering this years and are attracting the last insects.

Ref: p20_1040022 Red Admiral on Russian Vine Flowers 2005oct02_11-17-46.jpg

12 Oct 2005

The fruit of the spindle bush is the only glaring colour clash within one plant that we know of. The orange colour is the fruits.

Ref: p20_1040104 Spindle Bush Fruit 2005oct09_15-44-54.jpg

11 Oct 2005

Red Oak is one of our few non-native trees. They don't grow particularly well here but the glorious colours compensate.

Ref: p20_1030904 Red Oak partially Turned 2005oct01_10-02-24.jpg

10 Oct 2005

This Sycamore only has very little black spot fungus disfiguring its leaves, so shows the beginning of golden hues rather nicely.

Ref: p20_1040089 Sycamore Turning gold 2005oct09_15-37-52.jpg

09 Oct 2005

We put out some stale shelled hazel-nuts and this mouse has apparently nibbled his way in to take away the Kernel as his prize.

Ref: d3c_25203 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) 2005oct07_02-09-24.jpg

08 Oct 2005

The fieldmice (wood mice) definitely like this new site and are hogging the flashlight as well as the bait.

Ref: d3c_25174 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) jumping down from log 2005oct05_04-59-52.jpg

07 Oct 2005

Make up your own story ...

Ref: d3c_25178 fb2 Robin in Flight with rabbit 2005oct05_18-31-02.jpg

06 Oct 2005

Another fieldmouse (wood mouse) with that wonderful mobile tail stretched out behind.

Ref: d3c_25149 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) 2005oct02_22-16-38.jpg

05 Oct 2005

The fieldmice (wood mice) have certainly found the new camera position to their liking as has a robbin and (inevitably) some rabbits.

Ref: d3c_25147 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) 2005oct02_21-24-24.jpg

04 Oct 2005

No colour enhancement here - this magpie stomping out of frame showed us this 'rainbow' of colours.

Ref: d3e_25461 fb1 Magpie iridescent tail (beak out of frame) 2005sep29_18-03-14.jpg

03 Oct 2005

The second night photo kit had to be repaired, and we have moved it to a more secluded spot. It took a couple of days of baiting for the first creature to photograph itself - this Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) carrying off an apple skin feast.

Ref: d3c_25130 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) carrying off fruit 2005oct01_03-38-18.jpg

02 Oct 2005

Hazelnuts provide a feast for creatures that can smash, chew or nibble their way in. Here are some remains.

Ref: p20_1030832 Opened Hazelnut shells 2005sep22_13-30-50.jpg

01 Oct 2005

This grasshopper stayed still long enough to photograph it on the edge of a plant container.

Ref: p20_1030852 Common Field (Q) Grasshopper 2005sep24_13-53-22.jpg



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