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30 Sep 2005

The Wild roses produce a profusion of hips. NOT for human consumption - they are dangerous unless properly processed, but many animals safely consume them.

Ref: c740_049180028 wild rose hips in profusion 2004sep18_09-41-34.jpg

29 Sep 2005

Dawn sunlight intensifies the colour of the leaves gradually turning to Autumn colours.

Ref: c740_049250021 dawn sunlight over dragon pond & poplars 2004sep25_07-16-52.jpg

28 Sep 2005

Magpie and rabbit studiously ignoring one another.

Ref: d3e_25362 fb1 Magpie 2005sep25_17-57-18.jpg

27 Sep 2005

A sleek Robin delicately picking over the corn for breakfast.

Ref: d3e_25326 fb1 Robin 2005sep24_06-14-14.jpg

26 Sep 2005

A slightly scruffy Magpie tucking into the waste veg before settling for the night.

Ref: d3e_25344 fb1 Magpie 2005sep24_18-28-28.jpg

25 Sep 2005

One of the photo-kits is in for repair and refurbishment at the moment, so we were pleased to get this fox on the kit near the house where we often only get the tail!

Ref: d3e_25226 fb1 Fox 2005sep22_05-57-18.jpg

24 Sep 2005

Gliders are among the more welcome aerial visitors being quiet and graceful, unlike helicopters on their way to Silverstone Racetrack and the military Chinooks which shake the whole house. On 8 August we saw a series of about 40 gliders gaining height in a local thermal.

Ref: d60_03794 Gliders circling SE Thermal (crop & proc) 2005aug08_16-33-38.jpg

23 Sep 2005

From after dark until dawn craneflies (also known as 'daddy longlegs' in the UK) were apparently feeding on juices from fruit peelings left on the rock from the evening offerings. There are 2 here - one just to the right on the rock centre casting its shadow, and another to the back and right of that. This is the season for these harmless insects - at times there are clouds of them during the day.

Ref: d3c_25162 fb2 Craneflies 2005sep20_04-54-12.jpg

22 Sep 2005

This overgrown vista is 'Round pond' now sadly depleted of water and will soon become 'round bog' unless we get in and clear it somewhat over the winter.

Ref: p20_1030782 Round pond seq 2005sep17_13-05-36.jpg

21 Sep 2005

This Red Admiral butterfly is on a Yellow Buddleia that goes on flowering until the first frosts and provides a lovely show of autumn butterflies.

Ref: MVC1737X Butterfly Red Admiral.JPG

20 Sep 2005

Blackberry picking enhanced is by sighting of various autumn butterflies of which this comma is one. Trouble is the fingers are so sticky you can't use the camera!

Ref: c740_049240013 comma butterfly on blackberries 2004sep24_12-57-54.jpg

19 Sep 2005

Yes the fieldmice (wood mice) are definitely back, but only at the distant camera site at the moment.

Ref: d3c_14855 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) 2005sep11_23-17-30.jpg

18 Sep 2005

Robin flying off from the feeding site in the gloom of evening.

Ref: d3e_24784 fb1 Robin in Flight 2005sep11_19-40-42.jpg

17 Sep 2005

Robin using the rock as a morning lookout post.

Ref: d3e_24747 fb1 Robin 2005sep11_06-04-32.jpg

16 Sep 2005

Magpie tucking into the grub.

Ref: d3e_24751 fb1 Magpie 2005sep11_17-01-20.jpg

15 Sep 2005

The return of the fieldmice (wood mice) after not seeing any all summer - better food and safer places to eat during the summer we expect.

Ref: d3c_14832 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) 2005sep11_00-03-08.jpg

14 Sep 2005

Moorhen and Corvids (Jackdaws and Crows) like corn but have trouble picking it up. Here you see a Juvenile moorhen laying its beak on the side to shovel in the corn.

Ref: d3e_24654 fb1 Juvenile Moorhen eating corn 2005sep09_06-10-58.jpg

13 Sep 2005

One of this years hatchlings now plump and well feathered ready for the trials of winter.

Ref: d3e_24675 fb1 Juvenile Moorhen 2005sep09_17-45-24.jpg

12 Sep 2005

The moorhen continue to intermittently sit on a nest parts of the day and night (egg situation unknown) but they are off the nest together enough to indicate it is more habit than incubation.

Ref: d3e_24606 fb1 Pair of Adult moorhen 2005sep08_17-57-56.jpg

11 Sep 2005

Magpie with some wonderful colours effects

Ref: d3c_14739 fb2 Magpie with iridescence 2005sep07_19-18-32.jpg

10 Sep 2005

The yearly feast of waste plums continues with the Jackdaws.

Ref: d3e_24402 fb1 2 Jackdaws eating plums 2005sep04_18-09-30.jpg

09 Sep 2005

A magpie runs it's beady eye over the plums.

Ref: d3e_24404 fb1 Magpie eating plums 2005sep04_19-02-58.jpg

08 Sep 2005

The Plum season is upon us, and there is a lot of 'waste' fruit too damaged for us to eat or store. A Kilogram or so of spoiled fruit attracts everything from butterflies to foxes. But mostly rabbits!

Ref: d3e_24410 fb1 Rabbit carrying plum 2005sep04_19-53-24.jpg

07 Sep 2005

Many of the Horse Chestnut trees are showing signs of stress from the lack of water and hot sun.

Ref: p20_1030717 Horse Chestnut leaves showing stress 2005sep04_14-45-36.jpg

06 Sep 2005

We are delighted see a lot of rainbows here including 'doubles' , but this one is a puzzle - the Blue to violet sequence gets repeated in the same bow in the same order. Although colour enhanced here it is not a 'camera effect' - we photographed it because we could both see it.

Ref: p20_1030411 Rainbow with repeated Blue to Violet (Colour enhanced) 2005aug25_17-42-30.jpg

05 Sep 2005

This time of year we battle with the wildlife over who gets the hazelnuts. We knew about the squirrels and mice, but now we find the woodpeckers are trying a vegetarian diet! It has wedged this nut in a hole in the post to hammer it open.

Ref: p20_1030366 Great Spotted Woodpecker with Hazelnuts wedged in hole (poor qual thru glass) 2005aug22_14-06-44.jpg

04 Sep 2005

This Darter Dragonfly (Ruddy Sympetrum) perched on a warm rock at one of the night photo stations and show an almost perfect shadow of it's wings.

Ref: p20_1030429 Ruddy Sympetrum Darter Dragonfly and its shadow 2005aug28_13-32-48.jpg

03 Sep 2005

Last few sightings of swallows this year

Ref: d60_05420 Swallow in Flight 2005aug23_15-41-58 (processed).jpg

02 Sep 2005

The comma butterfly (see yestday) showing the white mark on the underwing after which it is named (image from 2004).

Ref: c740_049240017 comma butterfly on blackberries 2004sep24_13-00-12.jpg

01 Sep 2005

The comma butterfly is named after a small white marking on the underwing (see tomorrow) but is most easily recognised by its scalloped wing edge (image from 2004).

Ref: c740_049240011 comma butterfly on blackberries 2004sep24_12-57-06.jpg



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