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30 Apr 2006

Fieldmice (Wood Mice) keep themselves in immaculate condition - here we think they are mutual grooming - having the bits done they can't reach themselves. Makes us want a backscratch.

Ref: D3E_20060423_2134_053 fb1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) mutual grooming.jpg

29 Apr 2006

Looks like these robins have a family to feed. A small caterpillar we guess is destined for a small beak. This was one of a number of visits.

Ref: D3E_20060424_0624_066 fb1 Robin with Caterpillar.jpg

28 Apr 2006

A great tit taking off from the relocated photo site.

Ref: D3E_20060417_1808_029 fb1 Great tit taking off.jpg

27 Apr 2006

While photographing the swallows this green woodpecker stomped by in his quest for earthworms in the moist soil.

Ref: D12_20060417_1202_617 Green Woodpecker and reflection in Duck Pond.jpg

26 Apr 2006

Swallows collect water by touching the surface of pond in flight. A thrill to see but so hard to photograph!

Ref: D12_20060417_1643_673 Swallow Dipping into Duck Pond (crop & proc).jpg

25 Apr 2006

This night camera kit has been relocated to a corner of the field near a hole in the netting. No rabbits - yet! But on the first night of use this Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) was peeked carrying off a whole peanut kernel.

Ref: D3E_20060415_2250_037 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) carrying off whole peanut.jpg

24 Apr 2006

Yesterday's bee after it landed.

Ref: D10_20060414_1402_209 Honey Bee on Blackthorn flower (web crop).jpg

23 Apr 2006

This Blackthorn tree was 'humming' with dozens of Honey bees - such a relief after having very few bees last year. This bee was caught in flight - the wings are moving so fast they have blurred into nothing.

Ref: D10_20060414_1402_205 Honey Bee flying to Blackthorn flower (web crop).jpg

22 Apr 2006

First time we have observed a two spot ladybird with 'inverted' colours.

Ref: D10_20060414_1419_244 2 Spot Ladybird (Orange spots on Black Wing case) (web crop).jpg

21 Apr 2006

These Ladybirds are definitely in the mood for love on the first really warm day.

Ref: D10_20060414_1415_239 7 Spot ladybirds Mating on Pine Cone (web crop).jpg

20 Apr 2006

For us Spring 'sprung' on 14 April 2006 - warm and sunny, blossom and insects everywhere. Lets start with this peacock butterfly sunning itself on a daffodil.

Ref: D10_20060414_1503_309 Peacock Butterfly on Daffodil (web crop).jpg

19 Apr 2006

Our ever present robin with a backdrop of the glow of Sunset lighting the beech tree leaves still on the tree from last year.

Ref: D35_20060410_1904_030 fb2 Robin with sunset glow against beech tree.jpg

18 Apr 2006

Two for the price of one in the early morning waiting for breakfast to arrive.

Ref: D35_20060410_0701_020 fb2 Chaffinch male and Dunnock.jpg

17 Apr 2006

Unusually clear portrait of a moorhen showing the Black/Brown feather differentiation and sparkles of water on the back.

Ref: D35_20060409_1403_005 fb2 Moorhen.jpg

16 Apr 2006

The Muntjac doe in one of her occasional visits.

Ref: D35_20060410_2022_040 fb2 Muntjac deer female.jpg

15 Apr 2006

One of the more sleek fieldmice (wood mice) on the log.

Ref: D35_20060407_0322_017 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

14 Apr 2006

Those great green hedges do actually have flowers for wind pollination. Here are some fresh (red) and withered (brown) examples.

Ref: P32_20060409_0856_923 Leyland Cypress Flowers (web crop).jpg

13 Apr 2006

Green woodpeckers spend most of their time probing the ground for invertebrates. Here you can see the beak coated in mud.

Ref: P32_20060408_1338_875 Green Woodpecker (web crop).jpg

12 Apr 2006

A sudden glut of fieldmice (wood mice) photos of which this is one.

Ref: D35_20060404_2228_040 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) feeding on log Seq 2 of 6 (web crop).jpg

11 Apr 2006

There appears to be just one pair of Mallard ducks on the plot. The female is forever feeding and is absent first thing in the morning, so we assume she is making and laying eggs in a nest nearby. Here she is sparkling in the late afternoon sun.

Ref: D3E_20060405_1639_115 fb1 Mallard Duck.jpg

10 Apr 2006

The Sparrowhawk nicely shows off his talons, which he uses to kill his prey. The beak is the knife and fork.

Ref: P32_20060402_1737_545 Sparrowhawk male.jpg

09 Apr 2006

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) nibbling at a peanut, possibly saving a blackberry (thawed from the freezer) for 'sweet'.

Ref: D35_20060401_1953_024 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) eating peanut in blackberry heap.jpg

08 Apr 2006

Robin on his lookout-post log.

Ref: D35_20060401_1836_022 fb2 Robin.jpg

07 Apr 2006

In the last few days the Sparrowhawk male has spent hours on the North side of the House on the hedge top, no doubt awaiting incautious Tits at the feeders. We hope his extra efforts are to feed a female on a nest nearby. Here he seems to be yawning in the early evening.

Ref: P32_20060402_1729_531 Sparrowhawk male.jpg

06 Apr 2006

A dangerous unused 4-pot chimney stack the Jackdaws used to nest in was removed during re-roofing. Cramming themselves into the space above some (unsuccessful) House Martin nests seems to be the solution for this pair. Talk about crowded!

Ref: P32_20060331_0908_304 Jackdaws nesting over House Martin nests.jpg

05 Apr 2006

This unusually light colour fieldmouse (wood mouse) is looking in a hole in the log we fill with mixed corn - one granule a feast!

Ref: D35_20060330_0320_033 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

04 Apr 2006

Not many Chaffinches visit the photo-sites so this rather nice portrait is rather welcome.

Ref: D35_20060330_1818_040 fb2 Chaffinch male.jpg

03 Apr 2006

What these 2 rabbits are doing nose to nose is anybody's guess. Our is that they started at different end of the same piece of apple peel.

Ref: D3E_20060328_0626_115 fb1 2 Rabbits nose to nose.jpg

02 Apr 2006

3 weeks since we have seen some fieldmice (wood mice) pass by, and we get two.

Ref: D3E_20060328_0409_105 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

01 Apr 2006

Feel a bit 'Fooled-ya' when the frogs showed up weeks later than normal complete with 30 clumps of Spawn. Rather relieved.

Ref: P32_20060326_1019_161 Frog at Round Pond during spawning (web crop).jpg



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