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31 Dec 2006

These 2 male chaffinches are already squabbling over territory.

Ref: D35_20061220_1306_095 fb2 2 male Chaffinches squabbling (Web Crop).jpg

30 Dec 2006

Montage of fieldmice (wood mice).

Ref: D3E_20061216_2043_018 fb1 3 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) (triple montage).jpg

29 Dec 2006

A slight frost on this damp autumn oak leaf left it sparkling.

Ref: P34_20061217_1118_702 Autumn Oak leaf speckled with frost (web crop).jpg

28 Dec 2006

The night before this photo was very still and mist off the ponds soaked trees in the drifting mist. The bottom right is an 180 degree rotated & enlarged image of the drop where you can see the distorted image of the trees in the main image.

Ref: P34_20061217_1120_711 Sycamore twig with pond mist dewdrop imaging trees (enlarged & rotated dewdrop insert).jpg

27 Dec 2006

An elegant robin take-off.

Ref: D3E_20061215_1556_029 fb1 Robin taking off.jpg

26 Dec 2006

The following day the wind had dropped and the female pheasant looks her prim self again.

Ref: D35_20061214_1407_023 fb2 Pheasant female (Blondie).jpg

25 Dec 2006

Christmas greetings to you. This is the original orientation and textless version of one of the Woodland Trust's web-Christmas cards.

Ref: d30_01205 leaves holly frosted.jpg

24 Dec 2006

Earlier hours of next morning the male Pheasant passed by - this time with his head into the wind.

Ref: D35_20061213_0218_061 fb2 Pheasant male.jpg

23 Dec 2006

Our 'blonde' Female Pheasant with her back to a gale ruffling her feathers. This was 2:26p.m. with the weather and day length conspiring to leave little sign of light in the sky.

Ref: D35_20061213_1426_013 fb2 Pheasant female (Blondie) with feathers ruffled by gale.jpg

22 Dec 2006

The Robin seems to have been startled by the fieldmouse (wood mouse).

Ref: D35_20061209_1623_012 fb2 Robin and fieldmouse (wood mouse).jpg

21 Dec 2006

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) scampering along the log.

Ref: D3E_20061213_0232_068 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

20 Dec 2006

The Robin and Dunnock appear not to like one another's company. Rather out-of-focus behind the log but a genuine single frame.

Ref: D3E_20061209_1559_002 fb1 Dunnock & Robin facing off (poor focus).jpg

19 Dec 2006

Robin posing for the 2007 Christmas card?

Ref: D3E_20061210_0711_032 fb1 Robin on frosty log.jpg

18 Dec 2006

Haven't seen a dunnock for 3 months and suddenly they are back day after day.

Ref: D3E_20061210_0810_036 fb1 Dunnock on frosty morning.jpg

17 Dec 2006

At last, even if a bit of a cheat - images of the pair of pheasants at the same site (but taken 10 minutes apart)

Ref: D35_20061209_1544_003+D35_20061209_1554_005 fb2 Pheasant Pair (Montage taken 10mins apart).jpg

16 Dec 2006

This messy picture is two field mice leaping in the air, one showing its underside and lower jaw teeth.

Ref: D3E_20061206_0612_012 fb1 2 fieldmouse (wood mouse) leaping with one showing underside & teeth.jpg

15 Dec 2006

This robin was caught in the act of take-off.

Ref: D35_20061206_0716_016 fb2 Robin launching.jpg

14 Dec 2006

Just a riot of colour in the pheasant's head.

Ref: D35_20061206_0759_020 fb2 Pheasant male head.jpg

13 Dec 2006

The moorhen are being seen only occasionally at the moment, so it was nice to see these two after sunset. The one on the right appears to be an immature with beak just finishing its change to adult red.

Ref: D35_20061208_1610_043 fb2 2 Moorhen, one with slightly immature beak.jpg

12 Dec 2006

Even as winter starts to bite signs of Spring buds are already in evidence, as on the Hazel (Cob nut) tree.

Ref: P34_20061129_1026_437 Hazel Bud 6 Seq.jpg

11 Dec 2006

This place has always had an abundance of robins of which this one posed nicely.

Ref: D3E_20061206_1623_020fb1 Robin.jpg

10 Dec 2006

Don't know what these were escaping from but they can leap many times their own height.

Ref: D35_20061203_0348_023 fb2 Two fieldmice (wood mice) in mid leap.jpg

09 Dec 2006

2 Magpies - the saying says '2 for joy'.

Ref: D3E_20061203_0729_033 fb1 2 Magpies.jpg

08 Dec 2006

Sweet fieldmouse (wood mouse).

Ref: D3E_20061203_1751_040 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

07 Dec 2006

To follow yesterdays, female pheasant 'Blondie' has obliged with a picture. Next day they appeared together at the same site (but she still had her head out of frame).

Ref: D35_20061203_1605_034 fb2 Pheasant Female (Blondie).jpg

06 Dec 2006

The male pheasant is now about most days. The morning before this afternoon picture one of 'his' females (that we call 'Blondie' because her plumage is unusually light) visited the same site but left her head out of the picture.

Ref: D35_20061130_1529_024 fb1 Pheasant male.jpg

05 Dec 2006

A fox on the hunt - we wonder what he/she can see behind the log that we can't!

Ref: D35_20061130_0045_018 fb2 Fox Hunting.jpg

04 Dec 2006

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) picking over the offerings.

Ref: D3E_20061129_2041_011 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

03 Dec 2006

A gloomy mid-afternoon is illuminated by the iridescent plumage of this male pheasant. We have 2 male pheasant visitors, one with a strong white neck-ring (see image for 18 Nov 2006), and this one almost none.

Ref: D35_20061127_1444_019 fb2 Pheasant.jpg

02 Dec 2006

One of the now leafless Hawthorn trees (the leaf you see is from a black poplar) has a supply the berries the birds will soon be desperate for.

Ref: P34_20061126_1033_392 Hawthorn Branch 1 Seq (web crop).jpg

01 Dec 2006

The willow buds are already swelling to make next February's pussy willows even before its finally shed the last leaves

Ref: P34_20061126_1038_404 Willow Branch Seq (web crop).jpg



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