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28 Feb 2006

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) feasting on a single corn grain.

Ref: D35_20060223_2049_024 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

27 Feb 2006

Not many Chaffinches visit the photo-sites, though we see many most days in the hedges, so this photo is welcome.

Ref: D3E_20060220_0738_104 fb1 Chaffinch Male.jpg

26 Feb 2006

Haven't caught the male pheasant on camera for almost a month. We haven't seen 'the girls' for about the same period. Hopefully they have found a safe nesting in the rank grass.

Ref: D35_20060220_0642_060 fb2 Pheasant Male.jpg

25 Feb 2006

Robin at one end of the log, and at the other end another beauty, this time a lovely golden Horse Chestnut leaf frond that has hung on until the previous night's gale.

Ref: D35_20060220_0636_059 fb2 Robin & fallen Horse Chestnut Leaf.jpg

24 Feb 2006

This magpie is probably gathering material for a nest. No doubt we will spot where it is soon.

Ref: D35_20060220_1658_064 fb2 Magpie carrying Oak leaf.jpg

23 Feb 2006

There are scapes all over the place in the grass. From this image it looks like it is used for bedding.

Ref: D3E_20060219_0810_081 fb1 Rabbit carrying bedding.jpg

22 Feb 2006

Robin arrived as we left from stocking-up. What to have first?

Ref: D35_20060218_1554_014 fb2 Robin.jpg

21 Feb 2006

This magpie obviously likes the baked beans, taking off overloaded and dropping at least one.

Ref: D3E_20060214_0711_104 fb1 Magpie taking off overloaded with baked beans.jpg

20 Feb 2006

This pair of moorhen seemed to find apple peel and baked beans an ideal supper.

Ref: D3E_20060213_1714_081 fb1 Moorhen pair eating apple peel and beans.jpg

19 Feb 2006

Moorhen in perfect condition. The open beak suggests that it was calling.

Ref: D3C_20060214_0852_027 fb2 Moorhen.jpg

18 Feb 2006

Just so you won't forget our primary visitors, here is a young rabbit practising his 'innocent' look before going off to eat the flowers and damage the tree bark.

Ref: D3E_20060208_0712_902 fb1 Young Rabbit.jpg

17 Feb 2006

Blackbird female standing on one leg on the much photographed log.

Ref: D3C_20060209_1725_700 fb2 Blackbird female on log.jpg

16 Feb 2006

Rather taken with the markings on this horse chestnut twig.

Ref: p20_1040712 Horse chestnut bark twig pattern 2006feb05_12-31-04.jpg

15 Feb 2006

In November we pollarded a leaning eucalyptus tree that would hit the house if it fell. A buck muntjac deer has found the drying leaves to his taste.

Ref: p20_1040761 Muntjac Deer Male under eating leaves off cut 3 month old eucalyptus branches 2006feb07_15-59-24.jpg

14 Feb 2006

Moorhen territorial disputes are now in full spate. Here the intruder (left) is doing battle with both of the incumbent birds being seen off after about 15 minutes.

Ref: p20_1040746 Moorhen fight seq 5 of 5 2006feb07_11-05-30.jpg

13 Feb 2006

A magpie showing off it's iridescent tail while about to tuck into apple peel.

Ref: d3c_26638 fb2 Magpie 2006feb04_16-44-00.jpg

12 Feb 2006

The female blackbird at the remote feeding log.

Ref: d3c_26625 fb2 Blackbird Female 2006feb03_16-36-46.jpg

11 Feb 2006

The robin at the remote feeding log.

Ref: d3c_26668 fb2 Robin 2006feb05_17-10-24.jpg

10 Feb 2006

Our local farmer's Nephew took this evocative image of a Waxwing flock gathered on a winter tree. This a crop of a larger image so the birds are big enough to see on a web-site sized picture.

Ref: Waxwings in Tree (Tim via JEM) (cropped & processed).jpg

09 Feb 2006

Our sole remaining local farmer has taken up digital photography and kindly let us have this image he captured of a Ringed Plover flock wheeling through the evening gloom over his farm. We saw the flock in the distance but couldn't even identify them.

Ref: IMGP1593 Ringed Plover Flock (from JEM) (processed).jpg

08 Feb 2006

Another blackbird with beak smeared with mud - this time the female (see male at 2 Feb) .

Ref: d3c_26651 fb2 Blackbird Female 2006feb02_07-26-40.jpg

07 Feb 2006

A robin singing but out of our earshot. What a pity.

Ref: d3e_28914 fb1 Robin 2006feb03_07-18-40.jpg

06 Feb 2006

A twig falling into the picture has startled one of 'our' moorhens.

Ref: d3c_26677 fb2 Moorhen startled by falling twig 2006feb03_07-34-30.jpg

05 Feb 2006

Attracting the birds attracts predators including this huge black cat to be seen in the main section carrying off a rabbit.

Ref: d3e_28880 fb1 Black Cat Face detail (crop&proc) 2006jan31_05-32-10.jpg

04 Feb 2006

The morning after a severe ground frost the blackish feathers of this male blackbird make a startling contrast.

Ref: d3e_28910 fb Blackbird Male in frost 2006jan29_08-48-26.jpg

03 Feb 2006

A Robin nicely poised on the log.

Ref: d3c_26623 fb2 Robin 2006jan27_16-47-32.jpg

02 Feb 2006

Blackbirds probe the ground for insects. Here the male hasn't cleaned his beak yet.

Ref: d3c_26742 fb2 Blackbird male with muddy beak 2006jan26_17-00-06.jpg

01 Feb 2006

Our moorhen are now mostly seen as a pair wandering round the site and sitting expectantly on heaps of raked-out pond detritus.

Ref: d3e_28996 fb1 Pair of Moorhen 2006jan27_08-04-22.jpg



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