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31 Jan 2006

First time we have photographed the male pheasant for many weeks, and we had a number with him the same morning in the frame but out of focus. He is pecking away at something - the beak is movement blurred even in a flash strobe.

Ref: d3c_26722 fb2 Pheasant 2006jan26_08-11-20.jpg

30 Jan 2006

Blackbird male in nice pose showing speckled chest.

Ref: d3c_26723 fb2 Blackbird male 2006jan26_08-17-26.jpg

29 Jan 2006

Were going to show you the Blackbird male today, but this lovely Sparrowhawk spent a few minutes on the patio Saturday afternoon, so we slotted it in for today.

Ref: p20_1040690 Sparrowhawk Male 2006jan28_14-34-52.jpg

28 Jan 2006

Blackbird female - see her mate day after tomorrow.

Ref: d3c_26746 fb2 Blackbird Female 2006jan27_07-14-58.jpg

27 Jan 2006

A robin with wings stretched upwards showing the amazing feather colouring.

Ref: d3e_28935 fb1 Robin taking off 2006jan22_07-25-38.jpg

26 Jan 2006

Not seeing many Dunnock at the moment, so this is a welcome visitor.

Ref: d3e_28909 fb1 Dunnock 2006jan21_08-27-16.jpg

25 Jan 2006

To us this cheeky magpie looks every bit the 'Thieving Magpie'.

Ref: d3c_26638 fb2 Magpie 2006jan21_07-25-30.jpg

24 Jan 2006

One of our ever hungry robins flying over a feeding sight.

Ref: d3e_28934 fb1 Robin in Flight 2006jan22_07-22-38.jpg

23 Jan 2006

Despite the removal of the chimneys they have nested down for decades, the jackdaws are still regularly seen.

Ref: d3e_28887 fb1 Jackdaw in Heraldic Pose 2006jan18_08-33-04.jpg

22 Jan 2006

A robin nicely poised on the small log. Warmer weather now so not as plumped out as the image for 17 Jan 2006 (taken on the 12th)

Ref: d3c_26622 fb2 Robin 2006jan17_16-16-16.jpg

21 Jan 2006

Had not seen the Muntjac on camera or by eye for almost a month, but all seems to be well. We can't tell from this image whether she is pregnant.

Ref: d3c_26634 fb2 Muntjac Female 2006jan15_16-43-22.jpg

20 Jan 2006

To celebrate the imminent departure of the roofers, a magpie enjoying their left-over biscuits.

Ref: d3c_26681 fb2 Magpie eating biscuit 2006jan13_16-23-42.jpg

19 Jan 2006

Magpie showing off it's iridescent plumage.

Ref: d3c_26686 fb2 Magpie with Iridescent tail and wing 2006jan13_16-35-38.jpg

18 Jan 2006

The Moorhen are getting very territorial and take a dim view of any black bird on their patch. Here seeing of a magpie (and in another shot too difficult to interpret at these small sizes, 2 at once).

Ref: d3c_26637 fb2 Moorhen chasing off a Magpie 2006jan12_07-29-06.jpg

17 Jan 2006

Robin using the small log as a lookout post. We get this sort of pose 5 or 10 times a day, but this is a particularly nice one.

Ref: d3c_26671 fb2 Robin on Log 2006jan12_16-40-28.jpg

16 Jan 2006

Magpie rooting about as a gloomy January dawn breaks.

Ref: d3c_26649 fb2 Magpie at Dawn 2006jan12_07-59-04.jpg

15 Jan 2006

A female blackbird caught mid-stride with her tail nicely fanned.

Ref: d3c_26654 fb2 Female Blackbird fanning tail 2006jan08_15-23-12.jpg

14 Jan 2006

One night a mole created a mound overnight at the feeding site near the duck shaped pond. Unfortunately the mole didn't appear but here a fieldmouse (wood mouse) picks over the fresh earth.

Ref: d3c_07966 fb2 Molehill Seq 5 of 6 2005jan25_17-55-16.jpg

13 Jan 2006

A blackbird from last year when the mobile kit was near the duck-shaped pond.

Ref: d3c_07859 fb2 Blackbird Female with Apple in beak 2005jan23_14-52-02.jpg

12 Jan 2006

From exactly this date last year at the main feeding site this single exposure contained 2 Robins, 2 Great Tits & a Blue Tit. All doing well again this year so far.

Ref: d3e_07564 fb1 2 Robins 2 Great Tits & a Blue Tit 2005jan12_15-41-02.jpg

11 Jan 2006

We regularly see parts of a fox in recent overnight images. Here is the whole thing from last year.

Ref: d3e_05388 fb1 Fox (crop) 2004dec25_21-37-56.jpg

10 Jan 2006

To go with the snowy images here is a snatched image through the kitchen window of a hungry fox rooting about at a rabbit tunnel.

Ref: p20_1040598 Fox in Snow 2005dec28_08-23-54.jpg

09 Jan 2006

A nice portrait of a female blackbird at the remote site. Comparing the various images of female blackbirds over the last month we conclude we have no idea how many individuals there are!

Ref: d3c_6615 fb2 Female Blackbird 2006jan07_13-26-46.jpg

08 Jan 2006

By chance the next batch of photos caught the (probably the same) Female Blackbird landing at the same site (4 days and 142 frames later in real time - hurray for digital cameras rather than a roll of film a day).

Ref: d3e_28750 fb1 Blackbird Female Landing 2006jan06_07-51-34.jpg

07 Jan 2006

The birds seem to be doing a lot of aerobatics for us at the moment. Here is a Female Blackbird taking off.

Ref: d3e_28608 fb1 Blackbird Female taking off 2006jan02_16-25-20.jpg

06 Jan 2006

NASA didn't invent aerobraking as this robin demonstrates, though they do it on a grander scale! While regularly seen on waterfowl (ducks, geese and swans) it is so quick on a robin you only see it in slow motion or in a fortuitous still.

Ref: d3e_28463 fb1 Robin aerobraking 2005dec29_14-54-44.jpg

05 Jan 2006

Our male blackbird showing a rear view.

Ref: d3c_26599 fb2 Blackbird male 2005dec30_08-02-16.jpg

04 Jan 2006

The fieldmice (wood mice) are having a difficult time with the snow and are mostly seen with just tail or ears above the snow. This one looks like it has jumped off a beam transmitter on the left.

Ref: d3e_28547 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping over snow 2005dec28_03-38-44.jpg

03 Jan 2006

Magpies clear the snow by kicking it backward while flapping wings to keep their balance.

Ref: d3e_28497 fb1 Magpie kicking up snow 2005dec27_15-50-38.jpg

02 Jan 2006

We are delightfully 'infested' with robins. Looks like this one was auditioning for next year Xmas card.

Ref: d3c_26573 fb2 Robin on snowy log 2005dec27_16-07-38.jpg

01 Jan 2006

We believe this is the mate of yesterdays male blackbird - evening of the same day at the same site after the food was topped up.

Ref: d3c_26594 fb2 Blackbird female on snowy log 2005dec28_16-05-28.jpg



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