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30 Jun 2006

A nicely poised magpie

Ref: D3E_20060623_1835_071 fb1 Magpie.jpg

29 Jun 2006

One of the parents feeding an unidentified morsel to one of 7 chicks (at last count) on the bank of the main pond.

Ref: D60_20060624_1044_006 Moorhen feeding chicks.jpg

28 Jun 2006

A fieldmouse (wood mouse) peers over the log presumably to see what's on the menu, and to make sure that it isn't on something else's menu.

Ref: D3E_20060620_0122_023 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) peering over log.jpg

27 Jun 2006

This cultivated Iris shows the flower's intricacy even more than the wild Yellow Flag Iris.

Ref: P32_20060612_1011_606 Blue Iris Flower.jpg

26 Jun 2006

The Oxeye daisies are a magnet for insects.

Ref: P32_20060615_0953_643 Oxeye daisy with hoverfly across centre.jpg

25 Jun 2006

On 26 Aug 1997 the duck-shaped pond developed a red algal bloom overnight that lasted a few days. This year the same has happened to the main pond next to the house. The moorhen continue to feed their 7 youngsters without any apparent ill-effects. The trails across the water are formed through the normal surface weed by the moorhen adults.

Ref: P32_20060621_1335_893 Red Algal bloom on Dragon Pond.jpg

24 Jun 2006

The fieldmice (wood mice) continue to come out in the now rather short dark hours to see what the birds have left (this was at 1:43am)

Ref: D35_20060618_0143_039 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

23 Jun 2006

Magpies are disagreeable birds, here obviously disputing the rights to food at the site.

Ref: D35_20060618_1643_059 fb2 Magpies Squabbling.jpg

22 Jun 2006

A blackbird male.

Ref: D3E_20060618_1953_051 fb1 Blackbird.jpg

21 Jun 2006

The Yellowhammer pair with the male in flight. Fortuitously the camera had drifted off focus so the flying bird is in focus while the standing female isn't.

Ref: D3E_20060614_1726_023 fb1 Yellowhammer male in flight with blurred female in foreground.jpg

20 Jun 2006

Portrait of male yellowhammer.

Ref: D3E_20060616_1745_007 fb1 Yellowhammer male.jpg

19 Jun 2006

An unexpectedly artistic result of insects feeding.

Ref: P32_20060608_1757_417 Dock Leaf turned to tracery by insects.jpg

18 Jun 2006

Some unexpected Oxeye daisies growing over the steps cut into the mound made from some of the spoil from 'round pond'. Normally cleared with a 'strimmer' but they will have to wait this year.

Ref: P32_20060610_1053_460 Oxeye Daisies on South Slope of Round Pond Mound.jpg

17 Jun 2006

Haven't seen many thrushes lately, so it's nice to see this fine example.

Ref: D35_20060607_2119_087 fb2 Songthrush.jpg

16 Jun 2006

Peanuts are obviously a hit with Crows. Pity they don't leave many for other visitors.

Ref: D3E_20060607_1807_053 fb2 Carrion Crow with beak full of peanuts.jpg

15 Jun 2006

A small riot of buttercups on some of the short but un-mown patches make a glorious show of golden glow.

Ref: P32_20060604_1547_161 Buttercups.jpg

14 Jun 2006

We never tire of Mallard Drakes in Flight. He will soon be moulting and losing those lovely colours until Autumn.

Ref: D10_20060529_1807_472 Mallard Drake in Flight.jpg

13 Jun 2006

This year not many Swallows but a few swifts of which this one is an example. The BBC Springwatch website and paperwork packs include Swallows, Swifts and House Martins from our portfolio.

Ref: D10_20060605_1628_486 Swift in Flight.jpg

12 Jun 2006

Robin with a huge worm just after dawn. Well the saying goes 'the early bird catches the worm'.

Ref: D3E_20060605_0525_072 fb1 Robin with worm.jpg

11 Jun 2006

Another of the Wild Rose images (without the perfume). We hope to include this one in a Bud > Flower > Hip animated sequence in the Autumn.

Ref: P32_20060603_1640_120 Wild Rose 3 Seq.jpg

10 Jun 2006

Cheeky Crow with beak full of a defrosted blackberry.

Ref: D35_20060531_1849_011 fb2 Carrion Crow with blackberry in beak (processed).jpg

09 Jun 2006

A nicely posed portrait of a Blackbird male. We see him and his mate quite often in real and photographic form but haven't included an image for quite a while.

Ref: D35_20060601_1747_057 fb2 Blackbird Male.jpg

08 Jun 2006

The yellowhammer male collects a snack of corn grain.

Ref: D3E_20060531_1829_020 fb1 Yellowhammer Male with Corn grain in beak.jpg

07 Jun 2006

The wild roses in the hedge are soaking the air in perfume. Sorry this pic can only show the flowers and not the scent.

Ref: P32_20060531_1052_890 Wild Rose Cluster (web crop).jpg

06 Jun 2006

A fieldmouse (wood mouse) running along the log top. The mice at this site are noticeably greyer than those at the other site (not an effect of the camera or flash).

Ref: D3E_20060528_2248_047 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

05 Jun 2006

Happy event! The robins at this site that we see everyday in photos, and often lurk in the nearby trees when we visit this site, have obviously fledged their youngsters. This is a montage of two consecutive images that may or may not be the same fledgling.

Ref: D35_20060530_0438_076+0452_077 fb2 Young Robin (Montage).jpg

04 Jun 2006

Lots of people get confused between blossoming of Blackthorn (before leaves) & Hawthorn (with leaves). This animated image switches between the two using exactly the same view a month apart. The dates are in the bottom right corner. Note also the emergence of Leaves, Cow Parsley, and Buttercups.

Ref: Blackthorn-Hawthorn.gif

03 Jun 2006

Snails move so slowly that this one seems to be treated as a knot of wood as far as this Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) is concerned.

Ref: D35_20060527_2234_031 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) treading on snail.jpg

02 Jun 2006

This yellowhammer female has a cranefly in its beak so must be feeding young on a nest somewhere.

Ref: D3E_20060526_1305_017 fb1 Yellowhammer female with Cranefly in beak (processed).jpg

01 Jun 2006

The seemingly endless wet is bringing out the molluscs in quantity. 4 snails and a slug in this chance image.

Ref: D35_20060528_0032_034 fb2 Molluscs on log (4 snails and slug).jpg



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