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31 May 2006

The carrion crow on the ground is being threatened by one coming in from top right. These birds have no sense of artistic composition when it comes to being in-frame.

Ref: D35_20060523_1626_085 fb2 Carrion Crow Fight (web crop).jpg

30 May 2006

Its rained so much in the last week that the ponds are almost full again. This bedraggled robin look really uncomfortable but was see again later complete with it's mate dry and well preened.

Ref: D35_20060522_1348_007 fb2 Robin soaked by rain.jpg

29 May 2006

Blossom this year has been fantastic - now it is the turn of the Hawthorn which is just as prolific as the Blackthorn, Apple, plum and Pear.

Ref: P32_20060525_1637_649 Hawthorn Blossom.jpg

28 May 2006

Another breakfast of mixed insects for the little-ones in the nest.

Ref: D35_20060519_0605_104 fb2 Robin with assorted insects in beak.jpg

27 May 2006

We often see the odd snail on the logs (almost in 'animation' as you flick through reject shots) but on this wet night these 3 beautifully shelled individuals appeared together.

Ref: D35_20060518_0138_062 fb2 3 snails on wet log.jpg

26 May 2006

We have to assume that the fieldmouse (wood mouse) on the left is feeling amorous.

Ref: D3E_20060514_2231_047 fb1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) about to mate (Q).jpg

25 May 2006

The delivery flight for the 06:15 breakfast of green caterpillars to a nestful of youngsters we know not where - there are lots of good places to nest.

Ref: D35_20060515_0614_051 fb2 Robin in flight with beakful of green caterpillars.jpg

24 May 2006

A particularly pristine Great Tit for once bang-on the focus plane

Ref: D3E_20060512_1948_027 fb2 Great Tit.jpg

23 May 2006

An 'oversized' view over the main pond - you may need to scroll right to see it all. Top Left to Bottom right:- Black poplar just leafing, Lombardy Poplar in leaf, Copper beech, Hawthorn in flower, Horse Chestnut in flower, Willow, Dogwood in flower, Willow & Ash (on island), Yellow Flag Iris (water edges) with moorhen nest hidden in leftmost clump.

Ref: D10_20060521_1655_429 weekly field left 21May06.jpg

22 May 2006

Perhaps the fastest and the slowest. It certainly wasn't the snails that leapt up to break the beam.

Ref: D35_20060514_0124_048 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and 2 snails.jpg

21 May 2006

We haven't seen 2 Magpies together at this site before. Is the one at the back collecting nesting material?

Ref: D3E_20060510_1802_003 fb1 Pair of Magpies.jpg

20 May 2006

More detail of another apple tree's blossom.

Ref: P32_20060511_1547_799 Apple Blossom in Orchard.jpg

19 May 2006

The orchard apples, plum and pear trees are smothered in blossom like we never remember before. Here is an 80yr old apple tree. Note the nestbox bottom right.

Ref: P32_20060512_1410_902 Spring Blossom in Orchard (SE corner looking SSE) (web crop).jpg

18 May 2006

We tend to think of magpies as hungry voracious bullies, but this one was delicately picking up a single grain of corn.

Ref: D3E_20060508_1950_008 fb1 Magpie with corn grain in beak.jpg

17 May 2006

We don't know whether a pair of Yellowhammer together is good or bad regarding nesting success, but here they are (NOT a montage).

Ref: D3E_20060505_1811_006 fb1 Yellowhammer Pair.jpg

16 May 2006

As new leaves emerge last years are pushed off. Here a leaf glides down as the chaffinch triggered the photo.

Ref: D35_20060507_1208_060 fb2 Chaffinch male with falling Beech leaf.jpg

15 May 2006

This pair of mallard seem almost 'tame' and swim quietly to the other side of any pond we approach. Bit different to the 'peck your ankles for food' birds at a local park though!

Ref: P32_20060507_1553_327 Pair of Mallard on Duck Pond (web crop).jpg

14 May 2006

Excellent year for blossom. This is a cluster on a 80yr old crab apple no longer in its prime but covered in blossom.

Ref: P32_20060505_1505_114 Crab Apple Blossom (web crop).jpg

13 May 2006

In this pair of fieldmice (wood mice) one seems to be pontificating about the calorific content of the peanuts.

Ref: D3E_20060504_2107_039 fb1 Two fieldmice (wood mice).jpg

12 May 2006

This site produces endless fieldmouse (wood mouse) portraits - this one is particularly 'cuddly'.

Ref: D3E_20060501_2239_033 fb1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

11 May 2006

A regular visitor to our new camera site is a pair of yellowhammer of which this is the female.

Ref: D3E_20060502_1907_071 fb1 Yellowhammer Female.jpg

10 May 2006

The heron caught this newt and swallowed it in about 30 seconds (not the many minutes an immature heron spent some years back). From another image we identify the newt as the Great Crested, a protected species just as it was last time. Oh dear!

Ref: D10_20060502_1208_348 Heron with Great Crested Newt in Dragon Pond (web crop).jpg

09 May 2006

A heron has started visiting the ponds. Here he is hunting opposite kitchen window. Tomorrow - what he caught.

Ref: D10_20060502_1208_340 Heron hunting in Dragon Pond (web crop).jpg

08 May 2006

Unusual position for the fieldmouse (wood mouse) who is tucking into peanut.

Ref: D3E_20060428_2152_034 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) stretching up with peanut.jpg

07 May 2006

This robin took off with most of one of last year blackberries. Also seen with insects and various other items.

Ref: D3E_20060429_1847_099 fb1 Robin with Blackberry.jpg

06 May 2006

Who 'blinks' first. Actually the camera, but he/she moved off while we stood still.

Ref: P32_20060429_1734_508 Fox.jpg

05 May 2006

This is a montage of a pair of Chaffinches that visited the site an hour apart. The female is on the left with a corn grain in her beak.

Ref: D35_20060424_1401_021 & 1504_025 fb2 Pair of Chaffinches (montage).jpg

04 May 2006

All the hedges around us are 'hung with snow' as Housman's poem describes. Photographs don't really do it justice, but here we have tried to capture a patch. The hedge at the top contains just one or two Blackthorn.

Ref: P32_20060429_1649_501 Blackthorn Hedge Blossom (crop).jpg

03 May 2006

The Carrion crows are nesting again this year but they have chosen a site we can't photograph although it is close to this camera. They routinely carry off large pieces of food, and this one is probably disappointed there is just corn. That eye looking straight at the camera makes us feel almost guilty.

Ref: D35_20060426_0650_081 fb2 Carrion Crow.jpg

02 May 2006

This Muntjac (horns just visible) wandered about for some minutes in the fading evening light.

Ref: P32_20060425_1842_142 Muntjac Deer Male in Dappled Light on Path.jpg

01 May 2006

We have a lot of fieldmice (wood mice) at this site which we found already had a mouse hole right under the fence. These also do amazing leaping tricks.

Ref: D3E_20060423_2101_049 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping over another.jpg



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