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30 Nov 2006

A detail of the ash tree from yesterdays image taken from the ground. The Ash trees have only been mature enough to seed in the last year or so we don't know when they will drop - rather wait and see than look it up!

Ref: P34_20061126_1039_407 Ash Branch Seq (web crop).jpg

29 Nov 2006

Autumn view over the main pond looking North West. On the island is an Ash tree still clinging to its seeds (detail tomorrow). The tall trees in the background are one Lombardy poplar and a row of male black poplars

Ref: D10_20061126_1242_014 weekly field left 26Nov06 (web crop).jpg

28 Nov 2006

Storms in the last few days have removed any leaves that were going to drop soon, so here are a few autumn views. This one looks east from an upper window.

Ref: D10_20061126_1242_017 weekly field right 26Nov06 (web crop).jpg

27 Nov 2006

A leaf falling in gloom of an autumn afternoon. The leaf is still above the trigger beam so this must have been capriciously triggered by an event out of the frame.

Ref: D35_20061120_1527_006 fb2 Falling Leaf.jpg

26 Nov 2006

This fieldmouse (wood mouse) has found a half peanut the birds missed and is streaking off with it.

Ref: D3E_20061122_2102_053 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) bounding away with peanut.jpg

25 Nov 2006

A montage of (probably) the same robin taken 12 minutes apart.

Ref: D3E_20061123_0657_070 + 0709_077 fb1 Robin portrait & takeoff (Montage).jpg

24 Nov 2006

Fieldmice (Wood Mice) seem to be unfazed by anything - even having their world cluttered with detritus.

Ref: D35_20061119_2029_069 fb2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) in Fallen Leaves.jpg

23 Nov 2006

A bunch of leaves falling or blowing in the strong winds (keeping us awake until late - this was at 10pm). The light coming from the upper left cast shadows from some of the leaves. There is fresh worm cast just to the left of the log that was flattened by morning.

Ref: D35_20061119_2159_084 fb2 Falling Leaves.jpg

22 Nov 2006

Standard reaction of our Muntjac deer to a human, This male (note horns and an interesting appendage at the rear) fled from our patch hurdling the fence and running off across the pasture.

Ref: P34_20061115_1024_201 Muntjac Deer Male running across field to N.jpg

21 Nov 2006

An assortment of fallen leaves.

Ref: P34_20061116_1416_261 Autumn Leaves scattered on grass path.jpg

20 Nov 2006

Why this fieldmouse (wood mouse) has it's tail vertical is anyone's guess. Does it have a built-in cellphone antenna?

Ref: D3E_20061115_0449_077 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with vertical tail.jpg

19 Nov 2006

This robin is just launching itself from the log nicely in the focal plane for once.

Ref: D3E_20061115_0647_078 fb1 Robin launching (Close crop).jpg

18 Nov 2006

Two female pheasants have been about but have not yet graced one of our photo sites. The male is visiting both sites - here is a sample - his passport photo maybe?

Ref: D3E_20061112_1541_009 fb1 Pheasant Head & Shoulders.jpg

17 Nov 2006

A fieldmouse (wood mouse) 'hiding' behind a fallen hawthorn leaf with a twig of hawthorn berries fallen on the log.

Ref: D3E_20061109_2026_038 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) looking through gap in fallen hawthorn leaf.jpg

16 Nov 2006

We really aren't sure what is going on here, but it looks a bit like a 'leap from the mantelpiece' to us. (Added later: 3rd party suggestion is 'Nobody seemed to like Jerry's Tommy Cooper Impression')

Ref: D3E_20061104_1922_012 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) (one possibly leaping on another).jpg

15 Nov 2006

All the robins are now immaculate, as in this example.

Ref: D3E_20061106_0652_047 fb1 Robin.jpg

14 Nov 2006

The horse chestnuts have mostly shed their leaves. With the optimism of nature here are the buds for next year, not yet with the sticky sheen.

Ref: P34_20061109_1030_075 Natural Horse Chestnut Bud 6 Seq (web crop).jpg

13 Nov 2006

Back to the present day, now the camera setup is fixed the fieldmice (wood mice) have not deserted us.

Ref: D3E_20061104_1933_013 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

12 Nov 2006

Our night photo kit was originally adjusted for larger animals. So here is a whole fox from Sept 2003.

Ref: D32_05152 fb Fox (web Crop).jpg

11 Nov 2006

The vertical approach of this rainbow to the horizon indicates that the sun is about to set. Equally interesting for the state of tree growth in Oct 1999 - the last 6 years have made a startling difference. A view including this area can be found in the archive for 2 Feb 2005

Ref: Mvc1162x Rainbow.jpg

10 Nov 2006

Sumach (aka Stagshorn) trees produce some wonderful autumn colours. Not so good this year but this one from 31 Oct 1999 shows the earlier leaf turn to good effect. We 'inherited' this tree with the house & it would take over the garden if we didn't keep hacking it back.

Ref: MVC1177X Stagshorn Autumn.JPG

09 Nov 2006

We had a particular human tolerant fox visiting us in June 1999.

Ref: MVC-506X Fox (Web Crop).JPG

08 Nov 2006

Some images from this time of year taken several years ago on early digital cameras. This one from 12 Nov 1999 showing sunbeams through the trees filled with smoke from autumn leaf burning.

Ref: MVC1188X Sunbeams in Smoke.JPG

07 Nov 2006

Long after sunset this pair of fieldmice (wood mice) tuck into the food on offer.

Ref: D3E_20061029_2116_069 fb1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

06 Nov 2006

Sunshine on trees against storm clouds has always appealed to us for drama. This was looking East with the sun low in the sky to the west.

Ref: P34_20061031_1536_807 Round Pond against storm clouds.jpg

05 Nov 2006

While photographing some hedge plants Marie spotted this sparrowhawk (probably the pigeon predator) as it momentarily circled a few times overhead.

Ref: P34_20061029_1257_747 Sparrowhawk in Flight.jpg

04 Nov 2006

We have been photographing a cowslip all year to make a 'sequence' but the seed heads are particularly attractive so here is the detailed image.

Ref: P34_20061024_1233_624 Cowslip 1 Seq Seed Head detail.jpg

03 Nov 2006

An oak twig with leaves all the way from green to dried out.

Ref: P34_20061029_1245_713 Oak Branch with Green to desiccated leaves.jpg

02 Nov 2006

This pair of coupled Common Sympetrum Dragonflies spent some time laying eggs in the adjacent pond & warming themselves in the sun on a patch of dry grass where they are surprisingly difficult to spot if you don't see them land.

Ref: P34_20061029_1253_733 Common Sympetrum Dragonfly pair in Tandem on Grass.jpg

01 Nov 2006

Surprised to see a few Red Admiral Butterflies about even on a sunny and not too cold day this late in the year.

Ref: D10_20061029_1335_044 Red Admiral Butterfly on Apple Tree Bark.jpg



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