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There was no image for 29 Sep 2006

Demon Internets commercial site (where the image of the day archive is stored) server has been collapsing & corrupting files for over a week & on this day went down for major work. Server running again 3 Oct 2006 and this archive re-loaded.

28 Sep 2006

Not forgetting the moorhens - 2 adults are 3 juveniles are regularly seen together. Here one of each look for supper.

Ref: D35_20060919_1800_049 fb2 Moorhen juvenile and adult.jpg

27 Sep 2006

Middle September has been characterised by walking through clouds of Craneflies, removing them from the house etc. There must be thousands at a time in the hedges.

Ref: D10_20060917_1300_136 Cranefly on Blackberry (Web Crop).jpg

26 Sep 2006

A comma butterfly sips from a blackberry fruit.

Ref: D10_20060917_1310_162 Comma Butterfly drinking from Blackberry fruit.jpg

25 Sep 2006

A pair of images (first yesterday) that show a Red Admiral Butterfly now with wings momentarily opened.

Ref: D10_20060917_1317_194 Red Admiral Butterfly on Blackberry Fruit Seq 2 of 2.jpg

24 Sep 2006

A pair of images (second tomorrow) that show a Red Admiral Butterfly with wings closed and then momentarily opened

Ref: D10_20060917_1317_187 Red Admiral Butterfly on Blackberry Fruit Seq 1 of 2.jpg

23 Sep 2006

The ash tree on the 'island' outside the kitchen window now has a lovely show of green/yellow seed heads. At night when we look out with a powerful torch these positively glow compared to the leaves.

Ref: P32_20060910_1247_199 Ash seeds.jpg

22 Sep 2006

Elderberry doesn't make a very good hedging plant because it is too vigorous and spindly, but it produces lots of berries for the wildlife.

Ref: P32_20060910_1306_209 Elderberry fruit Cluster.jpg

21 Sep 2006

Some of the beech tress have lost leaves to caterpillars. This Dragonfly finds this bare treetop a useful perch.

Ref: D10_20060911_1321_107 Common Sympetrum Dragonfly on Beech Bud.jpg

20 Sep 2006

Decades ago we photographed dragonflies in flight at great effort using flash and electronic triggers. With a bit of luck a modern SLR can do a creditable job hand-held.

Ref: D10_20060910_1250_086 Southern Hawker Dragonfly Male in Flight (web crop).jpg

19 Sep 2006

In a flurry of feathers this Great Tit launches itself from the log wet with overnight rain at first light.

Ref: D3E_20060914_0727_012 fb1 Great Tit launching from Log.jpg

18 Sep 2006

The fieldmice (wood mice) continue to gorge themselves. Is this a case of his/her eyes being a LOT bigger than the creature let alone the tummy.

Ref: D3E_20060909_0348_017 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) among plums.jpg

17 Sep 2006

A handsome Dunnock, probably not the one that lost it's tail.

Ref: D3E_20060911_0647_046 fb1 Dunnock.jpg

16 Sep 2006

Is this fieldmouse (wood mouse) practising for a Cirque du Soleil ball walking audition? Perhaps it doesn't know Cirque only includes humans.

Ref: D3E_20060905_2336_026 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) climbing over plum.jpg

15 Sep 2006

An old friend from our early (early 1970s) moth watching days is this Large Yellow underwing Moth. Never could get them to fly down our flight-tunnel to take their own photos, and here we get an interesting image without trying.

Ref: D3E_20060907_0105_059 fb1 Large Yellow underwing Moth in Flight.jpg

14 Sep 2006

As a detail from yesterdays image, you can see that the proboscis is a figure-of-8 cross section that keeps it from getting tangled up.

Ref: D10_20060907_1543_108 Comma butterfly feeding on late Blackberry Flower (Detail of proboscis).jpg

13 Sep 2006

For a few hours on one day (7 Sep) one section of hedge was decorated with comma butterflies on blackberry fruits and some late flowers. Tomorrow the detail of the proboscis.

Ref: D10_20060907_1543_108 Comma butterfly feeding on late Blackberry Flower (whole image).jpg

12 Sep 2006

The hedges and particularly untrimmed hawthorn trees are awash with berries. The birds will love these.

Ref: P32_20060908_1330_136 Hawthorn Berries.jpg

11 Sep 2006

Particularly immaculate Robin.

Ref: D3E_20060902_0721_074 fb1 Robin.jpg

10 Sep 2006

The Hazelnuts are ripening nicely so the squirrels arrive from nowhere to feast. Now its a race between us and them for us to get any ripe ones before they do.

Ref: D35_20060903_1946_064 fb2 squirrel.jpg

09 Sep 2006

These fieldmice (wood mice) just look so sweet.

Ref: D3E_20060830_0333_037 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) on log.jpg

08 Sep 2006

Robin as it turns makes an unusual pose.

Ref: D3E_20060830_1849_060 fb1 Robin.jpg

07 Sep 2006

This beautiful Male Southern Hawker Dragonfly was in a sycamore tree glowing in a pool of sunlight. Note the tracery of its wings shadowed on the tree bark.

Ref: P32_20060827_1804_906 Southern Hawker Dragonfly Male in Sycamore tree.jpg

06 Sep 2006

Remember the Dunnock with the missing tail (image for 29 Aug 2006). We think this is the same bird 8 days on with it regrowing.

Ref: D3E_20060831_0613_084 fb1 Young Dunnock with tail regrowing (see D3E_20060823_1937_241).jpg

05 Sep 2006

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) making a feast of a few corn grains the birds didn't take.

Ref: D3E_20060830_2121_067 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) eating corn.jpg

04 Sep 2006

This years crop of moorhen are now largely independent and often seen on their own. The red berries at the birds foot were a small trial clump of Rowen berries to see whether ground birds liked them (NOT the Woody Nightshade from yesterdays image). Seems they are not keen.

Ref: D35_20060827_1901_016 fb1 Juvenile Moorhen.jpg

03 Sep 2006

Here is a North facing Woody Nightshade that the uneven light has left us with both flowers and berries. Poisonous but beautiful.

Ref: P32_20060824_1643_834 Woody Nightshade flowers and berries.jpg

02 Sep 2006

Have only seen a few Speckled Wood Butterflies over the years, this one allowing this one shot before it flew off into invisibility.

Ref: D10_20060822_1216_011 Butterfly Speckled Wood on Beech Leaf.jpg

01 Sep 2006

The '4' tells you that our attempt to photograph a blackberry from bud to berry has not gone well. But this cluster is fruiting nicely.

Ref: P32_20060822_1031_769 Blackberry Spike 4 Seq.jpg



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