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31 Aug 2007

Mid afternoon, in a rough grass field adjacent to our plot, two young foxes foraged and frolicked 50m away from us for half an hour.

Ref: D01_20070806_1513_067 Fox bounding in rough grass (web crop).jpg

30 Aug 2007

Young fieldmice (wood mice) spent an hour or so at the site. How many individuals there are we can't say. Here are two of the sweeties.

Ref: D36_20070804_2251_160 fb1 2 Young fieldmice (wood mice).jpg

29 Aug 2007

Another inexplicable happening in the Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) world.

Ref: D36_20070731_0059_099 fb2 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

28 Aug 2007

A young robin proudly showing off his one red feather.

Ref: D36_20070801_0546_038 fb1 Young robin with first red feather.jpg

27 Aug 2007

A 4 frame animation of an adult swallow delivering beakful of insects to a youngster waiting on our mains wires. The whole sequence took less than 0.5secs in real time - no wonder it all seem over in a moment. (1) Parent approaching (2) Delivery (3) Departure (4) Chick demands more NOW but that was all. Some of the feed hanging out of it's beak.

Ref: swallow_feed_20070731_410.gif

26 Aug 2007

Almost midnight a fox calls in the dark.

Ref: D35_20070727_2349_009 fb2 Fox calling at midnight (web crop).jpg

25 Aug 2007

Mmm - make your own caption!

Ref: D36_20070727_2148_012 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) climbing onto back of another.jpg

24 Aug 2007

The intricacy of the dragonfly head is amazing. Reflections from the multi-segment eye produces the gleaming patch.

Ref: D01_20070727_1806_020 Common Darter Dragonfly male head detail (web crop).jpg

23 Aug 2007

A pair of Damselflies mating on a lily frond. See image for 17 Aug 2007 for Dragonflies in similar position.

Ref: D01_20070728_1120_016 Azure Damselfly Pair in wheel position.jpg

22 Aug 2007

You know the saying about fleas have little fleas ... This newly emerged Brimstone butterfly feeding on nectar didn't take any notice of the fly that had perched on it

Ref: D01_20070728_1131_058 Brimstone Butterfly Male on Purple Loosestrife with Fly on butterfly wing.jpg

21 Aug 2007

Facing into and moderate wind this Female Kestrel (the 'Motorway bird') hovered and eventually dived onto prey over an adjacent hay meadow. Once loaded the sequence runs about 5 times slower than life (a bit over 1 second of real time) - what an athlete.

Ref: Kestrel Hovering 20070727 (anim).gif

20 Aug 2007

Another entry for Miss Mouse-World 2007?

Ref: D36_20070724_2215_139 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

19 Aug 2007

This a mid-sized pair of dragonflies in the 'wheel' position in which they mate. The male is the red insect on the top clasping the female by the neck. They can actually fly coupled like this.

Ref: D10_20070724_1504_045 Yellow-winged darter dragonflies in Wheel position.jpg

18 Aug 2007

Fox with a sense of a dramatic entrance steps through the fence.

Ref: D35_20070723_0034_017 fb2 Fox (web crop).jpg

17 Aug 2007

We haven't photographed a female kestrel since 1999 so this takeoff is a nice addition. For a male kestrel look in the archive for 28 Feb 2007 (killing a mouse) and 9 May 2007 (hovering).

Ref: P30_20070724_1424_049 Kestrel Female taking off from post (Web Crop).jpg

16 Aug 2007

Never managed to catch so many robins together in one image (even if the end chick is out of focus). Another successful family.

Ref: D35_20070722_0508_019 fb2 Robin with 3 chicks.jpg

15 Aug 2007

This Hawker dragonfly (about 10cm wingspan) landed in a sunny hedge in front of us. To see an image in flight look in the archive for 20 Sep 2006.

Ref: D10_20070722_1031_049 Southern Hawker Dragonfly Immature Male (web crop).jpg

14 Aug 2007

Lots of Robin families this year. Here the chick is begging before the parent has even touched the ground.

Ref: D35_20070720_0619_048 fb2 Robin chick begging from parent about to land with food.jpg

13 Aug 2007

Foxes are making many appearances, here nuzzling a cherry frozen from last year.

Ref: D36_20070720_0412_051 fb1 Fox nuzzling Cherry (web crop).jpg

12 Aug 2007

Peanut chippings are a favourite with just about everything.

Ref: D36_20070721_2216_015 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

11 Aug 2007

The moorhen are nest-building and getting 'In the Mood for Love'.

Ref: D60_20070722_1820_022 Moorhen pair canoodling on Dragon pond edge.jpg

10 Aug 2007

New species for us. Found on agricultural fleece and moved to adjacent bush which could have been hawthorn if we had identified it at the time.

Ref: P34_20070722_1013_612 Hawthorn Shieldbug (web crop).jpg

09 Aug 2007

The insect top right must be in front of the young robin or it would be out of focus (like MOST are) so the bird is jumping to catch it.

Ref: D35_20070720_0522_036 fb2 Young robin leaping to catch insect (web crop).jpg

08 Aug 2007

Here is yesterday's Wren having a dust bath as a 14 frame animation shown at about one third natural speed. Note the flying sand in frames 2 and 12, and the apparent extasy in frame 10.

Ref: Wren Dust Bathing (anim).gif

07 Aug 2007

Views of Wrens are usually very fleeting, but this bird spent a couple of minutes bathing in the sand and dust by a hydrant. Tomorrow an animation of a few second of his joy.

Ref: D10_20070719_1558_041 Wren dust bathing (web crop).jpg

There was no image for 06 Aug 2007

Fault corrected late today - updated ready for tomorrow.

There was no image for 05 Aug 2007

Fault at Demon prevented any update for this day. Will slide them all along when restored.

04 Aug 2007

Taken one evening and next morning (both in sufficient darkness for the flash to swamp the natural light) this is a montage of a robin who obviously has a preferred landing style at the site.

Ref: D35_20070717_2001_018+D35_20070718_0519_031 fb2 Robin Landing on Log (montage).jpg

03 Aug 2007

Looks to us like 'she' is posing for Victorian period pin-up with 'her' head turned for best effect and tail draped elegantly as a dress train.

Ref: D36_20070717_2321_027 fb1 Elegant Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

02 Aug 2007

Eyes focussed and ears pricked, this fox is probably hunting worms which we often see crawling over the site.

Ref: D35_20070711_0253_052 fb2 Fox (web crop).jpg

01 Aug 2007

The pair of moorhen on the main pond are raising 6 chicks with the help of 2 juveniles. This looks like an evening visit to 'get a break from the kids'.

Ref: D35_20070710_1841_031 fb2 Moorhen with good view of foot.jpg



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