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31 Dec 2007

The fieldmice (wood mice) continue their antics.

Ref: D3B_20071201_1824_112 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping and another scrambling onto log.jpg

30 Dec 2007

A dunnock makes an elegant takeoff.

Ref: D3B_20071202_0835_160 fb1 Dunnock Takeoff.jpg

29 Dec 2007

Although probably a line-of-site effect, this juxtaposition of Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and Robin has a certain drama.

Ref: D3B_20071125_1729_116 fb1 Robin & Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) in flight.jpg

28 Dec 2007

Contrast the lovely golden colour of the pheasant with those of the surrounding leaves.

Ref: D3A_20071123_0717_040 fb2 Pheasant Male among autumn leaves.jpg

27 Dec 2007

This couple of fieldmice (wood mice) look like they are having a bit of a squabble.

Ref: D3B_20071123_1754_109 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) squabbling.jpg

26 Dec 2007

The fieldfares and redwing flutter through these tangles hedge tops without any apparent difficulty.

Ref: D01_20071123_1419_196 Fieldfare flying through Hawthorn hedge.jpg

25 Dec 2007

To go with the fieldfare eating a hawthorn berry (shown on 18 Dec 2007) here is a redwing that moves around with the Fieldfare group.

Ref: D01_20071123_1437_285 Redwing eating Hawthorn berry (web crop).jpg

24 Dec 2007

The fieldfares were fluttering through the Hawthorn hedges and we love the spread and translucency of the wings in this fleeting moment.

Ref: D01_20071123_1436_271 Fieldfare in flight.jpg

23 Dec 2007

Taking it easy in the sun this squirrel found a little suntrap about 5m up in one of the black poplars lining the track and stayed there regardless of us, vehicles and other distractions.

Ref: D01_20071123_1107_032 squirrel sunbathing(Q) on black poplar branch.jpg

22 Dec 2007

Robin just about to land on the stone - bet he slid off the slick wet stone!

Ref: D3A_20071120_1556_017 fb2 Robin Landing.jpg

21 Dec 2007

Spotted unexpectedly on the Night-time CCTV over the pond was the glowing eyes of a tawny owl perched on the peanut feeder support facing the house. This image was taken in darkness through the kitchen window by educated guesswork. Next days CCTV replay showed it stayed for about 10 minutes mainly with head turned 180 to watch the grass/pond behind.

Ref: P34_20071121_2001_545 Tawny Owl on Birdfeeder support outside kitchen window (crop & proc).jpg

20 Dec 2007

An ever cheeky Magpie gives the camera the eye.

Ref: d3a_20071118_1536_030 fb2 magpie (web crop).jpg

19 Dec 2007

The aerial antics of a robin twisting through a right angle as it leaves with a crumb of peanut.

Ref: d3b_20071119_1703_010 fb1 robin twisting in flight.jpg

18 Dec 2007

Having passed us by when there no apple windfalls, a flock of about 30 Fieldfares (with a few redwings) are making merry in the hawthorn hedge.

Ref: d01_20071119_0950_016 fieldfare eating hawthorn berry (web crop).jpg

17 Dec 2007

This atypical juxtaposition just took our fancy .

Ref: d3a_20071115_1700_049 fb2 fieldmouse (wood mouse) leaping in front of rabbit.jpg

16 Dec 2007

We seem to have a number of Grey Squirrels doing various degrees of damage, and often looking very innocent and twee.

Ref: d3a_20071117_1436_028 fb2 squirrel.jpg

15 Dec 2007

Montage of 4 images of a pied wagtail. In the first 3 (top left downwards) it just fails to catch an insect (we think a wasp) on the slates ahead of it. The bird on the ridge has in his beak the result of a successful hunt a few seconds later.

Ref: d01_20071115_1143_075-077&084 pied wagtail hunting insect on slate roof (montage).jpg

14 Dec 2007

Fox with his eyes firmly focussed on a hoped for pre-midnight snack.

Ref: d3b_20071110_2237_054 fb1 fox.jpg

13 Dec 2007

Autumn colours including Black Poplar, Cypresses, Bristlecone Pine, Silver Birch, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Hazel & Beech.

Ref: p34_20071109_0955_194 mixed autumn colours (web version).jpg

12 Dec 2007

A kestrel-jackdaw altercation gave us the opportunity for this image. The 'sky' has been cleaned up to remove out of focus foreground branches, but was this beautiful colour.

Ref: d01_20071109_1030_073 kestrel (web crop with foreground willows removed).jpg

11 Dec 2007

This rabbit suggests a Rabbit form of 'Jessica' from the mixed Live & animation movie 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'. We can't remember seeing a rabbit like this in thousands of (discarded) rabbit images.

Ref: d3a_20071107_1817_056 fb2 rabbit grooming (web crop).jpg

10 Dec 2007

The Pheasant have been about, but have not obliged with picture since the Spring (See image for 18 Apr 2007).

Ref: d3a_20071108_1607_003 fb2 pheasant male.jpg

09 Dec 2007

We think the mouse must have leapt from the ground to be in sharp focus over the log.

Ref: d3b_20071108_0317_205 fb1 fieldmouse (wood mouse) leaping face on.jpg

08 Dec 2007

We have seen the Muntjac deer by Infra-Red and on surveillance cameras, but this is the first time for months that one (a female) has shown up in a high quality image.

Ref: d3a_20071104_1740_013 fb2 muntjac deer.jpg

07 Dec 2007

The way this mouse is holding its food puts us in mind of a human munching down a stick of celery.

Ref: d3b_20071104_1823_020 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) holding partially eaten food.jpg

06 Dec 2007

Leaping mice seem to be a consistent favourite among our visitors to this site, so here is another.

Ref: d3b_20071104_1844_025 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) mid leap.jpg

05 Dec 2007

Looking so lonely in a sea of autumn leaves, a young fieldmouse (wood mouse) looks for what's left of the peanut grit on the log.

Ref: d3a_20071103_1827_038 fb2 young fieldmouse (wood mouse) surrounded by autumn leaves.jpg

04 Dec 2007

Its rare to get an extended view of a Muntjac deer while we are outdoors, but on this evening this female came out of the hedge and wandered away from us along the 'rabbit' run taking an occasional peek back at us. See image for 22 Nov 2007 for a fox from the same viewpoint.

Ref: d01_20071031_1613_012 muntjac deer (web crop).jpg

03 Dec 2007

We can see that some of there pyracantha (firethorn) berries have already been nibbled.

Ref: d3b_20071030_1936_200 fb1 fieldmouse (wood mouse) nuzzling pyracantha berries.jpg

02 Dec 2007

The Ash tree on the main pond island has just become an attractive perch this female kestrel. In the evening sun she lost her balance momentarily and provided this unusual view of her exquisite feathers.

Ref: d60_20071030_1619_021 Kestrel female on dragon island ash tree tip regaining balance.jpg

01 Dec 2007

Its the time of year for strange lights in the sky. This is a 'sundog' - patch of refracted sunlight to the left and/or right of the sun.

Ref: p34_20071029_1538_845 Sundog to West over House.jpg



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