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28 Feb 2007

Don't often see Kestrels here because the resident corvids drive them off. So we are surprised, pleased & sad to see that, at sunset, this male had just caught one of the fieldmice (wood mice).

Ref: D3E_20070221_1731_187 fb1 Kestrel male holding fieldmouse (wood mouse) in claw (web crop).jpg

27 Feb 2007

Nice portrait of a blackbird male.

Ref: D3E_20070216_1649_048 fb1 Blackbird male.jpg

26 Feb 2007

A couple of birds arguing over who get the grub.

Ref: D3E_20070217_1713_073 fb1 Robin (Q) & Dunnock squabbling.jpg

25 Feb 2007

This ladybird was hiding in the creases in the bark of a diseased elm.

Ref: P34_20070217_1131_918 Ladybird in elm bark.jpg

24 Feb 2007

The blackbirds are also breeding (seen collecting nesting material) but we don't know where. This is the male - the females are brown (typical naming!)

Ref: D35_20070213_0444_013 fb2 Blackbird male.jpg

23 Feb 2007

A pair of collared doves are nesting in a evergreen whose trunk is hidden in the darkness behind the bird. Not a good angle to see the 'collar' - we hope for better.

Ref: D35_20070214_1629_026 fb2 Collared dove.jpg

22 Feb 2007

A great tit is just out of the original frame at the top right and this yellowhammer is defending its patch.

Ref: D3E_20070213_0731_074 fb1 Yellowhammer threatening Great tit in Air top right.jpg

21 Feb 2007

To our anthropomorphic eyes these two are kissing. The one on the right even has (her?) eyes closed! We notice this was taken the evening of Valentines day.

Ref: D3E_20070214_1754_120 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) mouth to mouth.jpg

20 Feb 2007

What are these two magpies up to - the posture of the one behind suggests that this is a pair. There is certainly a nest being 'refurbished' in an old tree in front of the house.

Ref: D35_20070205_1454_006 fb1 2 magpies.jpg

19 Feb 2007

The Great tits are now regularly visitors.

Ref: D3E_20070205_1547_026 fb1 Great Tit.jpg

18 Feb 2007

A fieldmouse (wood mouse) jumping down from the log

Ref: D3E_20070207_1851_179 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

17 Feb 2007

Only about 4 Hours after yesterdays portrait the snow thaw has turned into a minor flood as the ground beneath is still frozen and the water can only run over the surface. Unfortunately we didn't realise in the summer that this site is in the preferred run-off.

Ref: D3E_20070210_1143_308 fb1 Robin on flooded log.jpg

16 Feb 2007

The snow is melting in this robin portrait.

Ref: D3E_20070210_0707_286 fb1 Robin in Snow.jpg

15 Feb 2007

A moderate snowfall when seen at the scale of even a big bird. There is food under and on the snow, and this jackdaw wants his share.

Ref: D3E_20070209_1541_221 fb1 Jackdaw in Snow.jpg

14 Feb 2007

A fieldmouse (wood mouse) looking very twee in the flashlit dusk.

Ref: D3E_20070202_1747_038 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

13 Feb 2007

Robin admiring the light of sunset on the hedge?

Ref: D3E_20070204_1625_094 fb1 Robin against sunset lit hedge.jpg

12 Feb 2007

The hazel trees are waking up. The yellow tassels generate the pollen and the tiny red flowers are the females that develop the nuts.

Ref: P34_20070203_1044_507 Hazel Catkin & Flower.jpg

11 Feb 2007

Our Pheasant managed to get himself bang in focus for this portrait.

Ref: D35_20070127_1413_009 fb2 Pheasant male (web crop).jpg

10 Feb 2007

Its the time of year of everything to pair up, including these magpies,

Ref: D35_20070128_1208_029 fb2 2 Magpies.jpg

09 Feb 2007

Another pic of our handsome pheasant.

Ref: D3E_20070127_1429_030 fb1 Pheasant male.jpg

08 Feb 2007

Aha! 2 robins not locked in mortal combat - they must be courting.

Ref: D3E_20070127_1512_037 fb1 2 robins.jpg

07 Feb 2007

This striking robin is calling to or at a bird flying away to the top left (it is partly in the original frame but is too poor to include).

Ref: D3E_20070128_1147_072 fb1 Robin calling to bird out of frame top left (crop).jpg

06 Feb 2007

Jackdaws no longer have our chimneys to nest in, and are finding old magpie nests and other sites for this year. Here are two (maybe a pair) in early afternoon.

Ref: D3E_20070128_1330_082 fb1 2 Jackdaws.jpg

05 Feb 2007

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) heaven?

Ref: D3E_20070129_1935_163 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with heap of fruit.jpg

04 Feb 2007

Dynamic shot of a great tit.

Ref: D3E_20070128_1455_100 fb1 Great Tit.jpg

03 Feb 2007

Probable 'Hubby' for yesterdays female pheasant.

Ref: D35_20070130_1641_067 fb2 Pheasant male.jpg

02 Feb 2007

A real surprise - on only a moderately frosty (-1C) & dry night this female has managed to get a thick crust of frost on her tail. We have seen the male sheltering under trees and bushes and suspect she did likewise but left her tail outside and dew formed or fell onto it.

Ref: D35_20070131_0802_088 fb2 Pheasant female with tail covered in frost.jpg

01 Feb 2007

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping over a fallen branch

Ref: D35_20070121_0527_013 fb Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg



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