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31 Jan 2007

Muntjac deer picking over the fruit.

Ref: D35_20070121_1635_022 fb2 Muntjac Deer.jpg

30 Jan 2007

The apple is still attracting the gymnasts of the fieldmouse (wood mouse) population.

Ref: D3E_20070123_1814_058 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) on Apple.jpg

29 Jan 2007

Cheeky magpie

Ref: D3E_20070120_1331_017 fb1 Magpie.jpg

28 Jan 2007

This lovely Muntjac deer is now visiting one site regularly. Judging from a similar image 2 minutes before it has just rolled the apple to one side and nibbled a cherry stored for them.

Ref: D35_20070115_1643_011 fb2 Muntjac Deer (web crop).jpg

27 Jan 2007

Is this fieldmouse (wood mouse) practicing apple rolling? We think not - just a convenient foothold.

Ref: D3E_20070115_2338_023 fb1 fieldmouse (wood mouse).jpg

26 Jan 2007

Another sparrowhawk image, this time from Jan 2002.

Ref: D32_03434 Sparrowhawk (web crop).jpg

25 Jan 2007

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) caught mid-leap.

Ref: D3E_20070116_0627_040 fb1 fieldmouse (wood mouse).jpg

24 Jan 2007

The hazel catkins have started to open on one of our regularly recorded twigs. Spring is on the way despite rain, gales, and a sea of mud.

Ref: P34_20070119_1130_147 Hazel Bud 5 Seq.jpg

23 Jan 2007

A sparrowhawk has been visiting regularly but not where he can be photographed well. So here is an image from April 2006 not shown before.

Ref: P32_20060402_1730_534 Sparrowhawk male (web crop).jpg

22 Jan 2007

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) running towards the food

Ref: D35_20070112_1654_015 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

21 Jan 2007

Great tits stay with us all year at the peanut feeders, but we haven't seen one at the remote sites for months.

Ref: D3E_20070114_1213_039 fb1 Great Tit.jpg

20 Jan 2007

Apples appear to be a favourite of the Muntjac deer.

Ref: \D3E_20070109_0502_069 fb1 Muntjac deer eating apple.jpg

19 Jan 2007

We rather like the way the colours of the pheasant are echoed in the sky of this gloomy dawn.

Ref: \D35_20070109_0816_078 fb2 Pheasant male and patch of dawn.jpg

18 Jan 2007

Jackdaws are frequent subjects of the automatic cameras, but rarely present themselves in a suitable pose for publication.

Ref: \D35_20070109_1208_081 fb2 Jackdaw.jpg

17 Jan 2007

The muntjac deer looking over the offerings.

Ref: \D35_20070109_1430_093 fb2 Muntjac deer.jpg

16 Jan 2007

Chaffinch female with muddy leg poised on the log.

Ref: \D3E_20070104_1508_012 fb1 Chaffinch female.jpg

15 Jan 2007

A muntjac deer is suddenly visiting both sites. Here she is 'paddling' through a temporary puddle at the site carrying off an apple.

Ref: \D3E_20070110_0348_096 fb1 Muntjac deer carrying off apple from flooded site.jpg

14 Jan 2007

One of the 'joys' of winter is seeing all the nests you had no idea were there when they were occupied. From the small size and seeing wrens many times in this area during the summer we think this is a Wren's nest.

Ref: P34_20061231_1209_933 Nest in E hedge of Wren(Q) (web Crop).jpg

13 Jan 2007

The Ivy fruits almost completely devoured in this patch of ivy.

Ref: P34_20070107_1056_952 Ivy Seq.jpg

12 Jan 2007

A robin elegantly pauses on the log.

Ref: D3E_20070102_0731_032 fb1 Robin.jpg

11 Jan 2007

Our male pheasant brightens up a really grey January afternoon.

Ref: D35_20070102_1519_013 fb2 Pheasant male head.jpg

10 Jan 2007

We rarely see Redwings (usually scattered in flocks of Fieldfares which have been sparse this year) and had not spotted any this year. But one by chance took its own picture to record it's fleeting visit..

Ref: D35_20061226_1303_039 fb2 Redwing (web crop).jpg

09 Jan 2007

A robin flying at speed through the beam break is inevitably a bit blurred but rather fun.

Ref: D35_20061227_1559_062 fb2 Robin in Flight.jpg

08 Jan 2007

More hoar frost, this time on Horse chestnut buds we photograph every few days.

Ref: P34_20061220_1213_737 Frosted Horse Chestnut buds.jpg

07 Jan 2007

The fruiting ivy was also frosted. This sort of crystaline frost freezes moisture straight out of the air (like in freezers) and is called 'Hoar' frost.

Ref: P34_20061220_1215_739 Frost on Ivy Berries and Leaves (web crop).jpg

06 Jan 2007

Some very cold night have produced some interesting frost and other effects. Here water has frozen clear. Note the vertical icicles where water drops have build up on spider silk. This 'frozen water' frost is called 'Rime.

Ref: P34_20061222_1232_752 Frozen Water droplets on Conifer.jpg

05 Jan 2007

A beautifully poised Female Chaffinch. Until we started these automated photos we had no idea that chaffinches had such lovely green backs you don't see in the standard 'pose'.

Ref: D35_20061222_1307_016 fb2 Chaffinch Female.jpg

04 Jan 2007

The whole of our large male pheasant just squeezing into the frame.

Ref: D35_20061223_0945_038 fb2 Pheasant Male.jpg

03 Jan 2007

A rather muddled image of two fieldmice (wood mice) appearing to be having a squabble.

Ref: D3E_20061222_1947_076 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) squabbling.jpg

02 Jan 2007

A Robin jumping off his Christmas log?

Ref: D35_20061222_1612_030 fb2 Robin jumping down off log.jpg

01 Jan 2007

We often see the pheasants with their beaks smothered in mud. This montage shows the female (right) really getting stuck in - the patch of ground here is now very soft.

Ref: D35_20061218_1453_064+1416_055 fb2 Pheasant Pair probing mud (montage).jpg



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