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31 Jul 2007

Aaaahhhh - a romantic supper of cherries for this pair of collared doves.

Ref: D35_20070710_1913_037 fb2 Pair of collared doves.jpg

30 Jul 2007

A first - two foxes in one frame. We don't know how they are related.

Ref: D35_20070711_0111_050 fb2 Pair of Foxes.jpg

29 Jul 2007

The fluffed-up feathers on this robin show up the structure unusually well.

Ref: D36_20070708_0552_066 fb1 Robin with feather detail.jpg

28 Jul 2007

Could this fieldmouse (wood mouse) cram any more food into its mouth?

Ref: D36_20070711_0023_094 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) carrying off food.jpg

27 Jul 2007

At least two different foxes are now regularly visiting the camera sites. This is a young fox with wonderful pristine fur.

Ref: D35_20070706_2058_050 fb2 Fox (Web Crop).jpg

26 Jul 2007

A buzzard gliding across the site showing some good detail.

Ref: D10_20070707_1455_037 Buzzard gliding (web Crop).jpg

25 Jul 2007

Tiny Speedwell and Scarlet Pimpernel flowers fortuitously next to each other on another unworkable area of soil.

Ref: D10_20070708_1112_046 Speedwell and Scarlet Pimpernel flowers.jpg

24 Jul 2007

The wet weather has made some of the vegetable beds unworkable and they have become wild flower meadows. This one is covered in thistles on which this hover-fly was resting.

Ref: D10_20070708_1121_062 Hover-Fly on Thistle flower.jpg

23 Jul 2007

These iridescent beetles really catch the eye. At the time we unknowingly photographed male (bulbous legs) and female 3 minutes apart on the same patch. Get to it!

Ref: D10_20070708_1450_095&1453_112 Thick-legged Flower Beetles Male (left) and Female (right) on Blackberry flowers (Montage).jpg

22 Jul 2007

A fox photographed itself 3 times in an hour. In this last image it has come back into the plot through a hole in the fence. The many shiny black items are slugs on which it may well be feasting.

Ref: D36_20070705_0113_145 fb1 Fox (web crop).jpg

21 Jul 2007

Mid afternoon the parents frantically refurbished an old brood platform ready for the new arrivals, tugging like mad at this dead lily frond with leg braced against the stems. Note the beak marks on the live foliage.

Ref: D60_20070704_1415_016 Moorhen on brood platform tugging at Lily frond (web crop).jpg

20 Jul 2007

One of the chicks who has just taken a beakful of wiggly about to be offered some more by Mum or Dad.

Ref: D60_20070704_1606_095 Moorhen chick being fed (web crop).jpg

19 Jul 2007

'Our' moorhens have just produced another 7 chicks, with the two parents & 2 juveniles from this years earlier brood feeding them. Never did get all 11 birds in one frame, so here are all the chicks, 1 parent & a juvenile.

Ref: P34_20070704_1243_042 7 moorhen chicks + adult + juvenile.jpg

18 Jul 2007

The plot is delightfully full of unidentifiable juvenile brown birds of various sizes! But we are fairly sure this is a juvenile Blackbird.

Ref: D35_20070629_1921_008 fb2 Juvenile Blackbird.jpg

17 Jul 2007

For a few seconds a Buzzard turned into the wind and hovered keeping position as impressively as a kestrel. This sequence of 7 images plays in approximately real-time.

Ref: Buzzard Hovering in Strong wind (anim).gif

16 Jul 2007

Robins used this patch of hedge to pause with beaks full of food before diving across the path into a dense growth on the other side where the nest must be.

Ref: D10_20070623_1212_069 Robin in hedge with caterpillar.jpg

15 Jul 2007

After a top-up of the chopped bark that keep the site from becoming a sea of mud, 3 fieldmice (wood mice) and a field vole have a feed without any obvious squabbling.

Ref: D36_20070627_2134_049 fb1 3 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) and a Field Vole.jpg

14 Jul 2007

Another newly 'permanent' resident is the carrion crows. The tree they nested in this year is a transplanted Cupressus Leylandii which is toppling and will have to be felled this autumn.

Ref: D35_20070626_0547_030 fb2 Carrion Crow.jpg

13 Jul 2007

They break the nut feeders (including the one featured on 9 July), dig up the bulbs, and kill tree branches. But from a yearly visit they have moved to adults and youngsters around all day, so we will just enjoy them, and buy some better feeders!

Ref: D35_20070626_0428_027 fb2 Grey Squirrel.jpg

12 Jul 2007

This male Chaffinch is flying off with some morsel from the offered food.

Ref: D36_20070626_0540_092 fb1 Chaffinch Male in flight.jpg

11 Jul 2007

Adult Great tit takes classic pose for portrait.

Ref: D36_20070623_1855_005 fb1 Great Tit.jpg

10 Jul 2007

Good comparison of Field Vole and Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse). The fieldmouse (wood mouse) is one we see regularly with a truncated tail and torn ear, but seems otherwise healthy

Ref: D36_20070623_2048_024 fb1 Field Vole & Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) (stump tail).jpg

09 Jul 2007

This Great tit family of 9 youngsters (9th is round the back) have been introduced to the 'big' peanut feeder. The sparrowhawk is making regular appearances to catch young birds, but none of this family so far.

Ref: P34_20070620_1257_598 8 Great tit youngsters on peanut feeder (web crop).jpg

08 Jul 2007

We don't usually 'go' for back views of which we get altogether too many, but this collared dove particularly appeals. Think of a Victorian lady with bustle and fantail skirt (but no corset!).

Ref: D35_20070621_2033_006 fb2 Rear view of collared dove.jpg

07 Jul 2007

The impression is of a who-gives-way confrontation. Probably a moment later the mouse walked over the slug.

Ref: D36_20070617_2205_067 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and slug head-to-head.jpg

06 Jul 2007

We just love the curvacious beak of the yellowhammer.

Ref: D36_20070618_0352_102 fb1 Yellowhammer with beak detail.jpg

05 Jul 2007

A lot of people don't like crows, but they are not (yet?) a problem here. You have to admire their cheek.

Ref: D36_20070619_0720_210 fb1 Carrion Crow (web crop).jpg

04 Jul 2007

As the rains continue we have here 4 fieldmice (wood mice) (one is behind the mouse at the top) retreat to the only dry bits.

Ref: D36_20070619_2148_033 fb1 4 fieldmice (wood mice) on log surrounded by flood (Crop and processed).jpg

03 Jul 2007

Another rain storm floods our little site. The fieldmouse (wood mouse) in the air has a paw between us and the nearest mouse,so we wish we had another photo 1 second later as it landed in the puddle!

Ref: D36_20070616_2138_121 fb1 3 fieldmice (wood mice) with one mid-leap.jpg

02 Jul 2007

Try to make up your own non-anthropomorphic caption. If you can think of a good one do email it to us!

Ref: D36_20070617_0121_144 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) almost paw to paw.jpg

01 Jul 2007

Comparing images for 2003-2007 years has shown us that the Pink form of wild rose has first flowered 2 to 3 weeks later than the white form each year. We don't know whether this is local or more general. Even the Woodland trust 'first flower' records treat all 'dog rose' as equivalent and match our 'white rose' timings. Much less perfume from the pinks than the whites.

Ref: P34_20070610_1356_247 Pink Wild Rose & bud.jpg



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