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31 Mar 2007

This time of year you often see birds sparring in the air but it is hard to see what is going on. Here something else has triggered the camera as these two Chaffinch males fall into shot with claws still engaged in each other.

Ref: D35_20070314_1659_104 fb2 2 Chaffinch males locked together in aerial combat.jpg

30 Mar 2007

This dunnock swoops in to the site.

Ref: D3E_20070310_1559_006 fb1 Dunnock in dynamic position.jpg

29 Mar 2007

Corn is the favourite of the tits.

Ref: D3E_20070310_1626_014 fb1 Great Tit with Corn grain in beak.jpg

28 Mar 2007

This Willow warbler teased us for a while before we got this little portrait in the blossom.

Ref: P34_20070313_1028_389 Willow Warbler in Cherry blossom.jpg

27 Mar 2007

This fieldmouse (wood mouse) is unusually vertical. We have no idea why.

Ref: D3E_20070313_0159_211 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) mid-leap in unusual vertical position.jpg

26 Mar 2007

Peeping from under a bush and sharing its land with an ivy, the primrose flowers face the sun.

Ref: P34_20070315_1034_541 Primrose 4 Seq.jpg

25 Mar 2007

Cherry blossom is the dominant feature at the moment. Whole trees just don't work as small photos, so here is a sprig against the spring sky.

Ref: P34_20070313_1017_352 Cherry Blossom.jpg

24 Mar 2007

Can you find the third fieldmouse (wood mouse)? It is possibly pleased the one above didn't land on him, a bit like we feel about helicopter pilots practicing over our patch.

Ref: D35_20070307_1957_013 fb2 3 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) with one mid-leap.jpg

23 Mar 2007

First time we have seen the male sitting at the buffet.

Ref: D35_20070307_1502_004 fb2 Pheasant male sitting.jpg

22 Mar 2007

The fieldmice (wood mice) are obviously feeling very frisky (as if that is anything limited to Spring).

Ref: D35_20070309_1836_051 fb2 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) with one mid-leap.jpg

21 Mar 2007

We have now found the nest this pair of magpies are building from scratch in an un-topped hedge a few metres from the house. Their nest of the last few years is being 'refurbished' by jackdaws.

Ref: D35_20070308_1600_032 fb2 2 Magpies.jpg

20 Mar 2007

The Robin may be chasing off the Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse), or they may both have startled by something to the right.

Ref: D35_20070304_1810_011 fb2 Flying robin and leaping fieldmouse (wood mouse).jpg

19 Mar 2007

Can't resist another cherry blossom.

Ref: P34_20070308_1039_915 Cherry Twig 2 Seq.jpg

18 Mar 2007

The gymnastics these mice achieve beggars belief. There is nothing above for them to jump down from so these are free-standing leaps.

Ref: D35_20070306_2121_048 fb2 2 fieldmice (wood mice) in mid-leap.jpg

17 Mar 2007

Sunlight playing over trees against dark skies is always dramatic. The tallest tree in the image is a black poplar - the tallest of all our plantings. The rest are silver birch.

Ref: P34_20070301_1547_287 Silver Birches & Black Poplar against dark clouds.jpg

16 Mar 2007

A detail from a bed of violet flowers

Ref: P34_20070302_1041_428 Violet Flowers.jpg

15 Mar 2007

Yellowhammer are ONLY seen at this site and are so often seen as a pair that they have obviously found a nest site.

Ref: D3E_20070303_0645_081 fb1 Pair of Yellowhammer.jpg

14 Mar 2007

Not noticed when photographing this Cherry blossom, there is a whole miniature (upside down) world in the big water drop. If you like this sort of thing see the image for 28 Dec 2006.

Ref: P34_20070303_1024_502 Cherry blossom with dewdrops imagings.jpg

13 Mar 2007

Relief to see a bee with all their recent woes. We have also had a few visiting the flowers in our conservatory come greenhouse.

Ref: P34_20070303_1037_532 Bee on Cherry Blossom.jpg

12 Mar 2007

Robins are laying in town nest boxes already. In this more exposed environment the Robins are still in territorial and show-off modes. We don't know which this is.

Ref: D3E_20070303_1701_151 fb1 Robin in vertical dive.jpg

11 Mar 2007

Warm enough to tempt out this Ladybird for a walk on the violets.

Ref: P34_20070303_1039_541 Ladybird and violets.jpg

10 Mar 2007

Mouse's eye view of a snowdrop.

Ref: P34_20070303_1043_555 Snowdrop.jpg

09 Mar 2007

Spring flowers are here! This is Cherry blossom - indeed 'loveliest of trees'.

Ref: P34_20070303_1022_490 Cherry blossom.jpg

08 Mar 2007

From the snowfall almost a month ago, even here the colours of spring can be spotted in the willows.

Ref: D10_20070209_1210_006 weekly field left 09feb2007 (web crop).jpg

07 Mar 2007

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with tail elegantly draped over the end of the log.

Ref: D35_20070226_2307_013 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

06 Mar 2007

Whatever has spurred this Great Tit into flight is obviously higher priority than the corn grain it has dropped.

Ref: D3E_20070222_1604_011 fb1 Great Tit dropping corn grain as it launches.jpg

05 Mar 2007

Judging from the lack of movement blur this fieldmouse (wood mouse) is at the top of its leap (or it is doing the 'Indian Tail Trick').

Ref: D3E_20070222_2326_047 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) mid-leap.jpg

04 Mar 2007

Portrait of a Dunnock.

Ref: D3E_20070223_1636_077 fb1 Dunnock.jpg

03 Mar 2007

The loss of one (probably many more) to the Kestrel has had no noticeable effect on the numbers or behaviour.

Ref: D3E_20070222_2227_043 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) squabbling (Q) on log.jpg

02 Mar 2007

Great Tit flying off with a whole peanut to eat elsewhere. Once the breeding season is underway we avoid putting out whole nuts in case young birds choke on them.

Ref: D3E_20070220_1658_090 fb1 Great Tit Flying off with peanut.jpg

01 Mar 2007

The worms are being forced to the surface by the waterlogged soil, pleasing this female Chaffinch who has a tiny one in her beak.

Ref: D3E_20070222_0711_202 fb1 Chaffinch female with small worm in beak.jpg



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