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30 Nov 2007

We would love to run a 'what happened next' competition, but we have no idea what did happen.

Ref: d3b_20071027_1625_032 fb1 Robin flying in with bluetit on log.jpg

29 Nov 2007

The hedge bottoms are now full of fallen fruit and the denizens are making the most of it. Amazing how the peanut feeders empty so slowly at this time of year.

Ref: d3b_20071029_0202_207 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) sniffing (Q) Blackthorn berry.jpg

28 Nov 2007

Shortly after dark this fox looks up showing the fully dilated irises of its eyes. There are a few water drops on its muzzle - maybe it stopped off at a pond for a drink.

Ref: d3a_20071026_2020_058 fb2 fox with water droplets looking up.jpg

27 Nov 2007

A flurry of wings as this Great Tit (all things being relative) launches itself into the grey afternoon sky.

Ref: d3b_20071025_1653_009 fb1 Great Tit taking off by Hawthorn berries.jpg

26 Nov 2007

Peanuts are definitely the favourite.

Ref: d3b_20071026_1709_082 fb1 Chaffinch Female with peanut.jpg

25 Nov 2007

The squirrels are now all over the place, jumping from tree to tree over our heads as we walk round.

Ref: d3a_20071025_1416_052 fb2 squirrel.jpg

24 Nov 2007

Another entry for twee fieldmouse (wood mouse) of the year.

Ref: d3b_20071023_1859_041 fb1 fieldmouse (wood mouse) with hawthorn berries & apple.jpg

23 Nov 2007

Not the female kestrel this time (possibly a juvenile male) spent quite a while hovering into the wind over some of our rough grass. The wind/sun directions were hopeless for good photos, but it did do a few sweeps round offering this opportunity.

Ref: d01_20071023_1350_039 kestrel in flight (web crop).jpg

22 Nov 2007

This fox spent about 15 minutes 30 to 50 metres from us. Slightly bothered by the noisy camera shutter, but with no 'Human' scent from being upwind of us, it carried on foraging.

Ref: d01_20071023_1610_116 fox staring at camera (web crop).jpg

21 Nov 2007

A fieldmouse (wood mouse) looking so sweet with elegantly draped tail among autumns bounty.

Ref: d3b_20071021_1853_049 fb1 fieldmouse (wood mouse) among hawthorn berries and blackberries.jpg

20 Nov 2007

A sparkling tangle of spider silk drenched by a morning mist.

Ref: p34_20071021_1045_590 spider silk.jpg

19 Nov 2007

Jumping off a brick just out of frame to the left, the fieldmouse (wood mouse) has obviously startled the vole that was probably nibbling a blackberry.

Ref: d3b_20071019_1844_037 fb1 fieldmouse (wood mouse) leaping over field vole by blackberry twig.jpg

18 Nov 2007

Absent for a while from the camera sites (though seen regularly at an Infra-red site) the fox has a midnight visit.

Ref: d3a_20071015_2353_019 fb2 fox.jpg

17 Nov 2007

'Next years' horse chestnut bud drenched after a night with 62mm of rain in 24Hrs. The water drop was murky, unlike the ones for 14 Mar 2007 and 28 Dec 2006 (see the archive).

Ref: p34_20071017_1040_482 Natural Horse Chestnut Bud 6 Seq (detail with murky raindrop).jpg

16 Nov 2007

Another delightful bug photographed in September was held back because we were unsure (& wrong!) about identification. Kindly identified for us Sheila B via Judith K.

Ref: p34_20070924_1041_762 shieldbug troilus luridus.jpg

15 Nov 2007

More typical British autumn colour - beech trees nicely showing all the colours at once.

Ref: p34_20071005_1001_183 beech in autumn colours.jpg

14 Nov 2007

A little Canadian colour in an English wood. Unlike typical UK deciduous leaves, individual plant cells seem to go from green to red very quickly - very few are orange. Decades ago a Canadian Friend of Marie's commented on the gentle change of British autumn colour, and at last we see why.

Ref: p34_20071005_1002_184 red oak leaf in autumn.jpg

13 Nov 2007

We have mentioned before the corvids chasing off the female kestrel and for once the flyby came moderately close.

Ref: d01_20071014_1606_066 rook chasing off female kestrel (web crop).jpg

12 Nov 2007

The younger mice are seeing snails for the first time and obviously don't know what to make of them.

Ref: d36_20071009_2125_088 fb1 fieldmouse (wood mouse) pawing snail out of its shell.jpg

11 Nov 2007

A small scale dogfight by human standards, but it must be a pretty major scrap for these birds.

Ref: d36_20071010_1733_119 fb1 dunnock & great tit in aerial dogfight.jpg

10 Nov 2007

We guess this must be a pair of Chaffinches - they arrived only 2 minutes apart.

Ref: d3a_20071010_1736_027_&_20071010_1738_028 fb2 chaffinch pair 2 minutes apart (montage with female at left).jpg

09 Nov 2007

We have been putting out fresh twigs of various hedge fruits each day for whatever wants. Here a fieldmouse (wood mouse) is nibbling at a single elderberry in it's paws.

Ref: D36_20071008_0112_079 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) eating elderberry (web crop).jpg

08 Nov 2007

What more to say ...

Ref: D36_20071008_1906_127 fb1 2 young fieldmice (wood mice) nose to tail.jpg

07 Nov 2007

Nice quiet portrait of a Dunnock contrasts with it dive-bombing a robin (see 10 Oct 2007).

Ref: D36_20071009_1608_188 fb1 Dunnock.jpg

06 Nov 2007

3 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) in domestic bliss among the rose hips (which they don't seem to eat).

Ref: D36_20071005_1937_066 fb1 3 fieldmice (wood mice) among rose hips.jpg

05 Nov 2007

Out at dusk, 3 fieldmice (wood mice) quietly investigate what the birds have left.

Ref: D36_20071004_1912_099 fb1 3 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

04 Nov 2007

Its months since we included any Tits (even though they are regulars) but this '2 in 1' opportunity can't be passed up.

Ref: D36_20071003_1731_017 fb1 Great Tit & Bluetit.jpg

03 Nov 2007

With all those chewed hawthorn berries we think this fieldmouse (wood mouse) is finishing off another piece. As far as we have seen everything else (birds, rabbits & foxes) eat whole berries or remove clusters.

Ref: D36_20071002_1902_079 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) in hawthorn berries eating one (Q).jpg

02 Nov 2007

The mouse on the log looks as if it is about to do a vampire leap.

Ref: D3A_20070929_2227_048 fb2 2 fieldmice (wood mice) fleeing the site.jpg

01 Nov 2007

Fortuitous focus captures the female Chaffinch's face as it flies over the male.

Ref: D3A_20070929_1751_018 fb2 Female Chaffinch flying over a male.jpg



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