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31 Oct 2007

A sort of mousy balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet?

Ref: D3A_20070930_1947_099 fb2 2 fieldmice (wood mice) facing each other from log top and ground.jpg

30 Oct 2007

Oh dear - another anthropomorphic 'kiss'.

Ref: D36_20070930_1935_186 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) face to face.jpg

29 Oct 2007

Another source of energy for butterflies is damaged fruit berries. Normally spotted on apple windfalls (very few this year) this Comma butterfly is finding the fruit-juice welcome.

Ref: D01_20070930_1241_009 Comma Butterfly on Blackberry fruits (web crop).jpg

28 Oct 2007

17yrs ago we inherited a buddleia that flowers for months after the others finish. Here the original plant (though much propagated) is providing nectar for a Red Admiral Butterfly.

Ref: P34_20070923_0957_699 Red Admiral Butterfly on yellow buddleia.jpg

27 Oct 2007

A fieldmouse (wood mouse) inspecting a hip on a 'fallen' rose twig.

Ref: D36_20070924_1851_072 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with rose hips (web crop).jpg

26 Oct 2007

Jumping, fighting or loving - who knows. But a colourful group.

Ref: D36_20070922_1948_129 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) jumping down onto Firethorn berries.jpg

25 Oct 2007

Concentrating near the entrance hole to the loft as they congregate in the dawn light gives a chance of some closer images. Note the lovely leather texture on the wing and tail membranes and the ears pointing in different directions as it 'looks about' with sound.

Ref: D12_20070923_0614_064 Natterers Bat.jpg

24 Oct 2007

Almost the hare and the tortoise. Many later images (snails don't rush!) show the snail survived the encounter unscathed.

Ref: D36_20070920_2234_181 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and Snail.jpg

23 Oct 2007

Our acrobat mice continue their ... err ... acrobatics.

Ref: D3A_20070919_1959_039 fb2 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) with one leaping.jpg

22 Oct 2007

We are tempting the fieldmice (wood mice) with various berries, but we have no idea which it is eating here.

Ref: D36_20070918_2150_239 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) eating some sort of berry.jpg

21 Oct 2007

A Kestrel Female stayed on our new 'Raptor post' for 10 minutes giving us time to get some portraits. See also 14 Oct 2007 and 9 Sep 2007.

Ref: D60_20070918_1806_022 Kestrel Female (crop & proc).jpg

20 Oct 2007

Spiders have pulled this stem of grass into an almost abstract art form.

Ref: P34_20070915_1751_397 Grass seedhead pulled into spiral by spider silk (web crop).jpg

19 Oct 2007

A Male Chaffinch coming in to land on the log

Ref: D35_20070915_1828_006 fb2 Chaffinch about to land.jpg

18 Oct 2007

Traditionally rabbits love carrots, but what's the chance of catching a pair of rabbits each carrying away a piece.

Ref: D35_20070916_1828_029 fb2 2 Rabbits each with piece of carrot.jpg

17 Oct 2007

Craneflies are everywhere (including in the house) and this mouse seems to be interested in this one. Whether just curiosity or a potential snack we don't know.

Ref: D36_20070914_2158_122 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and Cranefly (web crop).jpg

16 Oct 2007

Now we know where the Brown Long-eared Bats are roosting we can time our expeditions into the cold, dark and windy a bit better and get more chances.

Ref: D12_20070916_0548_050 Brown Long-eared Bat (Web Crop).jpg

15 Oct 2007

To help you get over the last 2 traumatic images, here is a sweetie. These two were in several consecutive shots enjoying each other's company.

Ref: D36_20070911_2137_043 fb1 2 affectionate fieldmice (wood mice).jpg

14 Oct 2007

We were surprised by one visit by a kestrel (see 28 Feb 2007) and now we have another. This site is more enclosed and the bird seems to be flying from a clearing where we felled a falling tree a few weeks ago & had a load of Blackthorn removed by local RSPB volunteers. We think the claw contains a piece of rabbit rather than a whole rodent.

Ref: D35_20070911_1836_008 fb2 Kestrel Female in flight with piece of rabbit (Q) prey (web crop).jpg

13 Oct 2007


Ref: D36_20070909_2000_027 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) trampling on another.jpg

12 Oct 2007

This little creature landed on Marie while picking blackberries. We now have an experts confirmation that this is a Palomena prasina nymph that will be adult at it's next stage. Thanks to Judith K. for getting the expert assessment for us

Ref: P34_20070909_1314_216 Unidentified Shieldbug (10mm long) by Clover leaf next to self-heal flower.jpg

11 Oct 2007

The magpie on the left and the female Kestrel surprised us by seemingly ignoring each other. When massed Jackdaws and Rooks (corvids like the Magpie) come across a Kestrel in the air they mob it until it leaves.

Ref: P34_20070911_1843_273 Female Kestrel & Magpie on Buggle Perch.jpg

10 Oct 2007

Several shots in a row show a battle between a Dunnock and a Robin. Here the dunnock is diving on an apparently nonchalant Robin.

Ref: D36_20070907_1810_009 fb1 Dunnock Diving at Robin.jpg

09 Oct 2007

The return of the Long-eared Bats - not identified since the image of 26 Aug 2005. Again a 'morning' bat, but this time seen with Pipistrelles.

Ref: D12_20070910_0601_076 Long-Eared Bat.jpg

08 Oct 2007

We often see mice in positions we can't see they can land properly from, and now we see that sometimes they don't.

Ref: D36_20070906_2150_175 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) making heavy landing.jpg

07 Oct 2007

We often see birds tossing food picked up by the tip of their beaks into the back, but have never had a photo before.

Ref: D35_20070905_1741_002 fb2 Magpie tossing peanut in beak.jpg

06 Oct 2007

Particularly immaculate robin.

Ref: D36_20070905_1806_008 fb1 Robin.jpg

05 Oct 2007

Full speed across the site. We suspect the camera was triggered by whatever the fox was chasing for supper.

Ref: D35_20070904_2026_065 fb2 Fox running (web version).jpg

04 Oct 2007

All the peanut grits have gone, and we can't rid ourselves of the feeling that the mouse is wondering whether to eat the piece on the slug.

Ref: D36_20070903_2334_080 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) looking at slug that has peanut fragment on it.jpg

03 Oct 2007

The relative sizes of these two is startling when you see them together. The mouse seems not the least bothered.

Ref: D36_20070904_2139_194 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) taking no notice of rabbit jumping right over it.jpg

02 Oct 2007

The foxes continue to appear overnight, but have not seen them in the daytime recently.

Ref: D36_20070902_2000_112 fb1 Fox.jpg

01 Oct 2007

Looks to us like this sweetie is conducting the orchestra for the Ballet dancing fieldmouse (wood mouse) of 1 Sep 2007.

Ref: D36_20070901_2336_061 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) standing on hind paws.jpg



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