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30 Sep 2007

Montage of about .75 seconds of a swallow passing food to it's chick.

Ref: D01_20070904_1741_050_to_54 swallow feeding young in flight Montage of 1 to 5 of 5.jpg

29 Sep 2007

Welcome annual return of what has become one of our regulars now the wood is more established - a speckled wood, here sunbathing on a willow leaf.

Ref: P34_20070902_1007_876 Speckled Wood butterfly on Willow leaves.jpg

28 Sep 2007

A fieldmouse (wood mouse) clinging to the end of the log. For scale - the red slice is a small crab apple.

Ref: D36_20070831_1938_094 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) clinging to end of log.jpg

27 Sep 2007

Wheee... Slight blur suggests it is moving fast right to left.

Ref: D36_20070831_2136_119 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) mid-leap over another.jpg

26 Sep 2007

Bats are suddenly in evidence. They are difficult to identify even in photos, but we think we are seeing Pipistrelles in the evenings & these brown long-eared some mornings.

Ref: D12_20070912_0556_065 brown long-eared Bat in Flight.jpg

25 Sep 2007

The more anthropomorphic of us will consider this 'kissing', but actually they are rubbing noses very sweetly.

Ref: D36_20070827_0221_066 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) nose to nose.jpg

24 Sep 2007

A new 'late' family feeding on the wires. Hope they can feed up enough before migration.

Ref: D01_20070829_1338_037 Swallow Feeding Juvenile on wires 3 of 4 (web crop).jpg

23 Sep 2007

Its easy to forget just now small these creatures are - the purple-red wild plum is barely larger than a cherry.

Ref: D36_20070827_2006_150 fb1 Vole and fruit.jpg

22 Sep 2007

A quiet family scene at the log.

Ref: D36_20070824_2011_032 fb1 4 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

21 Sep 2007

Darter dragonflies are smaller cousins of hawkers (see 18 Sep 2007) but no less beautiful.

Ref: D01_20070826_1514_272 Common Darter Male Dragonfly.jpg

20 Sep 2007

A new family of swallows are being fed on the wires. This youngster was just coming in to land.

Ref: D01_20070827_1127_121 Swallow landing on wires (web crop).jpg

19 Sep 2007

While 'yesterdays' dragonfly was hawking this butterfly came down to drink. We half expect the dragonfly to attack it (yes - they can catch & eat butterflies on the wing) but it didn't.

Ref: D01_20070826_1120_194 Tortoiseshell butterfly drinking from pond.jpg

18 Sep 2007

The flying jewellery are delighting us with acrobat displays of glorious colour. Here one hovered for a second or two providing a chance for a set of images in flight. The wingbeats are far faster than the camera can manage, so don't try to interpret the wing positions.

Ref: southern hawker dragonfly 20070826 (anim).gif

17 Sep 2007

Another pair of fieldmice (wood mice) in a face-to-face encounter.

Ref: D36_20070823_0216_093 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) holding claws.jpg

16 Sep 2007

The dragonflies are now zooming around like fighter pilots. When they stop for a moment you can get a pic.

Ref: D01_20070824_1557_327 Ruddy Darter Dragonfly (web crop).jpg

15 Sep 2007

The same fieldmouse (wood mouse) seems to spend hours at this site. Here is a little montage.

Ref: D35_20070823_2138_080+083+089 fb2 Montage of Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) over 93m.jpg

14 Sep 2007

A hawthorn branch overhangs this camera site, and this fieldmouse (wood mouse) is burrowing under the dropped twigs to get at the food. Hawthorn berries obviously not first choice!

Ref: D36_20070820_1930_019 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) nestled in fallen Hawthorn berries (web crop).jpg

13 Sep 2007

This montage shows a real occurrence of an adult goldfinch taking off leaving a juvenile (and a few more out of the crop) on the wires. They don't seem to indulge in feeding on the wires.

Ref: D01_20070823_1718_046&049 Goldfinch Juvenile on wire and adult just taken off (Montage).jpg

12 Sep 2007

There are at least 5 Juvenile moorhen on the main pond, along with alternate adults as they incubate another clutch. Here you can see the huge feet that allow them to walk on water weeds.

Ref: D35_20070819_1843_024 fb2 Juvenile Moorhen showing huge feet.jpg

11 Sep 2007

Fighting or loving - isn't it hard to tell the difference.

Ref: D36_20070816_2055_056 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) face to face with whiskers touching.jpg

10 Sep 2007

The fieldmouse (wood mouse) population at the new camera site includes a new light grey youngster we have not seen before even though only a dozen metres from the old site. This is a montage of 3 separate photos.

Ref: D35_20070818_0415_083 fb2 Montage of 3 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) including young one centre of log.jpg

09 Sep 2007

Two kestrels in flight together (NOT a montage). Neither is an adult male, and according to the books juveniles and females are difficult to tell apart. From the behaviour our guess this is mother and her offspring.

Ref: D01_20070813_1543_052 2 Kestrels in flight possibly mother and Juvenile.jpg

08 Sep 2007

A sort of 'leave some for me'? Have not previously noticed that voles also hold food in their paws.

Ref: D36_20070813_2017_109 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping down to Field Vole at feed site.jpg

07 Sep 2007

The crows & jackdaws have gone back to mass mobbing every appearance of a kestrel, so we have had only a few fleeting good views in the last few days.

Ref: D01_20070812_1616_040 Kestrel Female (web crop).jpg

06 Sep 2007

Part of our moorhen family - one adult and 2 of the most recent broods juveniles, against a shaft of evening sunlight.

Ref: D35_20070811_1821_024 fb2 Moorhen Adult and 2 Juveniles.jpg

05 Sep 2007

What we think might be the same juvenile robin as show on 28 Aug 2007 now added a few more red feathers to his 'first'.

Ref: D36_20070812_0603_104 fb1 Young robin with more red feathers.jpg

04 Sep 2007

Could this be a Mouse's eye view of it's last moment on earth?

Ref: D36_20070808_2031_031 fb1 Fox with teeth.jpg

03 Sep 2007

A Goldfinch having a half-hearted attempt at mating. Goldfinches have not been seen here in previous summers, but this year they have a family. Having delighted in their sweet chittering and little groups flying about, we understand the collective name 'charm of goldfinches'.

Ref: D01_20070811_1638_096 Goldfinch male attempting to mate.jpg

02 Sep 2007

We do hope the squirrels leave us a few of the hazel nuts. Unripe nuts are being taken even from the only netted tree.

Ref: D35_20070809_1759_024 fb2 Grey Squirrel.jpg

01 Sep 2007

No - we have no idea what is going on here. Thanks for Christine's suggestion of a ballet 'entrechat' (look it up in your dictionary if you are as ignorant of ballet as we are).

Ref: D36_20070807_2244_130 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping towards another.jpg



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