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31 Dec 2008

On 17 Dec 2008 we showed you a rabbit and mouse with the comment
'Obviously rabbits are not frightened of mice, unlike the proverbial Elephant.'
However looking at this image maybe its not true for all rabbits.

Ref: D3A_20081207_1910_092 fb2 Upright rabbit with fieldmouse (wood mouse) in front of it (web crop).jpg

30 Dec 2008

Another mini-feast for the robin.

Ref: D3A_20081209_1403_051 fb2 Robin picking grain out of cleft in log.jpg

29 Dec 2008

We haven't shown you a Great Tit for 6 months, and this one put in a nice appearance.

Ref: D3A_20081210_1452_010 fb2 Great Tit.jpg

28 Dec 2008

The chilly weather doesn't seem to reduce the fieldmouse (wood mouse) ardour. Its 3:26 a.m. as well!

Ref: D3B_20081210_0326_187 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) nuzzling on frosty log.jpg

27 Dec 2008

As we walked down to the corner of the plot this bright green display in the sunshine caught our eye, so we have tried to capture the un-seasonal green.

Ref: P34_20081204_1034_138 Lichen on young Oak tree at Round Pond (web crop).jpg

26 Dec 2008

The moons elliptical orbit brings changes in it's distance, and we hear that this cycle brought the closest (therefore largest) full moon for 13yrs. Not that we knew this when we photographed it at 3:11 p.m. - it just looked appealing hanging in the sky.

Ref: P34_20081211_1511_169 Full moon (largest for 13yrs) over trees to East (web crop).jpg

25 Dec 2008

A little Christmas day special.
This year has been exceptional for Dragonflies and Raptors, so here is a little montage of birds:-

OspreySkylarkRed Kite
 Tawny Owls 
Short-eared OwlLittle OwlSparrowhawk

Ref: Bird Montage from top left - Osprey+Skylark+Red Kite+Sparrowhawk+Little Owl+Short-eared Owl+Tawny Owls.jpg

24 Dec 2008

Give a bird a bit of rough rendering and the more agile will happily walk straight up a vertical wall.

Ref: DC1_20081206_1050_011 Bluetit on vertical wall by upstairs hall window (tight crop).jpg

23 Dec 2008

A few minutes after yesterdays crow & buzzard montage the buzzard came back. Despite the air temperature of about 5C it was sunny and it was rising slowly in a thermal over the South sloping field to our North. We were quite surprised that this near the winter solstice even the midday sun had this much heating effect.

Ref: DC1_20081206_1234_104 Buzzard circling over south sloping field to N.jpg

22 Dec 2008

This montage shows a buzzard being chased away from our patch by a one of a pair of carrion crows that have bred here for the last 2 years. Images are left to right over a second or two. Shortly afterwards (out of photographic range) the buzzard turned the tables and the crow took refuge in a distant tree.

Ref: DC1_20081206_1227_052+056+058 Buzzard looking back at harassing Carrion Crow mirrored montage.jpg

21 Dec 2008

Awful quality in shade in the half dark through a window, this male muntjac deer spent a couple of minutes trying to down this windfall apple, but he did succeed.

Ref: DC1_20081204_1523_127 Muntjac deer male struggling to eat windfall apple.jpg

20 Dec 2008

Flocks of fieldfares are about but very wary of humans, so we were lucky to get close enough to this one 'out in the open' to catch it departing.

Ref: DC1_20081202_1402_061&062 Fieldfare in Flight Montage.jpg

19 Dec 2008

Although a little blurred by movement and distance the acrobatics of this little fellow could not be resisted.

Ref: d3b_20081130_2152_103 fb1 fieldmouse (wood mouse) leaping acrobatically.jpg

18 Dec 2008

As the robin takes off some corn grains and a fallen leaf go flying as well.

Ref: D3A_20081126_1535_038 fb2 Robin after take-off with wing blown debris.jpg

17 Dec 2008

Obviously rabbits are not frightened of mice, unlike the proverbial Elephant. (But see also the image for 31 Dec 2008.)

Ref: D3A_20081128_2100_055 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and rabbit.jpg

16 Dec 2008

A little owl stopped for a few minutes on this perch, which spurred us to set up a pre-focussed flash configuration at an openable window in the hope of catching the next image. In one of those 'it never happens' moments the same evening a pair of tawny owls showed up and the new kit worked! The 'red eye' effect is the same as in human pics the flash is close to the camera - we decided not to tamper with the images.

Ref: DA1_20081126_1643_014 Tawny owl on Raptor perch (web crop).jpg

A pair! The Tawny owl box has been up for a year - all we can do is hope and wait.

Ref: DA1_20081126_1642_012 2 Tawny owls on Raptor perch (web crop).jpg

15 Dec 2008

The same bird as yesterday spent a minute or two on a road sign right next to the road with lorries etc. going by only 3m or so away. These images were taken through a less dense patch in the track-side hedge. We lost sight of him the moment he flew.

Ref: DC1_20081127_1103_103+102(right)+104(left) Kestrel on bends road sign viewed through hedge montage.jpg

14 Dec 2008

A Kestrel flew about overhead. No doubt any mice out of their holes bolted to cover.

Ref: DC1_20081127_1051_049 Kestrel in flight overhead.jpg

13 Dec 2008

A biting north wind limited the birds and us to short forays. The birds were all trying to keep near the ground - even the corvids. This sparrowhawk swooped by us skimming over the ground so close to it that it's shadow is only just offset.

Ref: DC1_20081125_1321_157 Sparrowhawk male in flight low over fields in cold North wind (web crop).jpg

12 Dec 2008

The apple and mouse make an interesting juxtaposition and show up the whiskers.

Ref: D3B_20081122_2322_082 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with whiskers contrasted with apple.jpg

11 Dec 2008

Ear-Ear (sorry)
We never know what is going to go down well, and we only included this in our weekly assortment email on a whim. But we got enough feedback that we thought we would include it here as well.

Ref: D3A_20081116_2043_026 fb2 2 Rabbits head to head down in leaf litter.jpg

10 Dec 2008

A little domestic contentment in the Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) family.

Ref: D3B_20081121_2106_154 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

09 Dec 2008

A few weeks ago Redwings and Fieldfare arrived together but we mostly saw Redwings. The balance of Fieldfares to Redwings has been restored to its usual 10:1 in favour of Fieldfares. Here a fieldfare visits at dusk.

Ref: D3B_20081118_1559_015 fb1 Fieldfare (web crop).jpg

08 Dec 2008

At sunset the puffy white clouds over the whole sky turned to candy-floss pink. This is pretty much the sky and cloud colours we both remember.

Ref: P34_20081119_1622_934 Orange clouds overhead at sunset.jpg

07 Dec 2008

A very late appearance of a Red Admiral butterfly enjoying the sunshine on a flowering Viburnum. It might be the one we raised indoors, but really don't know as we didn't mark it - see the archive for 3 Nov 2008.

Ref: P34_20081120_0857_973 Red Admiral butterfly feeding on Viburnum flower.jpg

06 Dec 2008

The Jays made another afternoon appearance. They are so photogenic we couldn't resist another, this time a portrait. Note the haze of feather over some of the blue.

Ref: D3A_20081116_1347_006 fb2 Jay with corn grain in beak (web crop).jpg

05 Dec 2008

This Kestrel went down in the grass and lost site of it. When it took off and we picked it up in the camera just as it was pulling a piece of the prey from it's talon. The pictures are sequenced top right to bottom left. In the last it still has some left in its talon, and it went on to eat that a few second later.

Ref: DC1_20081119_1213_244+246+248 Kestrel female taking food from talon in flight Montage 1+3+4 of 5.jpg

04 Dec 2008

Not often you manage to appreciate the lovely sheen on a rook.

Ref: D3A_20081112_1554_010 fb2 Rook portrait.jpg

03 Dec 2008

Did we say something to upset you?

Ref: D3B_20081113_2347_065 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) with back to camera.jpg

Apparently not. The red fruit comes from an ancient apple tree in part of the original garden.

Ref: D3B_20081114_0336_073 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with peel of red apple.jpg

02 Dec 2008

Continuing our selection from the 'Day of the Jays', first both of the pair (the bird on the right's beak tip was just out of frame)

Ref: D3A_20081109_1415_090 fb2 2 Jays.jpg

... and here one about to launch into the air.

Ref: D3A_20081109_1455_111 fb2 Jay.jpg

01 Dec 2008

During the walk that flushed the Short eared owl, we photographed almost the whole East boundary of our patch. The tall poplar at the back line the track down the West boundary.ÿ You can see the 'double hedge' - the taller one the one we planted and the shorter one the Blackthorn sprouts along the barbed wire and pig-net fence that grew without asking first. We fight to maintain walking & maintenance clearance between the two and a view over the top! The slope is real - not a wide angle lens artifact.

Ref: P34_20081109_1229_863 Pineham Field from field to East (web crop).jpg



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