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30 Jun 2008

This joyous little creature flew for us 4 times at various distances and lighting. Here are a couple of the best images we got. This is the bird that normally hovers like a speck in the sky - we were lucky to get this one hovering low down.

Ref: DC1_20080617_1629_434 Skylark in Flight (web crop).jpg

Skylarks seem to spend some their time in flight with wings closed. Do wish we could include the liquid song, but even if we recorded it the noise from the camera would drown it out.

Ref: DC1_20080617_1629_442 Skylark in Flight with wings almost closed.jpg

29 Jun 2008

The Great spotted woodpecker chick likes our peanut feeders and unfortunately also the wooden post it hangs from! Here it is with Mother and then on its own. Have not seen 'Dad' lately - may be sad, or maybe feeding elsewhere with another chick.

Ref: DB1_20080613_1438_010 Great spotted woodpecker chick and mother on vertical log (web crop).jpg

Ref: DB1_20080613_1439_014 Great Spotted woodpecker Chick (web crop).jpg

28 Jun 2008

Baby Bluetits are so sweet. They have quickly learned 'peanut feeder technique'.

Ref: DB1_20080614_1134_037 Young Bluetit.jpg

Ref: DB1_20080614_1135_047 Young Bluetit jumping down.jpg

27 Jun 2008

Have been trying for ages to get a photo of a Green Woodpecker in flight and finally got lucky. Green woodpeckers go in for 'bounding flight' - flap like mad and then streamline and glide/ballistic to save wind resistance.

Ref: DC1_20080614_0806_087&93 Green woodpecker male in bounding flight (Montage).jpg

26 Jun 2008

The surrounding fields have not been cut, and there is lovely show of purplish grass heads, buttercups, and in the overgrown hedges, elderberry flowers.

Ref: DC1_20080614_0818_157 Field to N inc Elderberry + grasses + buttercups.jpg

Not much by way of acrobatics from the fieldmice (wood mice) recently, but still sweet. We plan to move this camera 10-15m soon (the current site is badly eroded and in a water run-off) and do hope they follow).

Ref: D3B_20080612_2242_115 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

25 Jun 2008

Swifts and swallows are making intermittent appearances.

Ref: DC1_20080614_1258_192 Swift in flight (web crop).jpg

Ref: DC1_20080614_1302_215 Swallow in flight.jpg

24 Jun 2008

The moorhen are trying again after the fox scoffed the first lot of eggs. Not sure they have chosen a better place but hope so.
Late News: By chance 16 days after this image was taken it turns out to have been a good place - a chick being fed on the water.

Ref: DB1_20080608_0956_018 Moorhen swimming from second attempt nest on Dragon Pond.jpg

23 Jun 2008

Out at 07:40 watching for larks, kestrel or anything else heard a distant cuckoo call and saw a distant atypical bird flying in our general direction. Beats the usual cuckoo call right over your head as a sort of 'missed me'.

Ref: DC1_20080613_0740_018 Cuckoo in Flight (web crop).jpg

22 Jun 2008

Two very different birds on 2 very different wires. These pigeons on the high voltage cables just took our fancy - not the usual 'one-peck-apart'.

Ref: DC1_20080607_1822_038 3 adult wood pigeons on high voltage cables.jpg

Goldfinches have not 'disappeared' for the summer this year and this one was sitting on the overhead phone wires looking beautiful.

Ref: DC1_20080614_1632_446 Goldfinch on wire.jpg

21 Jun 2008

Fledgelings everywhere are 'begging' food from their parents. On a gloomy afternoon through the kitchen window we watched the Great Spotted Woodpecker chick on the left is being fed by Mum. Next day he had fathomed out the feeder for him/her self.

Ref: DC1_20080611_1416_017 Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding chick on peanut feeder.jpg

A couple of days earlier a magpie chick more 'demanded' to be fed in several images over about 30 minutes.

Ref: D3A_20080609_1914_022 fb2 Magpie chick begging food from parent.jpg

20 Jun 2008

The male pheasant strides through the buttercups in the adjacent field making a ridiculously colourful pairing.

Ref: DC1_20080610_1802_030 Pheasant Male in Buttercups.jpg

19 Jun 2008

Anything not mown is beginning to be carpeted by buttercups or these oxeye daisies.

Ref: DC1_20080608_1345_002 Oxeye Daisies.jpg

18 Jun 2008

It's sad that planes litter the sky with trails and infuriating when low ones drown out the birds and conversation, but this seemed like too capricious a moment to miss.

Ref: DC1_20080609_1456_141 Jet plane making contrail flying by moon.jpg

We don't see Hares here anymore, so we have to 'make do' with a fieldmouse (wood mouse) gazing at the moon (well it might have been if it hadn't set already!)

Ref: D3B_20080609_0017_127 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) gazing upwards.jpg

17 Jun 2008

Damselflies are sort of miniature dragonflies, & just as alien.

Ref: DC1_20080608_1357_029 Large Red Damselfly Male.jpg

This is two pairs of Azure damselflies laying eggs in 'Duck' pond among the miniature water lilies and duckweed. The female on the right has her ovipositor under the water.

Ref: DC1_20080608_1358_039 2 Pairs of Azure Damselflies laying in Duck pond (web crop).jpg

16 Jun 2008

The Moth trap (see yesterday) also caught a Elephant Hawk-moth with its incredible shocking pink colouration

Ref: DC1_20080609_1126_067 Elephant Hawk-Moth side view on oxeye daisy stem with buttercups backdrop (web crop).jpg

7 years ago (24 June 2001) we photographed the same species in flight using a electronically triggered camera and flash. Its a genuine single image of a rather tatty individual, though the 'sky' was a painted backboard.

Ref: D30_20010624_0943_696 Elephant Hawk-moth in Flight with Honeysuckle (web crop).jpg

15 Jun 2008

An overnight run of the moth trap (a bright mercury vapour lamp to attract moths who spend the night safely below in old egg cartons) caught about 200 moths of 30 species. These Poplar Hawk-moths have a body length of about 4cm. We happened to catch two and couldn't resist showing them together - they look different because their underwings are differently positioned.

Ref: DC1_20080609_1133_125 2 Poplar Hawk-moths on moss (web crop).jpg

Detail of the head and antennae.

Ref: DC1_20080609_1134_128 Poplar Hawk-moth head & antennae.jpg

14 Jun 2008

Bluetits are now being fed as fledgelings (left the nest) and others still in the box (possibly from different boxes - at least 4 have bluetits in them).

Ref: DC1_20080605_1307_017 Bluetit adult with crest raised in Silver Birch with insect (web crop).jpg

Youngster on the left, wings aflutter - FEED ME! FEED ME! FEED ME!

Ref: DC1_20080605_1307_020 Fledgling Bluetit begging from parent in Silver Birch tree (web crop).jpg

13 Jun 2008

Bit of behaviour we have not noticed before - male chaffinches pestering a perched kestrel until it moves on.

Ref: DC1_20080604_1903_203 Kestrel male being pestered by Chaffinch Male.jpg

Here it is flying to the next perch along where another male chaffinch almost immediately arrived to harass it.

Ref: DC1_20080604_1905_217 Kestrel male taking off from phone pole 4 of 6 (web crop).jpg

12 Jun 2008

For an hour or so the Bluetit nest box in the back garden was well enough lit for some images. Here one of the chicks has clambered up to the hole to grab the incoming morsel.

Ref: DA1_20080605_0907_005 Bluetit chick at box hole begging food from adult.jpg

The parents were arriving so often they had to queue up a few times. Here one leaves over the head of the other waiting to go in.

Ref: DA1_20080605_0921_141 Bluetit parents queuing at Back garden nestbox (web crop).jpg

11 Jun 2008

This is a montage of a single skylark ascending, images a second or two apart. This is the first time we remember getting a skylark image that is more than a speck in the sky.

Ref: DC1_20080607_0721_004&010 Skylark in flight (Montage).jpg

Male Kestrel Hovering in the breeze.

Ref: DC1_20080607_0752_144 Kestrel Male Hovering.jpg

10 Jun 2008

We wouldn't normally try to photograph birds in flight in poor light and even worse when raining. But about 6 were hunting through the trees to our North only a few metres off the ground and less then 10m from the house. So through an open window we had a go until the rain got so hard it was too much even for the swallows. This one seemed to catch the moment

Ref: DC1_20080603_1329_073 Swallow flying in rain (web crop).jpg

09 Jun 2008

Not sure what the bird being threatened was, but the female yellowhammer seems to have won the day.

Ref: D3B_20080601_1712_020 fb1 Yellowhammer Female threatening bird flying off to right.jpg

A picture of a male yellowhammer about 20 minutes later, positively glowing yellow.

Ref: D3B_20080601_1734_026 fb1 Yellowhammer male.jpg

08 Jun 2008

On a grander scale to yesterdays Blackbird and grub, a heron took a few newts from the duck-shaped pond - this one at least being the protected 'Great Crested' newt (which is the dominant species on our patch).

Ref: D01_20080530_1034_006 Heron at Duck pond eating Great Crested Newt.jpg

07 Jun 2008

Blackbirds all over the plot are feeding youngsters. At 7:30 a.m. this male has found a grub for one of his.

Ref: D3A_20080529_0729_050 fb2 Blackbird male with grub in beak.jpg

06 Jun 2008

Wet weather brings out the slugs. Looks like the mouse on the right has an obstacle course to run. The mouse just left of centre is behind the log.

Ref: D3B_20080528_2332_039 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) and at least 20 slugs.jpg

05 Jun 2008

This pair of collared doves seem to have commandeered the 'raptor post' and spend much of the day there in contentment and affectionate mutual preening.

Ref: DC1_20080530_1409_109 Collared Dove pair on Raptor Perch (web crop).jpg

04 Jun 2008

After a year of planning, stone acquisition and foundation laying, the RSPB Phoenix youth group descended on our little world to build a short length of drystone wall as a suntrap to attract lizards & snakes (and who knows what else).

Ref: P34_20080530_1429_435 Stone Walling from CCTV pole Seq.jpg

Work in progress. Less than half the people who turned up are in this picture

Ref: D10_20080531_1039_028 Stone walling build day 31May2008 Seq (web crop).jpg

The finished item - now we wait and see what likes it. Many thanks to all concerned.

Ref: P34_20080531_1251_492 Stone Walling from CCTV pole Seq.jpg

03 Jun 2008

The Bluetits in the box on the dead elm post are feeding chicks. Both parents feed the young for 15 to 23 days (book info) taking in a grub, caterpillar or adult insect every few minutes. Phew! The insects now are noticeably larger than shown on 30 May 2008 taken a week before.

Ref: DA1_20080529_1319_193 Bluetit flying to nestbox (web crop).jpg

Ref: DA1_20080529_1320_207 Bluetit flying from nestbox (web crop).jpg

02 Jun 2008

This is an orange-tip butterfly - the female has no orange tip but the beautiful green and white mottled underwing is the giveaway. Haven't seen a male for a week or two.

Ref: DC1_20080529_1208_114 Orange Tip Butterfly Female on Red Campion (web crop).jpg

01 Jun 2008

Wet - Wet - Wet. The fungi are popping up in the grass and more interestingly on a log in a partly overgrown woodpile. Is this one 'fungus' (a single mycelium) or a number of 'fungi' fruiting bodies.

Ref: P34_20080528_1125_286 Fungus on old log in orchard.jpg



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