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30 Nov 2008

Entry for twee fieldmouse (wood mouse) of the week.

Ref: D3B_20081108_2201_065 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) climbing on apple.jpg

29 Nov 2008

Until this day Jays had been fleeting views and the odd photo. This dingy and wet afternoon was cheered by a dozen photos of Jays. Here is one of this beautiful bird from the Magpie family - more in a few days.

Ref: D3A_20081109_1406_088 fb2 Jay.jpg

28 Nov 2008

Another corn grain becomes a feast.

Ref: D3B_20081104_2231_035 fb1 fieldmouse (wood mouse).jpg

27 Nov 2008

Montage of Great Spotted Woodpecker in bounding flight (flap like mad for a second or two, then fold wings and coast).

Ref: DC1_20081107_0950_003+004 Great Spotted Woodpecker in Bounding flight (montage).jpg

26 Nov 2008

This Muntjac deer obviously knew there was a way through the fence, but couldn't find it because it was at the wrong end of 300m of fence. It spent 10 minutes before finally wandering in the right direction They can jump the fence in a panic, but prefer not to.

Ref: DC1_20081109_0829_006 Muntjac deer female trying to find way back under the fence.jpg

25 Nov 2008

Even in worst weather our night-time cameras capture something interesting. Here a field vole carries off a piece of peel.

Ref: D3B_20081103_0035_085 fb1 Field Vole carrying off piece of peel.jpg

24 Nov 2008

A tramp across the adjacent field startled this Short-eared owl in the grass perhaps 50m ahead. A new sighting for us here. Apparently they are often seen in daylight. It flew about for a minute or two before departing.

Ref: DC1_20081109_0839_036 Short-eared Owl in flight of grass (web crop).jpg

Ref: DC1_20081109_0839_057 Short-eared Owl in flight.jpg

23 Nov 2008

Its unusual to be able to photograph a flying sparrowhawk against anything but sky, so here is an different perspective against a poplar tree.

Ref: DC1_20081109_0950_045 Sparrowhawk in Flight (web crop 2).jpg

22 Nov 2008

Surprise first sighting here of a Red Kite. The rooks took a dim view of this 'interloper' and soon chased it off.

Ref: DC1_20081109_0954_071 Red Kite in flight showing top of wing.jpg

Light just right to pick up the colours even if the face is turned away.

Ref: DC1_20081109_0956_172 Red Kite in flight (web crop).jpg

21 Nov 2008

The ridiculous leaping fieldmice (wood mice) are back. There is no way this one could be jumping down from anything, so we think it must be mid-leap from the ground.

Ref: D3A_20081106_1814_014 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) in mid-leap (vertical crop).jpg

20 Nov 2008

Two field mice come out after the rain.

Ref: D3B_20081103_2327_158 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

19 Nov 2008

The pheasants are back on a regular basis, at the moment the male mostly visits this site and the female only visits the other. Like the echoing of colours in the bird and the leaves.

Ref: D3A_20081101_0926_046 fb2 Pheasant male head with autumn leaves.jpg

18 Nov 2008

On Thursday at 06:50 with it barely light we saw from the car a Kestrel hunting over the local road. It flew off as we slowed down & don't know which sex. But on Friday a bright start tempted us out with the camera (until the rising wind at near freezing drove us in) and this female kestrel obliged with a flyby obviously giving us a number of suspicious glances.

Ref: DC1_20081031_0830_017 Female Kestrel in Flight.jpg

17 Nov 2008

A little story helped along by a bit of brightening and sharpening of the magpie in the gloom away from the flashgun, but a genuine single frame.

Ref: D3A_20081028_0649_029 fb1 Chaffinch pair disturbed by approaching magpie.jpg

16 Nov 2008

The Autumn return of the pied wagtail, this first view on the roof ridge.

Ref: DC1_20081029_1259_025 Pied Wagtail on roof ridge.jpg

15 Nov 2008

Whee ... We really can't work out where he came from and assumed he is mid-leap.

Ref: D3B_20081026_2023_114 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) one leaping from above (web crop).jpg

14 Nov 2008

The carpet of snow barely lasted a day but this is the earliest we remember snow laying at all and news broadcasts seem to confirm this impression. A corner of the main pond is at the bottom left of the pic, which is a slightly wider view of the 18 year sequence you can find at

Ref: D10_20081029_0906_020 weekly field 29oct08.jpg

13 Nov 2008

Almost a week to the hour since the previous sighting we arrived at the corner of our patch to see an/the Osprey again with another huge fish, this time a little closer to us than before. One of our email group suggests that the fish is a carp. There were a couple of rooks about but not close enough to be in frame.

Ref: DC1_20081028_0942_009 Osprey in flight with fish (web crop).jpg

12 Nov 2008

After a rain, out comes a fieldmouse (wood mouse) to frolic on the drying soil and leaves.

Ref: D3A_20081020_1803_036 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with drying autumn leaves.jpg

11 Nov 2008

Almost a month after the last occurrence we saw a Pipistrelle bat in the day time - this time about 3 p.m. The bat has what looks like some sort of fly in it's mouth. Shortly after this it disappeared back into the loft through an 'impossibly' small slit.

Ref: DC1_20081024_1517_067 Pipistrelle bat in flight with insect in mouth in daytime (web crop).jpg

In this following frame the bat has it's tail covering it's mouth probably adjusting the bite on the fly. It was 'banking' with wings vertical by then, but its so hard to interpret that we have turned the image to 'normal' to help you work it out.

Ref: DC1_20081024_1517_068 Pipistrelle bat in flight (turned 90 left) with tail membrane pulled over mouth (web version).jpg

10 Nov 2008

Pairs of creatures tend to make more appealing images than singles, and this is a genuine single frame.

Ref: D3B_20081020_0610_149 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

09 Nov 2008

One of many black headed gulls we see fly over. What black head? In the winter they have just the slight black patch behind the eye.

Ref: DC1_20081018_1221_020 Black-headed gull winter plumage.jpg

08 Nov 2008

We don't go on trips to see rare birds, and thought our only sight of an Osprey would be on the TV. This one, complete with classically streamlined fish in talon, flew by about 100m North of our patch. Apparently it had been around the Milton Keynes area for 3 weeks before we saw it on the 21 Oct 2008

Ref: DC1_20081021_1036_038 Osprey carrying fish in talons (web crop).jpg

Like the buzzards, the Osprey got the go-away treatment from the rooks.

Ref: DC1_20081021_1036_060 Osprey carrying fish in talons chased by rook (web version).jpg

07 Nov 2008

The adult moorhen have largely regained the main pond for themselves, with the youngsters usually tolerated for a while and then chased off.

Ref: DB1_20081006_1044_001 Moorhen in Dragon pond iris fronds.jpg

06 Nov 2008

Harvesting, ploughing and harrowing the in nearby field has attracted the corvids flocks, and the kestrels get a few minutes peace to hunt.

Ref: DC1_20081016_1054_120 Kestrel female in flight.jpg

05 Nov 2008

A pair of collared doves canoodling on the top the mains cable post. We seem to have quite a few pairs now, with this pair usually to be found near this post. Who doesn't enjoy a scratch where you can't reach!

Ref: DC1_20081016_1627_141 Collared Dove pair mutual preening on concrete post (web version).jpg

04 Nov 2008

The spindle tree fruit and fruit case provides the only really strident natural colour clash we know of.

Ref: P34_20081012_1652_415 Spindle tree fruit detail (web crop).jpg

03 Nov 2008

We found and photographed this beautiful butterfly Chrysalis without knowing the species. Next day we brought it into our insect rearing tank to observe it ...

Ref: P34_20081009_1616_310 Red Admiral Butterfly Chrysalis hanging from dogwood leaf (web crop).jpg

... and here is the emerged insect - a Red Admiral butterfly. Released when the weather improved in the afternoon, we saw it around for several days feeding on our autumn flowers. Click to see a Red Admiral top view taken in 2006.

Ref: P34_20081015_0833_419 Red Admiral Butterfly emerged from chrysalis through glass tank side.jpg

02 Nov 2008

We haven't shown you bluetit for months, but they are now back in prime plumage and regular visitors.

Ref: D3B_20081013_1741_052 fb1 Bluetit.jpg

01 Nov 2008

The Fieldmice (Wood Mice) visit both sites every night. You realise these are what you may know of as Wood Mice?

Ref: D3B_20081014_0334_080 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg



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