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31 Oct 2008

We see very few frogs these days, so were rather pleased when this one leapt out of the way of Marie walking down to the greenhouse. All the frogs we see seem to be this light yellow-green colour.

Ref: DA1_20081011_1432_019 Frog on orchard path.Jpg

30 Oct 2008

A Pipistrelle bat in flight at night (see 14 Oct 2008 for unexpected daytime visit). We have discovered yet another loft access hole (that looks too small even for a bat but we have watched them use it). Unfortunately the Long-eared bats didn't show this year.

Ref: DA1_20081012_1841_049 Pipistrelle Bat in flight.JPG

29 Oct 2008

We think this must be a juvenile male kestrel but are not very sure. Anyway - why all this hovering nonsense when we can hunt from the phone wires!

Ref: DC1_20081011_1605_159 Kestrel male juvenile (Q).jpg

28 Oct 2008

The morning was drenched with dew, with hundreds of webs down the 100m east fence now overgrown with Blackthorn. Most of the webs are disorganised tangles but about 10% take some classic form, as here, complete with builder and natural dew.

Ref: P34_20081012_0953_368 Spider in Dewy web in East fence blackthorn (web crop).jpg

27 Oct 2008

We put the moth trap out on a misty moonlit night (neither good for catching moths). Something gave the trap a thump in the night and partly knocked the top off, but there were still about 100 moths inside of which this rather attractive iridescent creature took our fancy.

Ref: D12_20081012_1442_060 Green-brindled Crescent (Allophyes oxyacanthae) (RGB) (web crop).jpg

26 Oct 2008

The buzzard (largest bird) was hounded for several minutes by this rabble of corvids until it got high enough on the thermal that they didn't follow. There were no attacks either way - sheer weight of numbers was enough to decide who won.

Ref: DC1_20081011_1340_066 Buzzard mobbed by over 20 corvids (web crop).jpg

25 Oct 2008

We are normally pleased to see just one jay fleeing from us, but here 3 flew by some 10's of metres away. The one on the left was not quite so well aligned, so we couldn't resist tweaking his position.

Ref: DC1_20081009_0944_002 3 Jays in flight (Web version).jpg

24 Oct 2008

A little sweetie that is a genuine single frame.

Ref: D3B_20081008_0237_088 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) face to face (web crop).jpg

23 Oct 2008

Return of the/a polecat. This is the second of 2 images of maybe/maybe not the same animal, and shows the whole creature.

Ref: D3B_20081009_0148_162 fb2 Polecat (web crop).jpg

22 Oct 2008

In some long grass we came across this cricket, body about 2cm long. One of our e-mail recipients suggests that is a Roesel's Bush-Cricket (Metrioptera roeselii) which seems to be correct and is a new sighting this year for this area.

Ref: DA1_20081010_1104_020 Roesels Bush-Cricket (web crop).jpg

21 Oct 2008

The pheasants 'disappeared' when the adjacent meadow was cut. We saw the female a few days ago, and now the male has appeared perfectly judging camera frame and timing for the falling leaf.

Ref: D3A_20081004_1647_042 fb2 Pheasant male and falling leaf (orig).jpg

20 Oct 2008

Domestic bliss before its even properly dark (NOT a montage).

Ref: D3B_20080929_1853_022 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) with apples & berries.jpg

19 Oct 2008

We often mention corvids mobbing of Buzzards, and here is a single frame with the bird surrounded by rooks, and what looks like a Jackdaw persuing it.

Ref: DC1_20080929_1042_009 Buzzard surrounded by mobbing corvids.jpg

18 Oct 2008

In a sheltered little bramble thicket a number of Comma butterflies were sunning themselves.

Ref: P34_20081001_1231_134 Comma Butterfly on Blackberries (web crop).jpg

17 Oct 2008

On the last of the recent warm days this beauty was still on the wing. We last showed you some indoor shots on 5 September - these are a more natural (if technically more limited) views,

Ref: DA1_20080928_1454_002 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male on Hawthorn (web crop).jpg

Ref: DA1_20080928_1456_064 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male on Hawthorn side view of upper body (web crop).jpg

16 Oct 2008

Spoilt for choice ...

Ref: D3B_20080927_0253_099 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) jumping on to end of log 1 of 6 (web crop).jpg

15 Oct 2008

Several views of Muntjac deer in the past week, this one a male with lovely new antlers. Bounding past us rather than the usual 'away from us' for the female in the image for 1 Oct 2008.

Ref: DC1_20080927_1307_026 Muntjac deer male bounding over field 6 of 7 (web crop).jpg

14 Oct 2008

45 minutes before sunset this single pipistrelle bat spent at least 15 minutes over the ponds and rough grass hunting insects. Good for us for some pictures of a species so small and fast that it is hard to get anything at night, but not so good for the bat who must be very hungry to come out so early. He seemed to get a good feed. Didn't see him/her the next evening.

Ref: DC1_20080926_1804_140 Pipistrelle Bat in flight before sunset (web crop).jpg

13 Oct 2008

On a dingy afternoon we left the photo-kits running and these 2 Juvenile moorhen have discovered the easy-pickings at this site, appearing in about a half-dozen photos.

Ref: D3A_20080923_1457_011 fb2 2 Juvenile moorhen among autumn leaves.jpg

12 Oct 2008

Our last polecat 'sighting' was on 23 Feb 2005 at about 4 a.m and is on the main site in the as Part of the Mammals section
This new one-off image was at the corner of the site where a few days ago we did some work to improve access from the field side. This time it was at 03:35 - maybe their favourite time to be about.

Ref: D3B_20080925_0335_081 fb1 Polecat (web crop 2).jpg

11 Oct 2008

This is the only 'Ruddy Darter' dragonfly we have seen on our patch and was a rather old and darkened individual on possibly his last day with the weather cooling down. He sat quietly in the sunshine on a leaf as we took his portrait and later flew off

Ref: DC1_20080921_1250_405 Ruddy Darter dragonfly male head detail (web crop).jpg

10 Oct 2008

The sparrowhawk seem to be getting the same treatment from the rooks as the buzzards and kestrels. Being bigger than the kestrel it puts up more resistance, but not as casually as the even larger buzzard. This is a montage of 3 images (dozens of frames apart - don't try to read anything into the action). The top helps with identification and the bottom two give an idea of the action.

Ref: DC1_20080921_1240_166+277+292 Sparrowhawk male & rook in aerial dogfight (montage).jpg

09 Oct 2008

Rafts of Great Willow herb are in seed, looking like thousands of tiny parachutes. It seems that as it opens the seed 'hairs' get stretched out. to form almost panels of silky material before the wind carries them away.

Ref: P34_20080920_1523_819 Great Willow herb seed head.jpg

08 Oct 2008

Once high enough for the rooks not to bother harassing them, these disagreeable birds squabble amongst themselves! Love the aerodynamic stress bending the upper bird's primary feathers.

Ref: DC1_20080918_1214_235 2 Buzzards squabbling in flight 1 of 9 (web version).jpg

07 Oct 2008

At one point on Thursday (same day as this was taken) there were 6 buzzards riding a thermal over the area. But the rooks harassed any at 'low' altitude.

Ref: DC1_20080918_1205_090 Rook harassing Buzzard.jpg

06 Oct 2008

A trudge over our neighbours field found a few items we have not seen on our patch. Among them was just one tiny clump of poppies of which this is one flower.

Ref: P34_20080914_1022_639 Poppy in field N of Bridleway.jpg

05 Oct 2008

Speckled wood butterflies are the dominant butterfly species here this year - here on hawthorn.

Ref: P34_20080918_1103_744 Speckled wood Butterfly with Hawthorn Berries (web crop).jpg

04 Oct 2008

More rodents doing acrobatics - right at the right edge of the frame. Did the mouse land ON the vole? There is a blackthorn shoot just to the right at the back of the log we suspect the mouse is jumping down from.

Ref: D3B_20080916_1802_051 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping above field vole.jpg

03 Oct 2008

The Kestrels are having a bad time with a flock of a few hundred mixed Corvids in the area, and at the moment rarely manage more than a minute or two hunting before being mobbed.

Ref: DC1_20080915_1308_023 Kestrel female in flight.jpg

02 Oct 2008

A rabbit is giving this snail a close inspection, but the only risk to the snail is if the rabbit accidentally treads on it.

Ref: D3A_20080912_2352_079 fb2 Rabbit examining snails on log.jpg

01 Oct 2008

The usual response of a Muntjac deer to the first scent or sight of a human is to flee. This one bounding along a well flattened trail in the grass along the hedge. The teats indicate that she is probably feeding a fawn somewhere.

Ref: DC1_20080911_1602_065 Muntjac female (teats visible) bounding away.jpg



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