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30 Sep 2008

We have had huge numbers of Speckled wood butterflies this year for what seems to have been the whole summer. First seen this year 4 June 2008 - about 14 weeks so far.

Ref: DC1_20080914_0948_023 Speckled Wood Butterfly on Buttercup leaf.jpg

29 Sep 2008

Think this is a juvenile sparrowhawk doing a one-off pass.

Ref: DC1_20080914_1315_058 Sparrowhawk juvenile (Q) in Flight (web crop).jpg

28 Sep 2008

We 'see' far fewer Field voles than Fieldmice (Wood Mice) holding food in their paws to eat. Here is a nice example.

Ref: D3B_20080909_2030_018 fb1 Field vole holding peanut in paw.jpg

27 Sep 2008

Quite a lot of rainbows lately but this fragment seems interesting. In this intentionally rather dark image you can see streaking perpendicular to the bow, and that the traditional light inside/dark outside of a rainbow is 'lightening inside' rather than darkening outside from the way it cuts off.

Ref: P34_20080902_1619_532 Rainbow fragment with perpendicular streaks & lighter only beneath it.jpg

26 Sep 2008

A Harvestman spider, first seen this year in the image for 19 Sep 2008, is this time seen mid-morning on buddleia leaves.

Ref: P34_20080906_1047_543 Harvestman Spider.jpg

25 Sep 2008

A rather dynamically posed Magpie threatening we know not what.

Ref: D3A_20080908_1833_085 fb2 Aggressive Magpie.jpg

24 Sep 2008

The fieldmice (wood mice) population has exploded over the summer, and the energetic and incautious youngsters are doing their customary acrobatics.

Ref: D3B_20080907_2223_061 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) landing from leap.jpg

23 Sep 2008

Reminds us of the Olympic Steeplechase - with water splash and slug for a barrier.

Ref: D3B_20080907_0141_109 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) clambering over slug at flooded log.jpg

22 Sep 2008

These fieldmice (wood mice) are not actually marooned Robinson Crusoe style as it looks - they can jump into their hole from the log.

Ref: D3B_20080905_2226_042 fb1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) on flooded log.jpg

21 Sep 2008

And down came the rain and out come the molluscs (slugs and snails). Here a couple of the latter.

Ref: D3A_20080906_1908_051 fb2 2 Snails on log.jpg

20 Sep 2008

A robin at photo site 1 is constantly aggressive and seem to be willing to threaten anything - in this case a Dunnock out of crop to the right.

Ref: D3B_20080831_0704_061 fb1 Robin threatening (crop 2).jpg

19 Sep 2008

An assortment of creatures including a Harvestman spider on the apple at the left, and a slug on the apple at the right. Oh - and a fieldmouse (wood mouse)!

Ref: D3B_20080829_0344_035 fb1 Harvestman spider on Apple and Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) on log.jpg

18 Sep 2008

However hard we try, we can't avoid thinking that they are sharing a naughty joke.

Ref: D3A_20080823_1843_053 fb2 2 Jackdaws.jpg

17 Sep 2008

Most years we are pleased to see at least one young Green Woodpecker, but not usually at a photo site. Note the muddy beak - they feed mainly by probing soft ground for invertebrates.

Ref: D3A_20080827_0754_033 fb2 Green Woodpecker juvenile (web crop 2).jpg

16 Sep 2008

Note the ant on the piece of apple. Sets the scale nicely.

Ref: D3B_20080827_2241_121 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) jumping down over slug & ant.jpg

15 Sep 2008

We have at least 5 buzzards seen together a few times soaring in the thermals over and near our patch. You would think this was the middle of nowhere rather than a few miles outside Milton Keynes. One or two of them are particularly voluble as here flying directly overhead (guess 20m high).

Ref: DC1_20080827_1557_017 Buzzard soaring overhead & calling.jpg

14 Sep 2008

What is probably a pair of chaffinches were seen in a number of images at this site. Note how the blue sheen on the male's beak has now almost gone.

Ref: D3A_20080824_0750_093 fb2 Chaffinches with female or juvenile jumping off log and male with faded beak.jpg

13 Sep 2008

We are now sure that the moorhen have raised 5 chicks to this stage. The juveniles can perfectly well feed themselves, but alternately get given titbits by the parents or half-heartedly chased off. We really don't know whether the parents are sitting on another brood, & don't want to disturb them to find out.

Ref: DB1_20080823_0845_029 Adult moorhen & 2 juveniles.jpg

12 Sep 2008

The 2nd of two new raptor identifications over our patch 3 days later. This Hobby came over a few times in a few minutes, presumably circling round out of sight to the North and East. Spotted momentarily on the top of a concrete post supporting our mains cables the next day.

Ref: DC1_20080825_1517_035 hobby in flight (web crop).jpg

11 Sep 2008

The 1st of two new raptor identifications over our patch. We wouldn't have known what they were without the photos. On the 22nd August this Merlin did a single brief flyby.

Ref: DC1_20080822_1654_009 Merlin (q) female in flight (web crop).jpg

10 Sep 2008

A single Swallow flew over jinking about obviously hunting insects. We nearly missed that in two consecutive images it was flying straight towards an insect visible in both frames. The next frame the insect had gone. Here is an impression of the event.

Ref: DC1_20080825_1533_056+057 Swallow flying towards insect (montage).jpg

09 Sep 2008

A visitor spotted that our watermint was covered in these iridescent flies - Greenbottles according to our book

Ref: DA1_20080823_1111_023 Greenbottle Fly on Water Mint.jpg

08 Sep 2008

Apparently our plethora of peacock butterflies is not typical this year. This one was basking on a mat of thistle seed down on the ground.

Ref: P34_20080823_1342_384 Peacock Butterfly on down of thistle seeds (web crop).jpg

07 Sep 2008

The slug is elegant in its own way - we don't skimp on the size of our slugs! This is actually a montage to get a better view of the slug from two successive frames a couple of minutes apart, but the juxtaposition is accurate.

Ref: D3B_20080821_2233_119&120 fb1 Huge Slug & another being watched by rabbit (montage).jpg

06 Sep 2008

As the grass re-grows in the field to North & East the Kestrels and Buzzards are taking an interest again. One that consistently calls in flight did a low flyby and a few circles.

Ref: DC1_20080822_1115_062 Buzzard in flight.jpg

05 Sep 2008

A new dragonfly this week - a male Southern Hawker. Quite a beauty and a strong flyer. Windy out, so no hope of photo in a natural setting, so took some indoors before letting him go.

Ref: P34_20080820_1515_350 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male.jpg

Ref: DA1_20080820_1521_020 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male eye detail (web crop).jpg

04 Sep 2008

A ridiculously dew-drenched sunny morning about a week ago (images not processed until yesterday) provided this image of one of thousands of Great Willow Herb flowers.

Ref: P34_20080815_0742_284 Great Willow Herb drenched in dew (web crop).jpg

03 Sep 2008

The swallows continue to delight, and this pair of consecutive images at the start of a session show you top and bottom of the bird.

Ref: DC1_20080817_1151_001 Swallow about to swoop down from wire.jpg

You don't often see the dark top when in flight.

Ref: DC1_20080817_1151_002 Swallow swooping down from wire showing top view (web crop).jpg

02 Sep 2008

A chaffinch with head just in frame on the original was on the receiving end of this tirade.

Ref: D3B_20080814_1944_034 fb1 Young robin threatening bird off left (Head crop).jpg

01 Sep 2008

An adult male yellowhammer back to looking his best.

Ref: D3B_20080815_0701_074 fb1 Yellowhammer male.jpg



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