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30 Apr 2009

On two nights running the site log got moved (by the rooks or crows) and 3 of the female pheasants happened to photograph themselves almost identically. From this we have made this un-fudged montage of the three different birds showing differences in feather colour, eyes, beak shapes etc - all the stuff of genetic variation.

Ref: D3A_20090403_1928_038+_1936_040+20090404_1927_084 fb2 3 different female pheasants montage.jpg

29 Apr 2009

A pair of chaffinches seem to be nesting in a golden cypress visible from a window in the house. At the moment a constant stream of soft materials is going in.

Ref: D01_20090404_1533_021 Chaffinch female taking seed head to nest with nest out of frame lower left (web crop).jpg

28 Apr 2009

Our new kitchen window camera has bagged its first 'special' - a sparrowhawk visited at dusk.

Ref: D50_20090403_1854_011 fb3 Sparrowhawk (web crop).jpg

27 Apr 2009

A Comma butterfly (the characteristic comma is on the Comma Butterfly underwing (click to view).) basking in the sunshine after spending the winter in hibernation. This is our first recording of one in Spring (and after a poor 2008 for butterflies in general) although its quite normal.

Ref: DB1_20090403_1655_021 Comma butterfly on twig after hibernation.jpg

26 Apr 2009

Groups of 3 or 4 mallard ducks frequent us this time of year, usally one female with 2 or 3 males. Here they are taking off against the daffodils

Ref: DB1_20090403_1801_032 Mallard female & 2 males taking off from Kite meadow 4 of 8 (web crop).jpg

... and an unrelated flight on the next day.

Ref: DB1_20090404_1620_157 Mallard female & 2 males in flight.jpg

25 Apr 2009

Took us a while to identify this as a 'bee-fly' - then discovered we first identified one last year on 15 April 2008, so this sighting is over a week earlier. It is hovering in front of the blackthorn flower - you can see the wings as smudges left and right of the insect. Here is the 15 Apr 2008 Bee-fly on Leaf litter (click to view).

Ref: DB1_20090404_1341_101 Common Bee-fly (bombylius major) hovering in front of blackthorn flower (web crop).jpg

24 Apr 2009

Bumble bee on Blackthorn flower. There seem to have been far more bumble bees than usual this year.

Ref: P34_20090404_1246_950 Bumble bee on Blackthorn flower (web crop).jpg

23 Apr 2009

Our moorhens regularly visit this feeding site. Now the iris fronds on the main pond have started to grow the pair that 'own' the pond are starting to do the tentative nest-building things.

Ref: D3A_20090402_0800_074 fb2 moorhen stepping on log (web crop).jpg

22 Apr 2009

I'm sulking - there's no grub left!

Ref: D3A_20090402_2122_108 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) rear view with tail & tail shadow.jpg

Oh well, I suppose I can lick up some of this peanut grit.

Ref: D3A_20090403_0207_113 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

21 Apr 2009

This single male bullfinch was eating the buds on a cherry tree about 30m from the house. This pushes even our biggest lens to the limit, so rather than a couple of rather poor images we have accurately montaged two images about 1 minute apart. The fantastic colours are 'real' and not enhanced.

Ref: DC1_20090402_1303_008+1304_031 Bullfinch male eating cherry buds (montage).jpg

20 Apr 2009

Pheasants are not exactly lovey-dovey, but these two spent a long time quietly feeding together ...

Ref: D3A_20090330_1853_032 fb2 Pair of Pheasants.jpg

... and the next morning he got his 'oats', though whether with the same female we don't know - there are at least 5 females on the plot. (For those unfamiliar with our setup - this 'Stealth Camera' is useful but rather poor quality, and does black and white in poor light as here.)

Ref: SC1_20090331_0637_034 SC1 Pheasants mating.jpg

19 Apr 2009

Our robins all continue to flourish and visit all the feeding sites at all daytime hours.

Ref: D3B_20090331_1849_122 fb1 Robin tongue showing.jpg

18 Apr 2009

A dynamic crop of a Rook attacking another corvid bird on the ground that we can't identify from the blurry mess of feathers in the original image.

Ref: D3A_20090324_1607_010 fb2 Rook attacking (q) corvid on ground (web crop 2).jpg

17 Apr 2009

This heron arrived outside the kitchen window so we grabbed a camera and took a few pics in the awkward light and through the double glazing. We are not sure what the newt is, but from the size suspect Great Crested Newt which have been positively confirmed in this pond.

Ref: DB1_20090327_0742_019 Heron at Dragon pond eating newt.jpg

A portrait of the 'culprit' taken a couple of minutes later.

Ref: DB1_20090327_0744_031 Heron at front of dragon pond (crop 3).jpg

16 Apr 2009

This is the first year we remember fieldfares still being around in March. We used to only see them on the windfall apples in the Autumn.

Ref: DB1_20090323_1607_102 Fieldfare in flight.jpg

15 Apr 2009

Our first ladybird of the year is a BRITISH 7-spot ladybird - not one of those Harlequin things that are beginning to become dominant.

Ref: P34_20090321_1616_631 seven-spot ladybird on NE corner Cherry tree bark (web crop).jpg

14 Apr 2009

A heron visiting Round pond has been feasting on frogs and a few newts. Here is a moment from one of the sequences that is clear but not too upsetting.

Ref: DC1_20090320_1445_485 Heron catching & eating Frog at Round pond 51 of 66 (web crop).jpg

13 Apr 2009

Rather surprised there ARE any worms in the trampled and pecked over soil in front of the log, but obviously our moorhen has found one.

Ref: D3A_20090321_0740_082 fb2 Moorhen pulling worm out of ground (web crop).jpg

12 Apr 2009

Some of you have a soft spot for field voles, so here is this weeks good quality sighting.

Ref: D3B_20090321_0244_081 fb1 Field vole.jpg

As a casual sort of 'if you don't look you don't know' we lifted the corrugated iron at the stone wall built last year by the local RSPB youth group, and there was this horrified field vole who didn't know what to do next. We think this is the first field vole we have 'seen' rather than automatically pictured.

Ref: P34_20090321_1245_602 Field vole under corrugated iron sheet at stone wall (web crop).jpg

11 Apr 2009

Herons are a great subject - majestic & ruthless killers. These two images are an accurate montage probably about 0.5 seconds apart of a heron lifting off almost vertically.

Ref: DC1_20090320_1459_582+586 Heron takeoff from Round pond 04+08 of 11 (accurate montage).jpg

10 Apr 2009

This took both our fancies for no reason other than 'tweeness'. Could be the male or female, but we can't help feeling its 'she' trying out the quality of the bedding on offer before deciding whether to add some to her nest.

Ref: D3A_20090319_0541_047 fb2 Robin sitting (Q) between log and rock with reed mace fluff.jpg

09 Apr 2009

This long tailed tit has been given an exotic colour by the setting sun. The sky behind it was clear so it appears the 'normal' blue.

Ref: DB1_20090318_1750_080 Long-tailed tit against clear blue sky lit by setting sun.jpg

08 Apr 2009

mmm - wonder what's on his mind - Spring!

Ref: D3A_20090315_1752_095 fb2 Pheasant male following female.jpg

07 Apr 2009

Starlings don't visit our automatic photo sites much, but a new camera setup on a long established perch next to a feeder attracts them quite regularly.

Ref: D50_20090315_0717_008 fb3 Starling.jpg

06 Apr 2009

On a different time scale to yesterdays bluetit, this mute swan majestically flew by, turning as it went. We rarely see mute swans here in flyovers, and they never land (they would need a long stretch of water to take off again). These over several seconds and laid out for artistic effect rather than accuracy.

Ref: DB1_20090318_0819_043+051+056 mute swan in flight (montage).jpg

05 Apr 2009

We could not resist montaging (accurately positioned) this bluetit coming up to a nest box near the middle of the plot. The pictures are at 25 fps so left to right are 0.08 Sec apart, and the last interval .44 Secs after the birds head had stopped in shadow and then moved back into the sun. This really is too quick for the eye.

Ref: CF1_20090315_1039_601+603+605+616 Bluetit flying to nestbox hole on Ivans black poplar (accurate montage).jpg

04 Apr 2009

Harbinger of spring 2 - a male Brimstone butterfly on a primrose flower. From a distance it is very hard to see the insect until it moves.

Ref: DB1_20090315_1151_019 Brimstone butterfly male on Primrose flowers (web crop).jpg

03 Apr 2009

Harbinger of Spring 1 - a bumblebee visiting the flowers - in this case pussy-willow.

Ref: DB1_20090315_1308_023 Bumble bee on Pussy Willow flower.jpg

02 Apr 2009

When walk about at this time of year we often disturb mallard ducks at one or more ponds. These are 'wild' ducks rather than park ducks looking for handouts! The female is between two males.

Ref: DB1_20090316_1738_020 Mallard female and 2 males in flight at sunset.jpg

The females often keep going until none but the fittest male is left. Here the male at the rear is beginning to tire.

Ref: DB1_20090316_1738_046 Mallard female and 2 males in flight at sunset.jpg

01 Apr 2009

A little silliness for April fools day:
So that's one of the places the apples go!

Ref: D3A_20090308_1748_052 fb2 Pheasant female carrying off apple.jpg



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