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28 Feb 2009

Through the study window this wagtail spent an hour picking up peanut fragments dropping from the tit feeders. Here it is by a snow hidden block of vegetable fat that he has been pecking at, and we can't help thinking he is watching that snowflake above.

Ref: DC1_20090206_1007_077 pied wagtail appearing to look up at snowflake.jpg

27 Feb 2009

Goldfinches seem less than usually human intolerant in the snow (though it has all melted or be knocked from the branches in this image).

Ref: DC1_20090207_1230_017 Goldfinch.jpg

26 Feb 2009

The farmer hiring the field to our North and East has put out hay for the sheep when it is covered by snow. The lapwing decided the disturbed soil was a good place for a feed at sunset.

Ref: DC1_20090207_1631_120 Lapwing striding on hay put out for sheep.jpg

25 Feb 2009

A regular visitor outside the kitchen window we happened to get in a 'test shot.

Ref: P32_20090205_1344_623 Great Spotted Woodpecker on dead wood through kitchen window.jpg

24 Feb 2009

According to the 'book' squirrels only come out on mild days for a feed. Ours obviously don't have the same book.

Ref: D3A_20090202_0921_015 fb2 squirrel feeding in falling snow.jpg

23 Feb 2009

Mr and Mrs. Blackbird at site 2. Often seen fossicking about at this site when we visit it, but rarely both by the log at the same time.

Ref: D3A_20090202_1313_074 fb2 Blackbird male in snow.jpg

Like the flying snow ...

Ref: D3A_20090202_0932_020 fb2 Blackbird female with thrown up snow.jpg

22 Feb 2009

Judging by the focus, flash shadow etc., the robin really is under the pheasant's tail. The contrast in size is startling.

Ref: D3A_20090203_0727_160 fb2 Robin under tail of Pheasant female in the snow.jpg

and so the female above doesn't feel lonely ...

Ref: D3A_20090203_1313_183 fb2 Pheasant male in snow.jpg

21 Feb 2009

A number of moorhen sightings at this site. This one's shield looks rather battered so we assume some territorial fights are in progress even though we haven't seen much.

Ref: D3A_20090203_1348_196 fb2 moorhen in snow.jpg

20 Feb 2009

Kestrel watched intermittently hunting over the snowy fields. We didn't see this one catch anything but it was out of view quite a lot of the time.

Ref: DC1_20090204_1041_079 Kestrel male hovering over snow covered field.jpg

19 Feb 2009

Chaffinch male twisting in to land on the log.

Ref: D3A_20090131_0907_008 fb2 Chaffinch male landing on log.jpg

18 Feb 2009

Coming up to midday some hazy sunshine balanced nicely with the flash to produce this 'blackbird in the woods'.

Ref: D3A_20090129_1123_024 fb2 Blackbird female against winter woodland.jpg

17 Feb 2009

An amazing sundog that was so bright we thought it was the sun hiding behind clouds with very atypical colour. Then the sun started to appear to it's right.

Ref: P34_20090131_0932_550 Sundog to Left of sun and almost as bright (web crop).jpg

16 Feb 2009

A robin had been bathing in a puddle at the flooded site and jumped up onto the log to have a good preen.

Ref: D3B_20090128_1119_118 fb1 Wet Robin landing on log (crop 2).jpg

15 Feb 2009

The robins are everywhere, and getting frisky.

Ref: D3A_20090126_0608_048 fb2 Robin jumping down off stone with shadow.jpg

14 Feb 2009

We don't normally think of rooks as 'tender' ... Today is Valentines day so we couldn't resist including it.

Ref: D3A_20090123_1544_019 fb2 2 Rook heads together.jpg

13 Feb 2009

Another horrid apple seems to be appreciated.

Ref: D3B_20090126_0036_082 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with apple in the mud.jpg

12 Feb 2009

4 a.m. and full of life

Ref: D3B_20090124_0349_102 fb1 2 fieldmice (wood mice).jpg

11 Feb 2009

Still pretty dark, but its seems it is never too early for a dunnock and robin to have a squabble.

Ref: D3B_20090124_0733_111 fb2 Dunnock and Robin facing off.jpg

10 Feb 2009

Twee fieldmouse (wood mouse) entry for this week.
Ever wondered what the world is like for a little creature with such magnificent whiskers?

Ref: D3B_20090123_0101_186 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

09 Feb 2009

Along with the usual 'Panicking Pigeon' beating their wings on the branches in panic at our approach we now have female pheasants taking flight. They always see us before we spot them, but on this occasion managed to get a few pics as this one flew into the base of a hedge. We hope this little montage catches the moment and almost surreal shapes of the departing bird.

Ref: DC1_20090123_1500_009+011 Female Pheasant flying to hedge (Montage right then left).jpg

08 Feb 2009

Two male muntjacs (which we assumed to be a 'pair' until we studied the images) were foraging in the pasture to the South. This one watched us for a moment before wandering away.

Ref: dc1_20090123_1505_028 muntjac deer male in field to south.jpg

07 Feb 2009

This pair of Collared doves were definitely in amorous mood and they spent 10 minutes snuggling and cooing in an willow grown from root stock of an ornamental. They didn't mate this time.

Ref: DC1_20090121_1237_082 Pair of collared doves canoodling.jpg

06 Feb 2009

This mouse isn't movement blurred enough to have fallen the 2 meters from the conifer overhead, so is presumably at the top of it's leap. Hope it made a better landing than looks likely.

Ref: D3A_20090117_2052_033 fb2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) in mid-air head down (web crop).jpg

05 Feb 2009

With the sun only a few diameters above the horizon the kestrel flies along the bridlepath and disappears to the North.

Ref: DC1_20090118_1543_190 Kestrel male flying into evening sun against bare hedgerow.jpg

04 Feb 2009

Happy to hover in a breeze, but the local male kestrel prefers to hunt from wires in still air or (as here) strong winds. We thought he was perched on the cross-beam till we saw this pic. He contrasts nicely with the brutallic metalwork.

Ref: DC1_20090118_1300_055 Kestrel male hunting from high voltage cable at pole.jpg

03 Feb 2009

Genuine single frame (albeit a crop to get the effect) of 'formation flying' by the rooks.

Ref: DC1_20090118_1312_082 3 Rooks flying in vertical formation.jpg

02 Feb 2009

The startling eyes of the pheasant on the right made us suddenly realise that at least 2 of 'our' pheasant males have very different eye colour. From site 2, a montage of images about 1 hour apart. Normally we tell them apart by head colour and the width & join gap of the neck ring.

Ref: D3A_20090115_1322_012+1420_015 fb2 Montage of Pheasant males with brown & yellow eyes (web crop).jpg

01 Feb 2009

That's MY log ...

Ref: D3A_20090113_1024_019 fb2 Robin seeing off Great Tit.jpg



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