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31 Mar 2009

New camera setup in trial brought us a regular sight for us but not often included in these pages because they rarely frequent the ground level sites. These are Tree Sparrows - an endangered species we are delighted to have breeding profusely on our little patch. Genuine single exposure - all 'one peck apart'.

Ref: D50_20090311_1458_025 fb3 4 tree sparrows.jpg

30 Mar 2009

This pair of collared doves were 'playing' in the wind at sunset with the orange sunlight 'playing' over them.

Ref: DB1_20090310_1732_015 Pair of collared doves in flight in low evening sunlight (web crop).jpg

29 Mar 2009

We saw the full moon just rising at the East horizon just as the sun set in the West, and we alternated a few pics. These successive frames have them both sitting on our horizon. First the setting sun.

Ref: DB1_20090310_1753_035 Sun on West horizon simultaneously moon on Eastern horizon 3 of 6.jpg

And now the rising moon, with vastly different camera settings. The orange moon is not being 'lit' by the locally orange sun, but is the same atmospheric effect that make the sun look orange.

Ref: DB1_20090310_1753_036 Sun on West horizon simultaneously moon on Eastern horizon 4 of 6.jpg

28 Mar 2009

Isn't it strange how you can tell this is attraction and not threat as these robins continue to court.

Ref: D3A_20090311_0613_055 fb2 Robin pair.jpg

27 Mar 2009

Can't resist the inevitable image of frogs mating. Basically a one day event in an area of 'Round pond' recently cleared of overhanging branches to let the light, and consequently sun's warmth, reach the water.

Ref: DB1_20090308_1018_195 Frogs mating (web crop).jpg

26 Mar 2009

A different buzzard to 'usual' visitors flew over the brook to the north. This is a montage of 3 frames at about 8 frames/second accurately positioned by aligning the background details in each image - not usually possible against the sky.

Ref: DB1_20090308_0954_130+_0955_131+132 Buzzard in flight against fields to North (accurate montage @ about 8 fps).jpg

25 Mar 2009

A new 'breed' of camera (Casio EX-F1) can store good quality pictures at high speed until you tell it to stop. Just right for catching action you know will happen but don't know when.

Ref: CF1_20090306_0802_372 Robin about to land on post top.jpg

24 Mar 2009

Doesn't this rook look like a teenage lad feeling proud of the pretty girl he has taken to the cafe?

Ref: D3A_20090305_1558_091 fb2 2 rooks.jpg

23 Mar 2009

A piece of behaviour we have not seen/noticed before is the male mallard duck helping the hungry female (eating to make eggs) by stiring up the water with his feet but not feeding himself. Note the bubbles as she (left) filters food out of the water and ripples around him (right) as he paddles like mad keeping still.
The cooperation between mallard males and females breeding on a quiet pond contrast markedly with the disgraceful frenzies at over-populated public park lakes.

Ref: DC1_20090306_1057_028 Mallard female filter feeding making bubbles while male stirs water with feet without feeding.jpg

22 Mar 2009

The 'small' raptors have been in short supply lately so this male kestrel seen across the fields to the north was a welcome sight. The female has also been spotted - unfortunately being harassed by jackdaws and rooks.

Ref: DB1_20090301_1539_002 Kestrel male flying in front of hedge near brook (web crop).jpg

21 Mar 2009

First close flyover of a heron this year, so we have montaged 2 images less than a second apart to celebrate. Not that the frogs and newts will be pleased when he/she spots them in the pond.

Ref: DB1_20090302_0855_054+059 Heron in Flight (montage left to right).jpg

20 Mar 2009

We don't know what the bird on the right was, but love the acrobatic attack.

Ref: D3A_20090301_1021_067 fb2 Robin attacking bird mostly out of frame (web crop).jpg

19 Mar 2009

A slightly belligerent looking male chaffinch watches us watching him in an Ash tree. With the pink front, blue beak and green back, if it was a few times the size and unusual, even non-twitchers would travel miles for a glimpse.

Ref: DB1_20090304_0924_006 Chaffinch male in Ash tree.jpg

18 Mar 2009

We seem to have a number of pairs of collared doves. This pair visited one of the photo sites and took their portraits.

Ref: D3A_20090226_0901_003 fb2 Pair of Collared doves.jpg

17 Mar 2009

A robin coming in to land on the log at site 2

Ref: D3A_20090224_0708_135 fb2 Robin about to land on log.jpg

16 Mar 2009

Male chaffinch taking off from site 1. Note the distinctly blue beak the males develop in the breeding season

Ref: D3B_20090222_1703_077 fb1 Chaffinch male taking off with blue beak visible.jpg

15 Mar 2009

'More grub than I could eat in a week!'

Ref: D3B_20090221_1906_115 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) clambering over log to apple.jpg

14 Mar 2009

Buzzards are occasionally circling over our patch making use of the updraft from the North wind to gain height. First the classic hanging in the air view.

Ref: DB1_20090220_1322_154 Buzzard in Flight.jpg

And then a view that really makes it clear that this bird is a hunter.

Ref: DB1_20090221_1446_122 Buzzard in Flight (web crop).jpg

13 Mar 2009

Some sort of skirmish between a robin & chaffinch male. A minute or so later a chaffinch was back feeding so we assume the exchange was short lived.

Ref: D3A_20090215_1321_155 fb2 robin and chaffinch fighting (web crop).jpg

12 Mar 2009

We see a field vole at this site perhaps a couple of times a week, but usually out of focus at the back triggered by something else.

Ref: D3B_20090216_0101_298 fb1 field vole.jpg

11 Mar 2009

The Hazel catkins know it's time to go regardless of the snow.

Ref: P34_20090205_0937_721 Hazel Bud 5 Seq (web crop).jpg

10 Mar 2009

The melting of the snow has brought back the fieldmice (wood mice).

Ref: D3B_20090213_0321_067 fb1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with snow behind.jpg

09 Mar 2009

The snow seems to have brought the redwings back into view.

Ref: DB1_20090211_0918_003 Redwing on snow.jpg

08 Mar 2009

A less than usually nervous Pied wagtail spent quite a while paddling and pecking the wet ground under the icy melt water.

Ref: DB1_20090213_1327_151 Pied Wagtail feeding in snow melt puddles (crop 2).jpg

Here it is wading in the inch of so deep 'stream' running along vehicle ruts.

Ref: DB1_20090213_1327_163 Pied Wagtail feeding in snow melt puddles (web crop).jpg

07 Mar 2009

Our first ever photo of a Snipe. The area round this automatic camera was saturated with running melt water - just right to attract this mud probing bird and provide this most unexpected event.

Ref: D3B_20090211_1551_232 fb1 snipe (web crop).jpg

06 Mar 2009

About 200 sheep feeding in the adjacent field have attracted Lapwing. Here one of the flocks flying overhead

Ref: DB1_20090208_1101_035 Flock of Lapwing in flight.jpg

A couple of days after the above one of the Lapwing got sufficiently used to us standing at the corner that we could get this pic. We had not realised their feathers contained so much colour.

Ref: DB1_20090210_1432_131 Lapwing standing on hay (web crop).jpg

05 Mar 2009

A chance flyover of a shag right over the house.

Ref: DB1_20090210_1456_189 Shag in Flight (web crop).jpg

04 Mar 2009

A visit from a healthy looking fox only just after dark.

Ref: D3A_20090208_1731_048 fb2 Fox in snow (head crop).jpg

03 Mar 2009

We startled this barn owl from one of our fence posts, which then proceeded hawk the area for 10 minutes or so. Of hundreds of images we managed to get, here is our initial view.

Ref: DB1_20090210_1608_247 barn owl in flight lit by setting sun from rear (web crop).jpg

It didn't seem too bothered by our presence, and flew by close enough for a 'portrait'.

Ref: DB1_20090210_1608_255 barn owl in flight (web crop).jpg

The owl spent some time 'hopping' along the fence posts 70m or so to our North. Not ideal for good images, but we rather like this sequence probably lasting about 1 second in real time.

Ref: DB1_20090210_1610_301-306 Barn owl landing on Fence post.gif

02 Mar 2009

Elegant Dunnock on icy snow.

Ref: D3B_20090209_0715_078 fb1 Dunnock in snow.jpg

01 Mar 2009

Brrr. Its presumably colder to let the cold air in shaking it off than leaving it!

Ref: D3A_20090206_0756_159 fb2 Pheasant female topped with falling snow.jpg



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