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31 Jan 2010

Sweet looking robin probably taking off.

Ref: D35_20091225_1026_008_FB4 Robin (crop).jpg

30 Jan 2010

A fox has returned and found our re-located site 1

Ref: D3B_20091225_1648_021_FB1 Fox with iced snow (crop).jpg

29 Jan 2010

This rock looks so small to us (even if it is currently stuck fast to the icy ground) but we can hardly stop ourselves thinking that the mouse is trying to push it.

Ref: D3B_20100101_2131_123_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) clambering up stone.jpg

28 Jan 2010

We see wagtails persuing insects in free flight, often after they have disturbed them trying to catch them on the warm slates or a wall. This is a genuine single frame.

Ref: DB1_20100102_1304_135 Pied Wagtail flying vertically about to catch insect (crop 2).jpg

27 Jan 2010

These wonderful agile Wagtails can hover in front of a wall and pick off flies and such.

Ref: DB1_20100102_1044_033 White (q) Wagtail taking insect from vertical wall (crop).jpg

26 Jan 2010

We first saw this Tawny Owl in Infra-red on the CCTV monitor on 'Raptor' perch. It flew off and 'disappeared' but 7 minutes later landed outside the kitchen window and stayed for about a minute. It triggered the camera just the once as it was landing - see the claws still stretched forward.

Ref: D36_20091231_1856_036_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on perch (corrected time) previously seen on Raptor perch at 1849 (crop).jpg

25 Jan 2010

Long after installing and removing a camera at a known thrush anvil (which got some nice images) two existing sites each took some images of a thrush with a snail. At this site we found a few snail shells round the stone.

Ref: D3B_20091219_1511_012_FB1 Thrush with snail (crop).jpg

This site doesn't seem to have a suitable 'anvil' anywhere near.

Ref: D3A_20091222_1552_108_FB2 Thrush with snail (crop).jpg

24 Jan 2010

A surprise and delightful visit outside the living room window (unfortunately with brightly lit snow behind) of 'Mr and Mrs' Bullfinch. First the male.

Ref: DB1_20091221_1136_035 Bullfinch male on frosty brambles outside living room window (crop).jpg

And here is his 'wife'.

Ref: DB1_20091221_1136_039 Bullfinch female on frosty brambles outside living room window (crop).jpg

23 Jan 2010

The tree trunk top camera got a lot of snow related portraits of which this Bluetit is a sample.

Ref: D35_20091221_0907_002_FB4 Bluetit landing on trunk top.jpg

22 Jan 2010

The tree trunk top camera got a lot of snow related portraits of which this Robin disturbing the fresh snow is a sample.

Ref: D35_20091222_0755_049_FB4 Robin scattering snow on tree trunk top.jpg

21 Jan 2010

Humans consider 30cm of snow a 'problem'. For mice it looks like a 5cm is already too much.

Ref: D3A_20091222_0251_058_FB2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) jumping down into snow.jpg

20 Jan 2010

Hanging around trying to photograph a wagtail on the roof we were surprised by a fleeting flyby of this kestrel.

Ref: DB1_20091225_1303_186 Kestrel over house (crop).jpg

19 Jan 2010

While photographing the fieldfares a robin landed in conifer that partly obscures the hedge, and started singing. Here is a little impression.

Ref: D01_20091211_1400_345+347+349 Robin singing in conifer (montage).jpg

18 Jan 2010

Despite the difficult lighting, this kestrel hovering in a strong wind with wings and claws all over the place had to be included. In this sequence the bird was basically stationary horizontally but gradually losing height relative to a cloud line near the top.

Ref: DB1_20091213_1059_154-159 Kestrel hovering & slowly losing height 04-09 of 10 (vertically accurate montage).jpg

17 Jan 2010

Rook lands in wonderful flurry of feathers.

Ref: D35_20091218_1451_033_FB4 Rook with background snow.jpg

16 Jan 2010

An early morning visitor to the perch after overnight snow generating a lovely fall of powdery snow.

Ref: D36_20091218_0720_058_FB3 Robin landing on perch disturbing overnight snow (crop).jpg

15 Jan 2010

After freezing night we often see birds with a touch of frost or snow on their feathers, but this encrustation is unusually heavy.

Ref: D3A_20091216_0743_043_FB2 Magpie with heavily frosted tail (crop).jpg

14 Jan 2010

Brrrr... Probably this young fieldmouse (wood mouse)'s first encounter with snow.

Ref: D3B_20091218_1857_151_FB1 Young fieldmouse (wood mouse) in snow (crop).jpg

Fieldmice (Wood Mice) seem to take these heavy landings in their stride.

Ref: D3B_20091213_0226_162_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

13 Jan 2010

This wagtail seemed to like the lead (metal) gully to stand on but couldn't quite keep it's footing and kept sliding down. This is the last of a sequence over a few seconds where it slid about half a metre down the roof and finally flattened it's tail against the dry metal to stop itself.

Ref: DB1_20091219_1248_034 Pied Wagtail sliding down roof gulley (not continuous) 4 of 4 (crop).jpg

12 Jan 2010

We are fascinated by images in water drops (all that early philosopher/scientists had for magnifying lenses) and are always delighted when we find a drop positioned to give a microscopic inverted world. Genuine 'found' drop - you have to be so careful not to bump the twig or its all gone.
This is the best of dozens of tries - you have to find a drop with a radius of curvature that brings the drop, what it is on and what it is imaging all into reasonable focus at once - very much trial and error.

Ref: P34_20091209_1021_063 Water droplet on sycamore (q) bud with inverted image (crop 1).jpg

A silly montage of course, to turn 'the world' right way up.

Ref: P34_20091209_1021_063 Water droplet on sycamore (q) bud with inverted image (montage with inverted image 2).jpg

11 Jan 2010

On the undisturbed snow in the middle of our trackway something blackbird or pigeon sized left these takeoff foot and wing prints.

Ref: P34_20091218_1046_085 Snow imprints of bird taking off (crop).jpg

10 Jan 2010

You don't normally think of magpies tucking into the fruit and veg, but here is one having a good hack at an apple.

Ref: D3B_20091205_1536_034_FB1 Magpie eating apple (crop 2).jpg

And a couple of days before we got this messy image of a magpie carrying a carrot top in it's beak

Ref: D35_20091203_1252_018_FB4 Magpie flying downward with carrot top in beak.jpg

09 Jan 2010

The chaffinch males as territorial (or hungry) as ever.

Ref: D35_20091210_0813_016_FB4 2 Chaffinch males skirmishing over the trunk top (crop).jpg

Looks to us like a robin is guarding his heap of food and this great tit is trying a 'pop-up' approach. The shadow of the great tit particularly appeals - note how the shadow of the body is black but the shadow of the wings is much lighter as the light shines through the wings.

Ref: D35_20091210_1521_028_FB4 Robin on trunk top with Great tit flying up with dark and translucent shadows (crop).jpg

08 Jan 2010

The fieldmice (wood mice) are enjoying the autumn bounty.

Ref: D3B_20091209_2028_043_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) eating rotten apple.jpg

07 Jan 2010

We noticed this carrion crow land in the thin twigs at the top of this tree and have trouble hanging on so got the camera ready and lo - it overbalanced backwards and flew off. The images are over about 1 second and are approximately correct vertically but stretched and with some repeated branches horizontally.

Ref: DB1_20091211_1446_111-116 Carrion Crow losing balance in treetop & taking off backwards 1-6 of 7 (flipped montage).jpg

06 Jan 2010

Two fieldfares on the same substantially overloaded twig.

Ref: D01_20091211_1303_117 2 Fieldfares (crop).jpg

05 Jan 2010

Fieldfare flocks hang about until they have stripped the hedges and trees of hawthorn berries. We love the moment when they pluck the berry.

Ref: D01_20091211_1304_168 Fieldfare reaching down for hawthorn berry (crop).jpg

Fieldfare flocks always seem to contain a few Redwing and this year was no exception. This is the Redwing (red wing not showing particularly well but the facial & breast markings are distinctive) Both birds generally 'toss' the berry back into their throats rather than manoeuvring it with the tongue.

Ref: D01_20091211_1406_432 Redwing tossing Hawthorn berry into throat to swallow 06 of 10 (crop).jpg

04 Jan 2010

As the days length approached minimum and the temperature drops kestrels need to hunt more intensively. Here a female is perched on a hedge top twig that is bending under her weight.

Ref: DB1_20091201_1058_050 Kestrel on bending twig looking at camera.jpg

But she started off on her favourite perch on the high voltage wires watching for a minute or two, moving a few 10s of metres and so on for hundreds of metres. A lot less effort than all this hovering stuff (though she does it perfectly well). We have deleted the brutallic wires bottom left to better enjoy the bird.

Ref: DB1_20091201_1055_019 Kestrel launching from power lines (crop 2).jpg

03 Jan 2010

Dashing around to find a place where this magpie was centred on the moon before the bird flew or the moon moved too much was for once successful. Genuine single frame.

Ref: DB1_20091204_0833_066 Magpie on black poplar top centred on moon (crop).jpg

02 Jan 2010

Fieldfares are a regular delight this time of year, though they are very nervous birds that it is very hard to get close to. So one flying past (as opposed to 'away') is a nice bonus. Here 2 successive frames are montaged, mirrored to give a 'left to right' feel, but the positions are for appearance rather than accuracy - the bland blue sky provides nothing to register the images against.

Ref: DB1_20091205_0957_058+059 Fieldfare in flight (mirrored arbitrary montage).jpg

01 Jan 2010

A little joy for the start of a new year - may it rub off on you all.
There didn't seem to be any target for the song - maybe a little joie-de-vie brought about by the opportunity to get a full crop!

Ref: D3A_20091201_1331_019_FB2 Robin singing.jpg



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