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31 Mar 2010

This is the first time we have seen a badger standing on the ground reaching up for the food at the top of the sawn off tree trunk.

Ref: D35_20100301_2301_009_FB4 Badger reaching up to tree trunk top (crop 1).jpg

30 Mar 2010

A Kestrel hovering always into the wind with some lovely detail of the feathers. 2 images from the same 'hover' shown side by side. They keep their head position amazingly still while the wings, tail and body move all over the place.

Ref: DF1_20100301_1003_189+1002_187 Kestrel Hovering (montage).jpg

29 Mar 2010

Some sunshine on a cold day brought out the buzzards to use the thermals. But this one was flying by - these are accurately positioned successive frames.

Ref: DF1_20100301_1323_591+1324_592+593 Buzzard in flight (accurate montage).jpg

28 Mar 2010

In failing light a pair of rooks separated in flight - the top bird just flew by but the bottom one chose a totally inadequate twig to land on which immediately broke (see it in the claw in the middle shot) and it flew off. All over in half a second.

Ref: DF1_20100222_1632_038-040 Rook breaks twig it lands on while another flies overhead 4-6 of 8 (mirrored montage).jpg

27 Mar 2010

A sudden strongly wind blown but short staying snowfall gets sent flying by this arriving robin.

Ref: D35_20100222_0852_040_FB4 Robin landing on Snowy trunk top.jpg

Later the same day with snow still about: "Stay off - this is my patch ..."

Ref: D35_20100222_1459_055_FB4 Robin on tree trunk top and another in flight threatening each other (crop).jpg

26 Mar 2010

This Badger visited different sites before and after an overnight snowfall over a 5 hour period. 5 days later he visited briefly again and knocked over various bits of our photo kit just after midnight. Maybe we should christen him 'Demolition Brock'.

Ref: D3A_20100222_0246_030_FB2 Badger (with ear swelling) in Snow (crop 1).jpg

25 Mar 2010

Mouse trying the 'Indian rope trick' with it's tail? They really are wonderfully agile little creatures.

Ref: D45_20100223_0025_153_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping vertically with tail downwards almost touching rock (crop).jpg

24 Mar 2010

A solitary buzzard found a thermal right over our patch and up it went, but not before we caught this portrait.

Ref: DF1_20100224_1341_087 Buzzard soaring overhead (crop).jpg

23 Mar 2010

The return of the muntjac deer. The first image was it 'playing' tag with some magpies - we felt this image helps give a sense of scale normally missing for this tiny deer. The white spec at the bottom of the head immediately below the eye is his tusk - a vampire Bambi?

Ref: DF1_20100224_1348_124 Muntjac deer male with Magpie (adjusted crop).jpg

Near dawn next morning he passed through a camera site and took his head-on portrait that unfortunately is so straight that the tusk is hidden.

Ref: D3A_20100225_0700_003_FB2 Muntjac deer male (crop 1).jpg

22 Mar 2010

Bluetits often feed on the peanut grit we leave out at the photo sites, but rarely oblige with such a nice portrait.

Ref: D45_20100226_1639_109_FB1 Bluetit (crop @576).jpg

21 Mar 2010

Looks a bit like a mountain climber with limbs and finger/toes spread for grip on this now slippery log.

Ref: D3A_20100218_0016_034_FB2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) clambering up log with legs and toes spread.jpg

Add your own caption ...

Ref: D45_20100221_0131_207_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with tail curled round to top of head.jpg

20 Mar 2010

Pairs of corvids are everywhere. Here we see 2 pairs of jackdaws and one pair of rooks at the 'Black-Poplar Dating Agency'. Genuine single frame.

Ref: DB1_20100220_1013_132 2 pairs of Jackdaws and 1 pair of rooks on Black poplar.jpg

19 Mar 2010

Both sexes of Great Spotted Woodpeckers are regular visitors outside the kitchen. The red patch on the back of the head indicates the male.

Ref: D36_20100219_1616_031_FB3 Great Spotted woodpecker male.jpg

18 Mar 2010

The first good spell of morning sunshine for 2 weeks created some weak thermals and 4 buzzards took advantage. A single call alerted us and we caught this image before the bird disappeared into the haze.

Ref: DB1_20100220_1144_334 Buzzard soaring staring downwards.jpg

17 Mar 2010

3 successive frames show what we assume is just the one mouse removing 3 hazelnuts from the site over 2 minutes (the middle frame was poor).

Ref: D3B_20100206_0639_047+0700_049_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) carrying off hazelnuts 1+2 of 2 (Montage).jpg

16 Mar 2010

A pair of jackdaws so besotted with each other they squeeze onto the little tree trunk top together. This was not a one-off but the best single frame of several.

Ref: D35_20100209_1010_010_FB4 2 Jackdaws sharing the trunk top.jpg

15 Mar 2010

Voles are not regulars, but showed up at this site for a few days. The first we are confident is a Field Vole.

Ref: D3C_20100210_1831_117_FB1 Field Vole.jpg

Correspondents have pointed out that this second image has many characteristics of a Bank Vole (difficult to tell apart even 'in the hand when biting you') which would be a first sighting here.

Ref: D3C_20100210_2133_123_FB1 Bank (q) Vole.jpg

14 Mar 2010

Badgers have suddenly returned. On 1 night we had 6 photos of two very similar individuals both who looked like they had been in the wars - one with a swollen ear and this one with a graze on the muzzle.
We don't see them often because their obvious foraging routes are well away from our patch.

Ref: D3C_20100212_0300_057_FB1 Badger with grazed muzzle (crop).jpg

13 Mar 2010

Just about all the seed eaters are trying hard to destroy next year fruits! But Goldfinches are ALWAYS welcome almost regardless of the mischief they get up to. Prior to these images the Goldfinch had lifted the out-of-reach fruit by its stem and then clamped it at reachable length under one foot.

Ref: DB1_20100212_1217_080+099 Goldfinch on Common Alder twig while feeding on fruits (montage).jpg

12 Mar 2010

We have dozens of robins each defending a territory. At the territorial boundery one bird becomes hesitant and another arrived. This one was perched on the top of a little post that holds our house name board.

Ref: DB1_20100212_1400_008 Robin on house sign post (crop 2).jpg

11 Mar 2010

According to the CCTV this tawny owl spent several minutes on our 'raptor perch, then visited the perch outside the kitchen window for a minute, but took a poor picture only as it left. Then 20 minutes later an hour after midnight (we assume the same bird) took it's portrait at the tree stump.

Ref: D35_20100131_0111_017_FB4 Tawny Owl (crop 1).jpg

We couldn't resist this closer and enlarged crop from the above.

Ref: D35_20100131_0111_017_FB4 Tawny Owl (crop 2 @ 768).jpg

10 Mar 2010

One mouse is eating an (unripe?) berry we haven't identified - it was NOT put out as 'bait'.

Ref: D3B_20100130_1840_050_FB1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) with one eating unident berry.jpg

09 Mar 2010

This montage really points out the huge difference in size between lunch and the diner. Actually the mouse was there about 2 hours before the fox, and reappeared afterwards.

Ref: D3B_20100103_2257_056+20100204_0016_062_FB1 Size comparison of Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and Fox 2 hours apart (Montage).jpg

08 Mar 2010

Just a few fieldfares are about now. This one was landing high up in a Black Poplar.

Ref: DF1_20100205_1242_081 Fieldfare about to land in black poplar.jpg

07 Mar 2010

The Bluetits (and Great tits) are enjoying the swelling cherry buds

Ref: DF1_20100205_1400_137+140 Bluetit feeding on cherry buds 4+5 of 6 (montage).jpg

A couple of days later the bluetits were busy wrecking the buds on an Ash tree. This one was leaping from twig to twig every few seconds, and we were lucky to get even this marginal image of the bird attacking the bud on the other side of the twig in the heavy overcast light.

Ref: DF1_20100207_1218_013 Bluetit dashing around Ash tree to eat buds.jpg

06 Mar 2010

We often see Rooks carrying 'something' flying North to South on a flight path to our east. This bird flying close and low over the field resolved the mystery - a seemingly endless supply of animal feed pellets from a nearby farm. They must be a godsend for these birds in the depth of winter.

Ref: DB1_20100121_1253_048 Rook flying low over grass field to East with food pellet.jpg

05 Mar 2010

A CCTV recording of the same event shows that this Barn owl was making chance flyby behind the kitchen window feeder in the early hours. Its a bit behind the pre-focus on the perch but a rather unusual view. The wing on our left falls into the shadow of the feeder and disappears but you can see the tip at the extreme left at the top of the frame (edge of the original).

Ref: D36_20100127_0246_055_FB3 Barn Owl in Flight (crop).jpg

04 Mar 2010

A fox has been visiting this site every few days to pick over the stored apple windfalls & other fruit we put out. We couldn't resist this close-up - count the whiskers!

Ref: D3B_20100126_0242_108_FB1 Fox (crop 3).jpg

03 Mar 2010

We often find chewed fruit stones with their kernels removed, but don't remember such a graphic illustration that this mouse is more interested in the kernel in the fruit stone than in all the fruit lying around it. Perhaps it likes 'nuts' as much as we do!

Ref: D3B_20100126_1827_035_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) chewing on fruit stone.jpg

02 Mar 2010

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) taking off with a stale Christmas hazelnut. Different creatures open nuts in different ways - Google search for

    hazelnut AND dormouse AND vole AND "wood mouse"

to find description and illustrations of how they each open the nut.

Ref: D3B_20100129_2036_097_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) carrying hazelnut (crop).jpg

01 Mar 2010

After a bit of an absence a green woodpecker appeared for a forage in a rather photogenic leaf litter.

Ref: DC1_20100130_1352_043 Green woodpecker on ground just North of Standing dead-wood 1 (crop).jpg



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