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31 Mar 2011

An un-forecast sunny morning brought out a number of 'old friends' we hadn't seen for many days. This female Kestrel graced the skies for a minute or two and we have montaged 2 fly-bys. Images were taken about 150mS apart but the featureless sky prevents alignment using real spacing so both are 'artistic interpretations' undoubtedly much more closely spaced than they should be.

Ref: DF1_20110227_1017_124-127 Kestrel female banking in flight at 7fps 1-4 of 4 (arbitrary montage).jpg

Ref: DF1_20110227_1017_158-161 Kestrel female in flight at 7 fps 1-4 of 4 (arbitrary montage).jpg

30 Mar 2011

We knew nothing of this short midnight visit by a Tawny Owl until 5 days later when we imported the images. The wings look close to fully stretched and measure 70cm tip to tip.

Ref: D3B_20110221_2336_052_FB3 Tawny Owl Landing on perch (wing span 70cm) (crop).jpg

3 minutes later this might be preparation for departure. There were just these 2 frames.

Ref: D3B_20110221_2339_053_FB3 Tawny Owl leaving (q) perch (crop).jpg

29 Mar 2011

Morning and evening of the same day, this site produced these three images of a grey squirrel (among several others) that we couldn't resist turning into a spread. Note the sky colour changing.

Ref: D5C_20110224_1718_117+1726_118+0847_112_FB2 Grey Squirrel at the log in 3 twee poses (montage).jpg

28 Mar 2011

Great tits (and Bluetits) have been consuming the buds on anything they can reach, but we haven't been very successful at getting photographs. However, this Great Tit in a Virburnum (winter flowering shrub) is a lovely contrast of colours.

Ref: DC1_20110224_1346_053 Great tit in Viburnum (crop @768).jpg

27 Mar 2011

A few pairs of mallard ducks visit our ponds but these are NOT town park ducks and flee immediately at the sight of a human. This unusual juxtaposition of a pair of birds flying close together took our fancy.

Ref: DF1_20110224_1055_015 Mallard duck pair flying close together.jpg

26 Mar 2011

A foggy morning created lots of water drops in our North-East corner. We can't resist trying to get these 'miniature' inverted worlds. Here are our 3 favourites.

Ref: P34_20110211_0842_613 View through water drops (crop).jpg

Here the shape of the drop provides a surface reflection of twigs out of shot as well as the imaged landscape.

Ref: P34_20110211_0843_616 View through water drop and reflection from water drop surface (crop).jpg

Ref: P34_20110211_0844_624 View through water drops (crop).jpg

25 Mar 2011

Even out of season (this is a stale nut from Christmas) a grey squirrel knows to grab the nuts and hide them!

Ref: D5C_20110212_1640_064_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying off hazel nut.jpg

24 Mar 2011

The Green Woodpecker made an extended appearance probing the soft ground for insects and worms. He spent most of the time almost hidden, but he appeared for a few seconds in the sunshine with his beak caked in mud. Here he was bounding over the grass path in their characteristic way, so you can see the foot even if it is a bit movement blurred.

Ref: DC1_20110216_1351_064 Green Woodpecker bounding forward (crop).jpg

23 Mar 2011

A few fleeting sightings of Long-tailed tits has been augmented by this bird spending several minutes outside the living room window, affording good views but through double glazing and perpetually shaded by the house. The pink patch of feathers is a lovely highlight on an otherwise black and white bird.

Ref: DF1_20110218_1321_025 Long-tailed tit on blackthorn twig (crop).jpg

Ref: DF1_20110218_1321_027 Long-tailed tit on blackthorn twig (crop).jpg

22 Mar 2011

The first flowers of Spring are always a delight.
First an individual Snowdrop flower as might be seen by a mouse looking up at it.

Ref: P34_20110212_1220_651 Single Snowdrop flower in sunshine (crop).jpg

Primroses already look at the sky, so here a humans eye view.

Ref: P34_20110209_1248_580 Primrose clump (crop).jpg

21 Mar 2011

Perky little Great Tit delicately selects a fragment of a corn grain.

Ref: D45_20110204_1559_056_FB1 Great tit selecting corn fragment.jpg

20 Mar 2011

Not much food left as midnight nears, but enough for a nibble.

Ref: D45_20110210_2312_279_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) nibbling corn fragment in paws (@768).jpg

At the same site 6 days earlier, we have no idea why this fieldmouse (wood mouse) made 5 high speed passes left to right across the site over 12 minutes. Here are 4 of the passes as a pair of montages.

Ref: D45_20110204_1939_102-1951_103+106+107_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) making repeated runs left to right across site over 12 mins (montage).jpg

19 Mar 2011

An unusual juxtaposition of two visitors a few minutes apart. Can you imagine more contrasting eyes and faces?

Ref: D5C_20110204_1608_025+1553_024_FB2 Pheasant male and Jackdaw (adjusted montage).jpg

18 Mar 2011

An adult moorhen, multi-coloured beak, big green feet, sharp claws, smart black and brown plumage, with wonderful poise. Experience suggests it is ready to start breeding.

Ref: D45_20110208_1529_089_FB1 Moorhen adult.jpg

17 Mar 2011

After landing on the perch this Tawny owl stayed at the same position on the perch through the 10 minute stay blocking the IR trigger beam. The owl completely ignored the camera flash (which is offset up and right about 1 metre from the camera) so here the bird has probably detected the photographers movement in the dark through the window and peered at it, but must have concluded 'harmless' because it stayed.

Ref: D3B_20110130_2057_080_FB3 Tawny Owl on perch leaning towards & staring at camera (crop).jpg

Ref: D3B_20110130_2101_096_FB3 Tawny Owl on perch looking up (crop).jpg

16 Mar 2011

Lovely surprise of this night was the arrival of this Tawny Owl who triggered this photo with this arrival (more to follow).

Ref: D3B_20110130_2056_078_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on perch (crop).jpg

15 Mar 2011

A flock of gulls flew over, with this one near the end coming very low and suggesting this little montage taken about 150mS apart. They should probably be further apart, but the bland blue sky provides nothing to register the frames, so we just went for artistic effect.

Ref: DF1_20110201_1448_048+049 Common Gull (q) in flight (arbitrary montage).jpg

14 Mar 2011

We can't resist a Robin singing at dawn (even if we can't include the sound)!

Ref: D5C_20110202_0713_059_FB2 Robin singing on log.jpg

On the evening of the next day at the end of the same little log we think this mouse was starting to leap onto the log. Whatever it is actually up to, an unusual position to catch.

Ref: D5C_20110203_1918_132_FB2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) about to jump onto log (q).jpg

13 Mar 2011

Foxes have been regular visits at stealthy camera sites, but this one has at last started making visits to the good quality cameras. Here it is visiting the camera near the boundary hedges, though rather inelegantly cropped by the top of the camera frame.
Only 2 minutes before a mouse was making a rapid exit - it probably heard the fox coming in through the boundary hedge.

Ref: D45_20110125_2115_214_FB1 Elegant Fox (crop).jpg

12 Mar 2011

Foxes have been regular visits at stealthy camera sites, but this one has at last started making visits to the good quality cameras. On this day this one visited the 'woodland' site.

Ref: D5C_20110123_1956_110_FB2 Fox (crop 2).jpg

11 Mar 2011

On a overcast evening a female blackbird seems to be almost attacking the freshly replenished buffet.

Ref: D35_20110122_1632_039_FB4 Blackbird female with wings raised selecting fruit from pile of food.jpg

A couple of days later our 'resident' fieldfare knows when and where the grub can be found on the other side of the site!

Ref: D45_20110124_1627_042_FB1 Fieldfare pecking at fruit pulp and corn mix.jpg

10 Mar 2011

Some of these mice really know how to look twee!

Ref: D45_20110121_1836_109_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) on hind legs with tail spread out behind.jpg

'Spring' is in the Air

Ref: D45_20110122_1738_159_FB1 1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) nuzzling another from behind.jpg

Why the mice leap up to jump down about 1 metre we just don't know, but we often get mice partially out of frame doing this. Here for once one is in frame if a bit out of focus.

Ref: D35_20110124_2154_020_FB4 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping off tree-stump top (crop).jpg

09 Mar 2011

Through 3 weeks of freezing weather & afterwards we had not seen our usual pair of kestrels, and we fear they have succumbed or moved away. But a new much darker female spent an hour or so in our little patch particularly liking the top of old fruit trees but mostly this 5m concrete post.

Ref: D01_20110118_1228_153 Kestrel female on concrete mains cables post (crop).jpg

She left the post, perched in a few trees and returned and we were ready to catch the moment of arrival.

Ref: D01_20110118_1214_047+048+050 Kestrel female landing on concrete mains cables post 1+2+4 of 8 (montage).jpg

08 Mar 2011

Squirrels seem to go 'ape' for apple peel - we have picked a couple from a dozen or images of them eating or carrying off bits of apple.

Ref: D5C_20110116_1609_118_FB2 Grey squirrel eating apple peelings.jpg

Another site, another squirrel, another apple!

Ref: D45_20110117_1620_031_FB1 Squirrel eating apple peel.jpg

07 Mar 2011

There is a flock of at least 200 mixed Fieldfares and Redwings feeding in the area. Here in an ash tree on our border is a mix with an unusual number of Redwings - we count 11 Redwings and 14 Fieldfares, though a couple of birds are sufficiently obscured as make it difficult to be sure. Anyway, we are more used to the ratio of Redwings to Fieldfares being more like 1:10, so this is a delight. We find that Redwings are generally less skittish than Fieldfares so maybe our presence slewed the ratio.

Ref: DF1_20110117_1529_013 11 Redwings + prob 14 Fieldfares.jpg

06 Mar 2011

A day apart the foot positions of this single individual are uncannily similar. And this was the only image on each of the days so it must make a simular approach and break the IR beam at the same time.

Ref: D45_20110118_1554_104+20110119_1626_159_FB1 Moorhen individual feeding almost identically near sunset on successive days (montage).jpg

'Heads or Tails?'
Between the 2 visits above these fieldmice (wood mice) came out to eat what's left.

Ref: D45_20110118_1813_127_FB1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) facing opposite directions.jpg

05 Mar 2011

Unusually lit rook picking up skylight and flashlight to make a lovely contrast in the feathers. The skin on the beak base is as ever bizarre. This was not a one-off - we got a similar image about the same time on the following day.

Ref: D5C_20110118_1539_053_FB2 Rook with feathers lit by sky and flashgun.jpg

04 Mar 2011

Above and below
At the end of 2 successive days, views of birds while looking up and looking down.
These 2 whopping great gulls flying together were underlit by the setting sun. We never saw their backs, but our first guess was different generation Great Black-backed Gulls which we have had confirmed as 'most likely'.

Ref: DF1_20110109_1537_106 2 Great Black-Backed Gulls flying together lit by setting sun (crop).jpg

A nice little montage of visitors to the hedge bottom over 20 minutes. The Tree Sparrow (2nd from left) has a leg ring off which we could read a couple of digits - if we find out more we will add it here.

Ref: D45_20110108_1535_127+1543_133+155_138_FB1 Bluetit + Tree Sparrow with leg ring + Robin + Great Tit (adjusted montage).jpg

03 Mar 2011

3 - 2 - 1
3 fieldmice (wood mice) at once at this site - something not seen for some months in the freezing weather, though we probably see many different individuals sequentially.

Ref: D45_20110111_1953_178_FB1 3 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

2 in the prelude to a little whoopee?

Ref: D45_20110111_1915_160_FB1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) frolicking.jpg

1 fieldmouse (wood mouse) tackling a corn grain using both paws to hold it while biting off pieces.

Ref: D45_20110113_1732_336_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) holding half of chewed corn grain (@576).jpg

02 Mar 2011

We couldn't resist contrasting these two single frames (i.e. the two mice are like this in the original) of the same place 7 hours apart after rain. Can the fox still smell the mice we wonder?

Ref: D5C_20110113_1722_171+20110114_0051_177_FB2 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) leaping + Fox 7 hours later after rain (montage).jpg

01 Mar 2011

The grey squirrel is currently a daily visitor to the tree stump, and apple seems to be the favourite - here a bit of apple peel is the beasties selection.

Ref: D35_20101230_1521_083_FB4 Grey Squirrel with apple peel in mouth.jpg

4 days later (in a new year but we are sure the squirrel doesn't know or care) it is more ambitious and has a quarter of an apple in it's mouth!

Ref: D35_20110102_1554_023_FB4 Grey Squirrel with quarter of an apple in mouth (crop).jpg



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