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31 May 2011

A 3 weeks ago we brought you the male Holly Blue butterfly. Here is the subtly different female with different top of the wing but similar underwing

Ref: DA1_20110501_1504_127+1517_167_FT1 Holly Blue butterfly female in flight with Red Campion Flowers (montage).jpg

Ref: DA1_20110501_1508_154+1517_166_FT1 Holly Blue butterfly female in flight with Red Campion flower (montage).jpg

30 May 2011

A couple of first sighting of moths here. First the rather drab 'Muslin Ermine' moth (called just the 'Muslin Moth' in some ID books) has surprisingly white legs - its not a lighting effect.

Ref: DA1_20110501_1522_174+1602_292_FT1 Muslin Ermine Moth male with Hawthorn twig (montage).jpg

This (not a new species) is the White Ermine caught the same night.

Ref: DA1_20110501_1553_248+1602_291_FT1 White Ermine Moth in Flight with Hawthorn twig (montage).jpg

This Chocolate-tip moth is a new sighting for us, but was a reluctant flier.

Ref: DA1_20110501_1525_189_FT1 Chocolate-Tip Moth (Clostera curtula) in flight (rotated crop).jpg

So here he is so he looks like the photo in the ID book!

Ref: DA1_20110501_1603_303_FT1 Chocolate-Tip Moth (Clostera curtula) on Hawthorn twig (crop).jpg

29 May 2011

Not an everyday moment - this Buzzard has killed or scavenged a young rabbit (hanging upside down in the buzzard's talons) and is being hassled by a carrion crow who wants to steal his prize.

Ref: DF1_20110429_1704_065 Carrion crow harassing Buzzard carrying dead rabbit in talons 4 of 5 (crop @ 576).jpg

The crow never did really bother the buzzard who disappeared into the haze we have processed away here. Horizontal spacing of the pairs of birds is about 50% over natural so they don't overlap.

Ref: DF1_20110429_1704_106-108 Carrion crow harassing Buzzard carrying dead rabbit in talons 1-3 of 4 (montage @7fps accurate height but horizontal stretch).jpg

28 May 2011

Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) nibbling some tiny morsel of food held in it's paws. The Lilac coloured flower is Ground Ivy.

Ref: D45_20110505_2238_253_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) nibbling food in paws.jpg

Here at the edge of the original frame we have what might be a sweet moment.

Ref: D45_20110502_2050_036_FB1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) canoodling (q).jpg

27 May 2011

We don't normally treat animals as object of comedy, but sometimes an image suggests a silly title. Here is a selection.

'Buzzard Airlines'
Accurate montage to handle focus differential. Thanks to George P for the title

Ref: DF1_20110328_1231_046+049 2 Buzzards with Airliner and contrail (crop + accurately montaged sharp airliner).jpg

Squirrel poised for the opening chord on his woodland piano.

Ref: D35_20110424_1716_044_FB4 Squirrel pianist at his woodland keyboard (crop).jpg

Upstairs, downstairs and Basement - in need of some renovation.

Ref: D45_20110424_2135_180_FB1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) one on lump of clay & other down hole (crop).jpg

"The waitress service here is awful."

Ref: DF1_20110427_1739_118 Jackdaw on meadow post looking down for food.jpg

26 May 2011

The Bank vole is becoming something of a 'regular'

Ref: D45_20110422_2014_034_FB1 Bank Vole (crop).jpg

And here again 3 days and 4 minutes later!

Ref: D45_20110425_2018_031_FB1 Bank Vole.jpg

25 May 2011

A pair of moorhen that nested on the main pond hatched & are rearing 4 chicks, taking them round our 3 main ponds - we never know where we will find them. Here one of the parents is feeding a chick.

Ref: DC1_20110422_1131_022 Moorhen chick begging from parent (crop).jpg

24 May 2011

Red kites are very occasional visitors & always a delight to see. Experts tell us this is one of last years chicks, so not yet mature. Don't read anything into the spacing of the 3 frames placed for pleasing effect.

Ref: DF1_20110425_1619_186+189+191 red kite immature (arbitrary montage).jpg

Another view of the same bird as it flew a little closer.

Ref: DF1_20110425_1619_231 red kite immature (crop).jpg

23 May 2011

The male kestrel has been flying over our patch low enough for a few images.

Ref: DF1_20110424_0937_134+136 Kestrel male in flight (arbitrary montage about 400mS apart).jpg

And this next day.

Ref: DF1_20110425_1254_069 Kestrel male in flight (crop).jpg

22 May 2011

A pair of orange tip butterflies spent a couple of minutes fluttering round each other (very hard to photo) and then the female landed on the grass path and the male made his intentions excitably clear. Here one moment from the action - they flew off together & we lost sight of them in the undergrowth.

Ref: DF1_20110427_1612_092 Pair of Orange-tip Butterflies courting 21 of 35 (crop).jpg

21 May 2011

About 1 a.m. a self photographed Tawny Owl landing on top of the ceramic feeder. We miss many of these arrivals - the trigger beam senses a break at the bottom centre in this crop so it can easily fly in without triggering it.

Ref: D3B_20110413_0116_022_FB3 Tawny Owl coming in to land on peanut feeder top (crop).jpg

4 days later an arrival missed but the departure has triggered a photo if somewhat behind optimum focus.

Ref: D3B_20110417_0427_016_FB3 Tawny Owl leaving peanut feeder top (crop).jpg

20 May 2011

A nest on a Pond island was the source of 13 duckings. These photos taken around lunch time, the whole family had disappeared by evening and we have had no more sightings. This is quite normal - the mother takes them off to the brook 200m away and a larger (spring fed) pond beyond.

Ref: DF1_20110418_1238_007 Mallard duck female with 13 ducklings on Round Pond (crop).jpg

Ref: DF1_20110418_1239_025 Mallard duck female with 13 ducklings on Round Pond (crop).jpg

19 May 2011

At the North East corner, on mostly shaded side, a lovely cherry tree in blossom has on the trunk some beautiful lichens, here lit by the evening sun.

Ref: P34_20110408_1821_980 Lichens on North side of Cherry tree at NE corner (crop).jpg

18 May 2011

We have had rabbits around us for the last 20 years, but can't remember seeing one obviously dust bathing, here in ash. Photographed by a 'trail camera' over a few seconds.

Ref: SG2_20110416_1926_154-156_SC2 Rabbit dust bathing 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

17 May 2011

Not an everyday occurrence - for us probably once in our lifetime - is to see, let alone photograph, a pair of Little Owls mating.
Before dawn the male was already on the top of our concrete mains electricity poll as we left the bedroom. Grabbing a photo then, about 3 minutes later the light was already improving as the female flew up to him, and they preened a bit, looked at each other it an uncomfortable knowing way, and he then fluttered onto her back and spent about a minute getting worked up and doing his thing. He jumped down and she immediately flew off, followed a few seconds later by him.
Surprisingly to us, the male appears to be the bird with the damaged left eye we haven't seen for ages & had assumed unable to hunt.
We have 3 little owl boxes but don't see evidence that they are using any of them!

Ref: D01_20110422_0527_016-0531_081 Little Owl female joins male on post top & copulate for 1 minute (select 01-40 of 41montage).jpg

A somewhat forced version of the top middle image to give you a better look at the pair - dawn is behind them making exposure very difficult. The male on the left has an injured left (right as viewed) eye.

Ref: D01_20110422_0527_019 Little Owl female joins male on post top & copulate for 1 minute 03 of 41 (crop).jpg

16 May 2011

An unusually aggressive looking Jackdaw lands on the perch looking ready for a fight with anything.

Ref: D3B_20110420_1126_029_FB3 Jackdaw landing in aggressive posture.jpg

15 May 2011

Partridges occasionally take off near where we are walking, but we never have time to tell whether Grey or Red-Legged variety. We sometimes see red-legged on the track outside the house, but these grey seem to prefer a less man-made environment.

Ref: D45_20110419_0719_058_FB1 2 Grey partridges (crop).jpg

Chiffchaffs seem to be new addition to our menagerie. Note the dried out ground here - the ground is forming cracks along the paths we don't normally see until mid-summer. The last worthwhile rain was 2mm on 1 March - almost 60 days now.

Ref: D45_20110419_1845_080_FB1 Chiffchaff.jpg

14 May 2011

7-spot ladybirds still dominate - haven't seen a Harlequin yet this year that we can remember. Here it is adding a little spot of red to the beautiful apple blossom.

Ref: P34_20110417_1305_346 Apple Blossom with ladybird.jpg

Another intricate blossom in purest white petals and black Anthers.

Ref: P34_20110417_1308_368 Cherry Blossom (crop).jpg

13 May 2011

The Goldfinches have been ripping the reedmace to pieces for a couple of weeks to take away for nest lining. We love the 'umbrella' stuck to the birds head.

Ref: DC1_20110410_1807_007 Goldfinch poised on vertical stem of Reedmace (crop).jpg

This one kept on going long after there was no hope of it getting any more into the beak.

Ref: DC1_20110410_1810_061 Goldfinch on Reedmace seed head repeatedly pulling out more than it could carry (crop).jpg

12 May 2011

Female Blackbird quite near her nest with a beakful of dry detritus for the nest ...

Ref: DF1_20110409_0732_050 Blackbird female taking materials to nest in Ivy (crop).jpg

... hidden in Ivy high on a South facing wall.

Ref: DF1_20110409_0734_059 Blackbird female on nest in Ivy (crop).jpg

11 May 2011

As chance, or maybe the nibbling rabbits would have it, our original mix of mostly purple Snakes-head Fritillary flowers is reduced to only a couple of clumps of all white. Here are 3 ever closer views ...

Ref: DF1_20110409_1029_062 Snakes-head Fritillary whole clump of white form (crop).jpg

Ref: P34_20110409_1031_992 Snakes-head Fritillary white form (crop).jpg

Ref: P34_20110409_1032_008 Snakes-head Fritillary white form single flower detail looking up (crop).jpg

10 May 2011

A male kestrel has been hunting out of camera range but did a nice flyby to confirm how beautiful has was ...

Ref: DF1_20110410_1253_242 Kestrel male in Flight (crop).jpg

Ref: DF1_20110410_1254_250+256+260 Kestrel male in Flight 04+08+12 of 13 (arbitrary montage).jpg

09 May 2011

A female Orange-tip butterfly (which doesn't have the orange tips so obvious in the male) on some of our Lady's smock (Cuckoo flower) flowers they like so much.

Ref: DF1_20110410_1544_413 Orange-tip butterfly female feeding on Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower (crop).jpg

08 May 2011

Requests from email recipients for more pics of English Spring Primroses, as opposed to the less subtle cultivars, encouraged us to provide these.

Ref: P34_20110413_1620_161 Primrose near corkscrew hazel.jpg

These on the north facing bank of a mound of clay from digging one of the ponds.

Ref: P34_20110415_1311_240 Primroses on Duck pond mound (crop).jpg

07 May 2011

The Weasel graced us with a short visit outside the (closed) conservatory door. Here he has emerged from under a not very well laid concrete slab to have a look round. The front feet are on a lump of 'something'.

Ref: DF1_20110327_1558_041 Weasel outside conservatory door (through glass) (adjusted crop).jpg

Deciding it was safe (dirty windows may be a good thing!) he came out of the shadows for a look about and we can see it in his glorious chestnut colour.

Ref: DF1_20110327_1559_067 Weasel outside conservatory door (through glass) (crop).jpg

We have been spotted, so it ran for cover!

Ref: DF1_20110327_1601_071 Weasel outside conservatory door (through glass) (crop).jpg

06 May 2011

In the left corner the Dunnock, in the right corner the Robin. These are normally only brief skirmishes

Ref: D45_20110401_1818_064_FB1 Dunnock and Robin squabbling (crop).jpg

A little domestic tranquility on the tree-stump top.

Ref: D35_20110404_1653_015_FB4 Pair of robins.jpg

05 May 2011

Farm work along our boundary has changed the pattern of badger visit. Just this one visits to the 'Woodland' site - the powerful claws always impress us.

Ref: D5C_20110403_0437_121_FB2 Badger (crop 2).jpg

04 May 2011

Herons have only made one or two visits here this year because of the limited of frog / toad / newt activity. But they still make flybys and we couldn't resist this accurate montage (probably about 7fps) flying 'over' the steeple of the mile distant local landmark Hanslope Church tower.

Ref: DF1_20110402_0834_049-052 Heron in flight over backdrop of Hanslope Church 1-4 of 18 (accurate montage).jpg

A male Kestrel is about intermittently, hunting the grass along the remains of the hedge line using the high voltage wires as a hunting perch. The top image was the bird was starting the dive. We lost the next 2 frames (focus fell off) and we then picked up the start of a long dive with almost no change to wing or body positions.

Ref: DF1_20110402_1247_109+112-115 Kestrel male diving from wires to prey on ground 1-5 of 7 (top then accurate montage).jpg

03 May 2011

Jackdaw carrying soft stuff for a nest somewhere, possibly a nest we have since spotted high in a 100 year old Black Poplar.

Ref: DF1_20110403_0954_020 Jackdaw carrying nesting materials (crop).jpg

At a very different scale the Reedmace continues to be a big hit - here a greenfinch getting into a complete mess stuffing as much as it could into her beak.

Ref: DF1_20110404_1419_077 Greenfinch female collecting Reed make seed for nesting 4 of 4 (crop).jpg

02 May 2011

Caught in a sheltered corner on a sunny but cold day this is the first time we have photographed a female Orange-tip butterfly flight before. What does she lack - the orange tip! You are seeing her slightly from the rear with her head lower left. The pretty flower is called 'Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower)' - it seeds freely and our site is every increasingly awash with it!

Ref: DA1_20110409_1328_119+1511_378_FT1 Orange-tip butterfly female in flight with Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) (montage).jpg

Here she is standing on more of the same flower.

Ref: DA1_20110409_1334_158_FT1 Orange-tip butterfly female on Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) (crop).jpg

And this a male in all his glory, seeing the bottom of the wings (what you see when the wings are folded vertical). The green and white tracery on both sexes is really beautiful, but somehow set off even better by the orange coloured tip.

Ref: DA1_20110409_1456_292+1333_151_FT1 Orange-tip butterfly male in flight with ladys smock (cuckoo flower) (montage).jpg

01 May 2011

The Holly Blue butterfly is a rare visitor - only seen a handful of times in 20 years. We managed to catch this one and photograph him in flight. The light blue with dots is what you see when the wings are folded, and the deep blue when open.

Ref: DA1_20110409_1348_214+1332_135_FT1 Holly Blue Butterfly male in flight with Dandelion (montage).jpg

We don't feel the previous image does justice to the blue top of the wing, so here is another view.

Ref: DA1_20110409_1341_180+1511_376_FT1 Holly Blue Butterfly male in flight with Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) (montage).jpg



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