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31 Dec 2012

We think the Magpie on the right is just landing. The lack of reaction from the bird on the left suggests that this might be a 'pair' waiting for Spring!

Ref: D36_20121205_0902_082_FB4 2 Magpies one probably landing & facing each other on Icy Tree-stump top.jpg

30 Dec 2012

A startling yellow tongue makes us wonder whether black-beaked blackbirds have black tongues? We will keep our eyes open.

Ref: D45_20121205_0820_127_FB1 Blackbird male by snow with yellow beak and yellow tongue (crop).jpg

A very nice female blackbird surrounded by the dregs of the minor snowfall.

Ref: D36_20121205_1030_087_FB4 Blackbird female on ice Tree-stump top.jpg

29 Dec 2012

The Robin seems to have got the better of the Great Tit in this in-flight squabble

Ref: D3B_20121205_0909_199_FB3 Robin and Great Tit in-flight skirmish (crop).jpg

28 Dec 2012

This montage of a Jackdaw and Rook landing on either side of the tree stump lets us compare the sizes.
The beak size difference is enormous!

Ref: D36_20121126_1523_021+1509_017_FB4 Jackdaw & Rook at same scale (montage).jpg

27 Dec 2012

Just to the left of this crop was another Greenfinch (rather blurred) making a hasty exit.

Ref: D3B_20121128_0908_120_FB3 Greenfinch chasing away another (crop 2).jpg

26 Dec 2012

Playing? Loving? Sweet, whatever it is these Fieldmice (Wood Mice) are up to!

Ref: D45_20121126_1629_080_FB1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) playing (q) (crop).jpg

The fieldmice (wood mice) are making the most of the food in evening and overnight.

Ref: D45_20121122_1822_030_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping as another feeds on stone (crop).jpg

25 Dec 2012

Seasons best wishes to you all.
Here is this years Christmas card.
Front: We see a Jay most years, but just once or twice. Like other members of the Corvid (crow) family they seem to be cheeky birds and are opportunists. This the favourite place to find them photographed - on the tree stump in the woodland away from people.
Back: The magic moment of the year for us. Over the snow came this glorious Hare lolloping along the snow covered grass along the new track to the farm. We hadn't seen a hare here for nearly 20 years. Though we have had a few sightings since, this is still the best.

Ref: xmas card 2012 (web version)(@768).jpg

24 Dec 2012

A Song Thrush. We have found one of his 'anvils' but it is in too awkward a position to photograph without disturbance.

Ref: D45_20121126_1429_035_FB1 Song Thrush.jpg

A male blackbird demonstrated that it not just Ducks that water doesn't wet!

Ref: D45_20121126_0850_016_FB1 Blackbird male wet from rain.jpg

23 Dec 2012

Oh dear - now we have the 'wistful' rook!
Is he watching the sun go down before another long and cold night?

Ref: D5C_20121127_1459_056_FB2 Rook at approaching sunset (crop 1).jpg

22 Dec 2012

The Rat hasn't ventured down the perch before, so we get the first opportunity to compare Rat and 'Tree Rat' (as Squirrels get called!) at the same scale.

Ref: D3B_20121116_0731_041+0856_047_FB3 Rats & Grey Squirrel at same scale (montage).jpg

Rats are strong - this is most of a windfall apple.

Ref: D45_20121118_1950_217_FB1 Rat carrying apple in mouth.jpg

21 Dec 2012

A male Blackbird with an open bright yellow beak. It was not obviously threatening anything, but small creatures are easily hidden by the stone.

Ref: D45_20121117_1536_131_FB1 Blackbird male with open yellow beak (crop).jpg

30 minutes later a black-billed male Blackbird was photographed at the same place.

Ref: D45_20121117_1602_143_FB1 Blackbird male with black beak (crop).jpg

20 Dec 2012

This slightly obscured view of a Fieldfare is surprisingly typical when you are not hidden from the bird - they always seem to have some foliage between you and them if you are close enough to be a threat.

Ref: DF1_20121118_1253_111 Fieldfare in Silver Birch tree.jpg

19 Dec 2012

You can't see the yellow crest in this image, but this is a Goldcrest moving through an ash tree looking for insects to eat.

Ref: DF1_20121118_1009_083 Goldcrest feeding in Ash tree (crop).jpg

18 Dec 2012

Here we can see that the Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) tail is longer than the body, at least when the mouse is comfortably settled for a feed as we see here.

Ref: D5C_20121119_1631_028_FB2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) on log.jpg

This fieldmouse (wood mouse) looks like it has slipped on the wet stone.

Ref: D45_20121121_1939_160_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) sliding down side of stone.jpg

17 Dec 2012

A typical dawn in November. We like the contrast between the vivid orange clouds and the soft blue hazy sky.

Ref: DF1_20121113_0707_023 Dawn (orig).jpg

"Red Sky in Morning, Shepherd's Warning."
When we have seen the sun at all this November this is (mostly) what it has looked like!

Ref: DF1_20121113_0705_020 Dawn (crop).jpg

"Red Sky at Night, Shepherds delight."
Another red sky, as the day closes. But not a delightful next day as the proverb suggests - just no rain.

Ref: DF1_20121114_1604_198 Sunset about to reach horizon (crop).jpg

16 Dec 2012

The Grey squirrels enjoys a few final berries before the night as the setting sun lights the lovely tail.

Ref: D36_20121111_1601_049_FB4 Grey Squirrel eating berries with setting sun behind (crop).jpg

15 Dec 2012

Ahhh. A fallen twig of berries (all right - cut and carried to the site) makes a feast for this little Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse). The white flower is cyclamen from the conservatory that got into the 'bait bowl'.

Ref: D45_20121111_1740_197_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) nibbling fallen berry twig (crop).jpg

14 Dec 2012

Before dawn this pair of Mute Swans flying over the fields was one of those magic moments we have tried to capture here. The pairs synchronisation of wing positions is exactly as it was. The montage is alternate frames from about 5 fps (so about 1 second of flight)

Ref: DF1_20121111_0720_073+075+077 2 Mute swans flying by at dawn 1+3+5 of 6 (accurate montage).jpg

More detail from the skipped frame between the centre and left pairs of the montage of two swans in flight

Ref: DF1_20121111_0720_076 2 Mute swans flying by at dawn 4 of 6 (crop).jpg

13 Dec 2012

This Barn Owl in perched on a 2 metre high pole in the rough grass about 25 metres from the room in the house we photograph it from. The first image is a time exposure (about 16 seconds) in the awful light from Milton Keynes.
We wondered how useful a flashgun in the next room along would be at improving image quality and/or whether it would disturb the visitor - flash doesn't bother Tawny owls outside the kitchen. These trials show that it will be worth building a proper setup (these were done using hand-held flash). These 6 pics cover 10 minutes, and the bird stayed another 5 minutes after we stopped the photographs - not bothered at all.
This sighting spurred us into mounting the Barn Owl nestbox recently bought.

Ref: D01_20121115_2136_007-2146_040 Barn Owl on meadow post (test of Sigma EF-530 flash from bathroom @ 50mm) 1-6 of 6 (montage).jpg

The is the last image processed more carefully - the image is very 'noisy' but the test setup was far from optimal.

Ref: D01_20121115_2146_040 Barn Owl on meadow post (inc tests of Sigma EF-530 flash from bathroom @ 50mm) 6 of 6 (crop).jpg

12 Dec 2012

This single frame was a surprise. The Great Spotted Woodpecker (left) and a Magpie are sharing the perch. These are two birds we don't remember seeing together before, and startled us with the difference in size. Woodpeckers 'pack a punch' for their size!

Ref: D3B_20121113_1051_033_FB3 Great Spotted Woodpecker male facing Magpie on perch (crop).jpg

11 Dec 2012

"Where has that flea got to?"

Ref: D36_20121113_1249_009_FB4 Grey Squirrel grooming (crop).jpg

10 Dec 2012

Male Pheasants look glorious, but are vulnerable to foxes, cats and the like. Any hint of a problem and they go on alert ready for a quick exit. It is worth a study of the shapes, types and colours of all those feathers.

Ref: D5C_20121110_1543_067_FB2 Pheasant male in alert upright posture in leaf litter (crop).jpg

09 Dec 2012

We get so used to the plethora of Jackdaws and Rooks here that you can forget what magnificent creatures they are up close.

Ref: D36_20121104_1529_074_FB4 Jackdaw landing on tree stump (crop).jpg

We get so used to the plethora of Jackdaws and Rooks here that you can forget what magnificent creatures they are up close.

Ref: D36_20121104_1534_076_FB4 Rook landing on tree stump (crop).jpg

08 Dec 2012

We are not sure which this wagtail is, but here it was chasing the insect you clearly see just ahead of it. Insects emerge from under the slates as they get warm in the sun and along come the Wagtails to feast for a while

Ref: DF1_20121102_1050_166 Wagtail chasing fly (crop).jpg

3 frames at about 5 fps - half a second of action catching an insect. (These don't tolerate more magnification.)

Ref: DF1_20121102_1051_192-194 Wagtail catching insect (blurred) 1-3 of 3 (montage @ 5fps).jpg

Got It! - whatever 'It' might be

Ref: DF1_20121102_1051_180 Pied Wagtail with insect in beak (crop).jpg

07 Dec 2012

The RSPB says that Wrens are the most common wild bird in the UK. But they are so secretive that more than fleeting views are rare. Photos at any of our sites are unusual. Sweet little things less than 10cm long.

Ref: D45_20121105_1518_024_FB1 Wren (crop).jpg

06 Dec 2012

The dark berry (probably privet) between the beak tips of this Great Tit needs a second look to spot.

Ref: D45_20121107_1522_175_FB1 Great Tit with whole berry in beak (crop).jpg

05 Dec 2012

A female Great Spotted Woodpecker (lower left) on the defensive to a juvenile flying in. We have no idea of the relationship - 2 families of Great Spotted Woodpeckers brought their youngsters to the feeder this year.

Ref: D3B_20121026_1648_095_FB3 Great Spotted Woodpecker under perch defending from arriving juvenile (crop).jpg

04 Dec 2012

"What me? Strip the bark? Wreck the feeders? Steal all the food?
How could you think such a thing?"

Ref: D3B_20121026_1617_092_FB3 Grey Squirrel looking twee by peanut feeder (crop).jpg

"Where can I bury this great thing?"

Ref: D5C_20121028_1543_013_FB2 Grey squirrel carrying off whole apple (crop).jpg

03 Dec 2012

Fieldmice (Wood Mice) might nibble Sweet Chestnut kernels if they had the opportunity before a squirrel takes them to bury

Ref: D45_20121027_2157_247_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and sweet chestnut husk.jpg

What's an apple for if not for a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) to stand on?

Ref: D45_20121028_0223_255_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) standing on apple (crop).jpg

02 Dec 2012

An accurate montage of probably the same fox visiting this site about 4 hours apart

Ref: D5C_20121026_2313_072+20121027_0419_076_FB2 Fox visits 4 hours apart (right then left)1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg

01 Dec 2012

A blurred Great spotted Woodpecker cropped out well to the right seems to have been the reason for this males interesting position showing how the wing feathers are marked

Ref: D3B_20121029_0917_012_FB3 Great Spotted Woodpecker wings spread over feeder as another leaves (crop).jpg



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