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31 May 2012

We think this fieldmouse (wood mouse) is licking the slug for its tasty mucus.

Ref: D5C_20120428_0054_160_FB2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and leopard slug on log (crop).jpg

30 May 2012

Water drops on the camera lens protector have created a little flare, but it still seems worth showing this unusually positioned Grey Squirrel.

Ref: D5C_20120429_1722_221_FB2 Grey Squirrel pouncing (q) on food on log (crop).jpg

29 May 2012

A female Muntjac deer visited the main pond's island again after several months. Here is her enormous tongue.

Ref: DF1_20120429_1300_019 Muntjac deer female on main pond island (crop).jpg

Here she is pulling mouthfuls of leaves from the self-set willow saplings. By the time we spotted her she had substantially reduced the lush vegetation. She is welcome - saves us the trouble.

Ref: DF1_20120429_1302_039 Muntjac deer female on main pond island eating willow leaves (crop).jpg

28 May 2012

This female Mallard duck (with male a couple of metres left of her) took off as we approached the pond. This montage is of the 2nd and 4th images (from a set of 9) with the bird accurately positioned (apart from the Lily fronds blowing about in the wind).

Ref: DF1_20120430_1042_106+108 Mallard duck female takeoff from main pond @7fps 2+4 of 9 (accurate montage 300mS apart).jpg

27 May 2012

With the sun just glancing along the wall at the left, this accurate montage shows a starling arriving at the hole under the slates with a beakful of insects for the noisy youngsters inside.
Both the bird and the shadows are accurately positioned over about half a second.

Ref: DF1_20120430_1235_140-144 Starling delivery food to hole in eaves @7fps 1-5 of 5 (accurate montage).jpg

26 May 2012

An Orange-tip butterfly feeding on a Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower.
Where's the 'orange' bit then? Like many sexually dimorphic species, the orange tips to the wings are on the males only - this is a female.

Ref: DF1_20120430_1628_210+215 Orange-tip butterfly on Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower (montage for differential focus).jpg

25 May 2012

Right to left half an hour apart, the grey squirrel(s) are anywhere there is a chance for some food.

Ref: D5C_20120420_1813_096+1748_092_FB2 2 Grey Squirrel visits (adjusted montage).jpg

24 May 2012

An impression of this robin singing on the mains wire near the house This sample was at 7fps

Ref: DF1_20120419_1542_006-008 Robin singing from mains wire 1-3 of 3 (spread montage).jpg

23 May 2012

The unsettled weather has brought with it some wild cloudscapes

Ref: DF1_20120421_1739_049 Banks of clouds to East (crop).jpg

An unusual rainbow segment laying along the horizon. You are seeing just the 'top' of the bow which is at a fixed angle to the sun behind the viewer/camera. If the sun had been any higher the whole bow would have to be below the horizon but with no distant water in the air it wouldn't appear (like the rest of this one doesn't).

Ref: P34_20120422_1545_372 Streak of Rainbow along horizon to East (crop).jpg

22 May 2012

Love the feet coming down like an aircraft's wheels (or should it read the other way round - birds did it first).

Ref: D35_20120423_1707_023_FB4 Great Tit about to land on tree-stump top (crop).jpg

Some sort of skirmish has left the Great Tit nearly upside down.

Ref: D35_20120423_1822_038_FB4 Robin and Great Tit in flight skirmish (crop).jpg

21 May 2012

Looks like the same individual Grey Squirrel checking out this site in the morning (disappointed) and then the afternoon (joy) just after we left the site.

Ref: D5C_20120423_0657_001+1639_013_FB2 Grey Squirrel morning check & afternoon first to find peanut butter at log (montage).jpg

20 May 2012

We have planted dozens of Snakes-head Fritillary bulbs over the years, but the only clump to survive is of the white variant, here photographed still wet with rain.

Ref: DF1_20120426_0657_008 Snakes-head Fritillary white flowers in rain (crop).jpg

19 May 2012

This seems to be typical of a Skylark returning to earth - a WHOOSH downward with feet down. This sequence is about 0.6 seconds worth - don't miss the one at the bottom right corner against the tree.

Ref: DF1_20120422_1016_089-093 Skylark flying to ground 1-5 of 5 (acc montage @ 7fps).jpg

18 May 2012

Togetherness Bluetit style - courtship feeding of the female (left) by the male. This is part of the pair-bond formation and which insects he brings helps the female 'decide' when to make eggs.

Ref: D35_20120420_1824_048_FB4 Bluetit pair courtship feeding (crop 1).jpg

A closer and lightened look shows the males beak inside the females.

Ref: D35_20120420_1824_048_FB4 Bluetit pair courtship feeding (crop 2 detail).jpg

17 May 2012

A male Blackbird just landed on the tree stump giving us a great view of his tail.

Ref: D35_20120421_0855_063_FB4 Blackbird male on tree-stump.jpg

16 May 2012

A cold morning found this Grey squirrel flattening itself on the sun warmed steel of our decades old heating oil tank!

Ref: DF1_20120413_0901_062 Grey Squirrel stretched out & dozing on top of morning sun warmed oil tank (crop).jpg

What's going on here?
The Grey squirrel is definitely on the back of the female mallard duck, while the male duck stands behind - top of head at the tip of the squirrel tail and shadow of beak on the tree.
We can only imagine what the squirrel thinks it is doing!

Ref: D5C_20120415_1753_164_FB2 Grey Squirrel on back of Mallard duck female with male behind (head shadow on tree) (crop).jpg

15 May 2012

Not much here for the Great Spotted Woodpecker female.
Her muddy beak suggests she has been turning over or probing the soil somewhere.

Ref: D35_20120413_1202_015_FB4 Great Spotted Woodpecker female on Tree-stump top.jpg

14 May 2012

In the last of the daylight this late robin scare the s... out of the early emergent fieldmouse (wood mouse).

Ref: D45_20120413_2017_066_FB1 Robin flying over fleeing fieldmouse (wood mouse) 30m after sunset (crop).jpg

A couple of days later at the other ground-level camera a Robin and Dunnock having a serious go at each other.

Ref: D5C_20120417_0650_049_FB2 Robin and Dunnock fighting in flight (crop).jpg

13 May 2012

Walking into the kitchen we spotted this heron wonderfully blending with the trees and willow branches. This is the only frame we got before it saw us through the window and departed.

Ref: DF1_20120415_0828_067 Heron hidden in West of main pond (crop).jpg

12 May 2012

This adult heron found several Great Crested Newts in the Duck-shaped pond in about half an hour - mostly nicely obscured by old and new vegetation. Here the bird was tossing one down his enormous beak.

Ref: D01_20120419_1342_154 Heron with Great Crested Newt in Beak 4 of 4 (crop).jpg

11 May 2012

Over a corn crop in an adjacent field, this Skylark waves it's head about to direct the sound, creating the characteristic rise and fall in volume. Read left to right moving down - bottom right he stopped singing and started his dive to ground.

Ref: DF1_20120417_1013_055-118 Skylark singing in flight turning head to direct sound (selected) 1-9 of 9 (montage).jpg

10 May 2012

This male mallard flew past in the evening sun quacking quietly (as the males do). Without a static reference to accurately montage it, we present a 1950s '3 ducks' montage, all taken in about half a second.

Ref: DF1_20120417_1742_176-178 Mallard duck male in flight 1-3 of 3 (artistic montage).jpg

09 May 2012

An atypically cold night for April reached -3C air temperature and much the blossom was crusted with frost.

Ref: P10_20120416_0704_297 Blossoms after night frost (crop).jpg

08 May 2012

Poised male chaffinch in full breeding colours

Ref: D45_20120407_1751_069_FB1 Chaffinch male looking down from stone (crop).jpg

07 May 2012

A most welcome sighting of a hare ambling over the dew drenched grass next to the corn crop.

Ref: DF1_20120410_0638_117 Hare running along Farm track edge (crop 3).jpg

06 May 2012

A male Brimstone butterfly feeding on the carpet of Ground Ivy

Ref: DF1_20120411_1515_377 Brimstone butterfly male on Ground Ivy flower (crop).jpg

05 May 2012

A tiny branch from the trunk of this cherry tree has produced this attractive bunch of flowers and leaves.

Ref: DF1_20120411_1521_382 Cherry blossom and leaves growing against tree-trunk (crop).jpg

04 May 2012

Female birds often demand food from the males during the early breeding season, as the female Robin on left is doing.
It is called 'courtship feeding'. Apart from proving that the male knows what to catch for the youngsters to come, it helps the female to determine the availability of suitable food for chicks and thus when to lay the eggs.

Ref: D3B_20120331_1158_193_FB3 Robin pair courtship feeding (crop).jpg

03 May 2012

This elegant Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) made an appearance.

Ref: D5C_20120329_2047_030_FB2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) on hind legs (crop).jpg

02 May 2012

This Peacock butterfly will have overwintered and will hope to pair up with another hibernator to lay this years eggs.

Ref: DF1_20120401_1615_278 Peacock butterfly on Ground Ivy (crop).jpg

01 May 2012

There is a hole in the flashing behind this downpipe, and Bluetits are making a nest in it!

Ref: DF1_20120402_1054_057 Bluetit taking nesting material into hole in roofspace over boiler room 1 of 2 (crop).jpg



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