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30 Sep 2012

Each of our two ground level sites has a different fox visiting most nights.

Ref: D45_20120817_2010_121_FB1 Fox (crop).jpg

2 days later a sweet little fieldmouse (wood mouse) nervously checks the surroundings. With the fox turning up most nights it is not surprising its nervous.

Ref: D45_20120819_0114_181_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) standing on rear legs.jpg

Another 2 days got this lucky 'fit the frame' image. This is an unprocessed frame straight out of the camera, except for reducing the size.

Ref: D45_20120821_0448_074_FB1 Fox - full length (orig).jpg

29 Sep 2012

This Ruddy Darter is an intermediate sized dragonfly that will perch on a stick hanging out over the water as seen in the second image.

Ref: DA1_20120818_1358_032_FT1 Ruddy Darter Dragonfly male in flight (crop).jpg

Ruddy Darter dragonflies tend to perch on the tips of sticks and vegetation overhanging the water's edge, flying away and returning repeatedly.

Ref: DF1_20120820_1528_051 Ruddy Darter Dragonfly male on Iris frond.jpg

28 Sep 2012

This the a Brimstone butterfly (often the first butterfly of the year after over-wintering as adults) but this one will have emerged this year. It is difficult to see both sides of the wing together because when they perch they close their wings, making this in-flight photo unusual. This male is yellow - the females are white, but still have the orange spot.

Ref: DA1_20120818_1439_142+1536_278_FT1 Brimstone Butterfly male in flight with Thistle flowers (montage).jpg

27 Sep 2012

This Magpie Moth was one of several hundred moths that spent the night in the moth trap.

Ref: DA1_20120819_1353_154+1518_421_FT1 Magpie Moth in Flight with Hawthorn twig (montage).jpg

This small mostly white moth is a Yellow-tail Moth - a new species for us.

Ref: DA1_20120819_1422_245+1519_428_FT1 Yellow-tail Moth in flight with hedging (montage).jpg

26 Sep 2012

This large & colourful male Southern Hawker dragonfly was quite accommodating for the few minutes before we released him to carry on guarding the main pond as his territory - i.e. looking for 'girls'.

Ref: DA1_20120819_1446_312+1516_402_FT1 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male in Flight with hedging (montage).jpg

A detail from another image of the head and thorax of a male Souther Hawker Dragonfly.

Ref: DA1_20120819_1447_318_FT1 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male in Flight (head detail crop).jpg

25 Sep 2012

A Small Tortoiseshell butterfly finally appears. 10 years ago we had hundreds of these at once along the hedges enjoying the bramble flowers, but the numbers have gradually reduced to the odd sighting. We still have the bramble flowers - how little we understand of species dynamics.

Ref: DF1_20120817_1615_064 Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Buddleia (crop).jpg

24 Sep 2012

Last year the dominant damselfly was the 'Azure' - this year hardly seen. Instead we have the 'Common Blue' which comes in a variety of colours! This female blends beautifully with the ripe grass stems.

Ref: DF1_20120822_1803_107 Common Blue damselfly female (drab immature form) in grass seed head (crop 2).jpg

23 Sep 2012

A fox licking the peanut butter smeared stone. It seems that a lot of wildlife will sell it's soul for peanut butter!

Ref: D45_20120814_2105_119_FB1 Fox licking stone (crop).jpg

A young fox still exploring its world has already found that this is a good place for a nighttime nibble. This image just before dark shows his eyes not quite fully dilated.

Ref: D5C_20120812_2032_141_FB2 Fox.jpg

22 Sep 2012

This year the Goldfinches never really left, and are now putting in more regular appearances

Ref: DF1_20120809_1745_022 Goldfinch in hedge top (crop).jpg

21 Sep 2012

From the top of the track-side Lombardy poplar a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker launches itself downwards. Accurately spaced at 7 fps except for a frame missing between the 2 rightmost birds.

Ref: DF1_20120810_0725_047+49-53 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile launching at top of Lombardy Poplar 1-6 of 6 (montage @7fps).jpg

20 Sep 2012

We have about 20 'Japanese Larches' (that completely confused us years ago by being deciduous) that make these small fir cones the Grey squirrels rip to pieces to get at the seeds.

Ref: D35_20120811_1923_072_FB4 Grey Squirrel carrying off Japanese Larch cone (crop).jpg

We regularly find piles of pine cone fragments, often on the top of our photographic 'boxes'. Here a grey squirrel (always assumed to be the 'culprit') has a piece in the mouth as it seems to be dropping the remains of a cone.

Ref: D5C_20120814_1832_033_FB2 Grey Squirrel eating pine cone on paws with piece in mouth (crop).jpg

19 Sep 2012

Migrant Hawker Dragonflies are the dominant larger dragonflies on our patch at the moment. We netted this one for a few flights down our 'tunnel' before releasing it, and obtained this elegant moment of take-off.

Ref: DA1_20120819_1040_025+1515_381_FT1 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female in Flight with Lily frond (montage).jpg

18 Sep 2012

This appears to be a juvenile Blackbird (left) begging food from Mother

Ref: D45_20120802_0552_519_FB1 Blackbird female and juvenile beak to beak (crop).jpg

At another site a week later we catch (presumably) another youngster begging from Dad.

Ref: D5C_20120802_1829_022_FB2 Young Blackbird begging from adult male (crop).jpg

An hour later at the same site Dad is obviously still busy collecting worms and other items for that ever open craw.

Ref: D5C_20120802_1936_039_FB2 Blackbird male collecting worms & other food for youngster (crop).jpg

17 Sep 2012

This Mallard Duck departs from us with sufficient lack of panic that we can got the odd image. This first one is horizontally stretched so you can enjoy the water splash and droplets.

Ref: DF1_20120731_1743_308-310 Mallard duck taking off from Duck pond (broken sequence) 1-3 of 6 (hor stretch montage @ 5 fps).jpg

These three are an accurate montage with water still dropping from her plumage.

Ref: DF1_20120731_1743_312-314 Mallard duck taking off from Duck pond (broken sequence) 4-6 of 6 (accurate montage @ 5 fps).jpg

16 Sep 2012

Single frame shortly after midnight.

Ref: D35_20120803_0048_059_FB4 Leopard slug and 3 snails.jpg

15 Sep 2012

One of a number of foxes visiting these sites at night.

Ref: D45_20120805_2340_637_FB1 Fox.jpg

14 Sep 2012

The Brown Hawker Dragonflies come out and hunt over the meadow as soon as the afternoon sun shows his face.

Ref: DF1_20120805_1425_114 Brown Hawker Dragonfly in flight (crop).jpg

Hawker Dragonflies often hang in bushes where they are very difficult to find unless you see them land. Every time the camera lost position it was a struggle to find the insect again from only a couple of metres away.

Ref: DF1_20120805_1431_178 Brown Hawker Dragonfly male camouflaged on dead leaf (crop).jpg

A few days later a female migrant Hawker was disguising herself in a similar way.

Ref: DF1_20120808_1759_108 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female hanging from dead stem.jpg

13 Sep 2012

Of a few hundred moths in the moth trap this moth called 'The Herald' stood out for its orange markings, and flew fairly well. This ivy flower is not open, but it is their 'summer' food - Willows and Poplars in the Spring.

Ref: DA1_20120809_1300_027+1314_041_FT1 The Herald Moth in flight with Ivy leaves and opening flower (montage).jpg

12 Sep 2012

Just one Hawk moth in the trap - a Poplar Hawk moth that did a few flights for us. But first we took some portraits on Black poplar leaves

Ref: DA1_20120809_1317_057_FT1 Poplar Hawk Moth on Black Poplar leaf (crop).jpg

A Poplar Hawk Moth in flight showing the colour patches that this exposes.

Ref: DA1_20120809_1325_097_FT1 Poplar Hawk Moth in flight (adjusted crop).jpg

A Poplar Hawk Moth in flight showing the colour patches that this exposes.

Ref: DA1_20120809_1328_121+1315_055_FT1 Poplar Hawk Moth in flight with Black Poplar leaves (montage).jpg

11 Sep 2012

Peacock butterflies have always (for us over 40 years) been a difficult subject for in-flight photographs because they are very dark despite the splashes of bright colour. This one was netted on Buddleia.

Ref: DA1_20120809_1534_186+1554_213_FT1 Peacock Butterfly in flight with Buddleia (montage).jpg

Peacock butterflies have always (for us over 40 years) been a difficult subject for in-flight photographs because they are very dark despite the splashes of bright colour. This one was netted on a teasel flower head - a fascinating plant to watch flower.

Ref: DA1_20120810_1323_041+1349_129_FT1 Peacock Butterfly in Flight with Teasel flower head (montage).jpg

10 Sep 2012

For an in-flight photograph of a female Migrant Hawker Dragonfly this image is ridiculously sharp.

Ref: DA1_20120810_1309_035_FT1 Migrant Hawker dragonfly female in Flight (crop 1).jpg

A detail from the previous in-flight photo.

Ref: DA1_20120810_1309_035_FT1 Migrant Hawker dragonfly female in Flight (crop 2).jpg

09 Sep 2012

The small Gatekeeper butterflies seem to spend most of their time on Blackberry flowers. This flower head includes a Flower bud, a forming fruit, and a fairly exhausted open flower.

Ref: DA1_20120810_1346_111+1425_016_FT1 Gatekeeper Butterfly in Flight with Blackberry head including bud+flower+fruit (montage).jpg

08 Sep 2012

The same fox made 3 visits in the hour around midnight, or more likely never left. Note the absolutely wide open irises.

Ref: D45_20120729_2311_491+2325_494+20120730_022_503_FB1 Fox visiting across midnight (montage).jpg

07 Sep 2012

Around dawn the half light causes the foxes irises to be just partially closed.

Ref: D5C_20120727_0535_039_FB2 Fox (crop).jpg

This pair of images show the Iris mostly closed and mostly open in light and dark.

Ref: D45_20120731_1901_196+20120801_2129_391_FB1 Fox showing iris closed & open in evening & dark (montage).jpg

06 Sep 2012

This might just be a prelude to a mating - or maybe just an optimistic attempt!

Ref: D5C_20120801_0609_080_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels frolicking (crop).jpg

05 Sep 2012

We had problems identifying this bird of prey seeing flying over the wheat and dropping into it just as a lorry stopped and obscured the view. We didn't see it again. One of our email members suggested a juvenile Hobby & subsequent sightings of a pair of adults suggests this is right (see 4 Oct 2012). We just keep an eye open for it going after our dragonflies - a favourite prey - before it migrates south in a mid-August.

Ref: DF1_20120727_1803_017+020+028 Hobby juvenile in flight (tight montage).jpg

04 Sep 2012

Many Bluetits, juveniles and adult, have been feeding from an aphid infestation on thistles around the conservatory (yes, we are truly wildlife gardeners!).
Here we see an ant just a moment before it went 'down the hatch'. The ant would have been drinking honeydew from the aphids but the Blue Tit was probably eating both ants and aphids!
Thanks to for providing corrections to our original text

Ref: DF1_20120730_1535_075 Bluetit juvenile eating aphids from thistle (crop 2).jpg

03 Sep 2012

One of our foxes longing for a tasty duck as she swims quietly away!

Ref: SG3_20120730_2004_019-21SC1 Fox watching mallard duck from edge of Round Pond 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

02 Sep 2012

Despite the breeding season ending, the Chaffinch males continue to 'beat each other up' at every opportunity.

Ref: D3B_20120801_0951_059_FB3 Chaffinch males squabbling (crop).jpg

The female has a deformed or long ago injured right foot. We have seen this many times in ducks and geese (then usually caused by limbs being tourniquetted by fishing line) and they seem to manage 'OK'

Ref: D45_20120730_1847_027_FB1 Chaffinch female (right foot deformed) in flight.jpg

01 Sep 2012

This male Brown Hawker Dragonfly has just launched into flight. The strange pod on the left is the seed head of a Flag Iris.

Ref: DA1_20120723_1305_056+1547_175_FT1 Brown Hawker Dragonfly in Flight with Flag Iris seed head (montage).jpg

A few days later we caught this female Brown Hawker Dragonfly, but events transpired that prevented us photographing her in flight. She needed a chance to warm herself up for flight, so we hung her in the hedge. The blurred tips of the wings is her vibrating them to raise the temperature of her flight muscles

Ref: P10_20120726_1243_888 Brown Hawker Dragonfly female hanging in hedge (crop).jpg

Another view, this time from the side, before she departed.

Ref: P10_20120726_1244_918 Brown Hawker Dragonfly female side view hanging in hedge (crop).jpg



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