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31 Mar 2013

Pheasants are hardly 'nimble', but they can make it onto perches more readily that one might think. We caught images like this several times over a week.

Ref: D36_20130203_1355_070_FB4 Pheasant female landing on tree-stump.jpg

At least some of our pheasants spend the night high up in evergreen trees, often landing on a deciduous tree branch and walking along it into the overlapping conifer.
We have never managed photograph an arrival but one evening in March 2009 we heard a noise in a tree above a camera kit we were servicing and using flash caught this female not as well hidden as others in the tree.

Ref: P34_20090309_1854_203 Pheasant female roosting in evergreen by FB2 (web crop).jpg

30 Mar 2013

Our current dominant male pheasant not even having to practice looking glorious.

Ref: D5C_20130201_1605_075_FB2 Pheasant male looking back.jpg

The male pheasant 'guarding' the female.
Well guarding his 'oats' anyway!

Ref: D5C_20130217_1549_218_FB2 Pheasant male and female at log.jpg

29 Mar 2013

This male chaffinch arrives after many times being repelled by a robin, but finds that only a few crumbs are left.

Ref: D36_20130215_1025_073_FB4 Chaffinch male about to land on tree-stump (crop 1).jpg

28 Mar 2013

The male Chaffinches continue their battle for access to the peanut feeder even in the snow. Meanwhile the Great Tit makes a beeline for the temporarily unguarded peanut feeder!

Ref: D3B_20130213_1517_038_FB3 2 Chaffinch males sparring in flight over passing Great Tit while Snowing (crop).jpg

27 Mar 2013

An occasional view of 2 recently re-appeared Little Egrets delights us. This is an accurate montage of one of them at about 7 fpsBR What a beautiful pristine bird against the drab tones of a murky day!

Ref: DF1_20130216_1012_075-080 Little Egret flying over fields to north 1-6 of 6 (montage).jpg

26 Mar 2013

This male chaffinch is threatening a Great Spotted Woodpecker at the left, but the Woodpecker was not impressed

Ref: D3B_20130218_1453_047_FB3 Chaffinch male in flight threatening (q) Great Spotted Woodpecker male (crop 2).jpg

An in-flight squabble between a male chaffinch and a Tree Sparrow maneuvering to use it's claws.

Ref: D3B_20130220_1305_185_FB3 Chaffinch male and Tree sparrow in flight squabble.jpg

25 Mar 2013


Ref: D45_20130221_0313_131_FB1 Fox (crop 1).jpg

24 Mar 2013

A magpie caught at the moment of landing with the wing feathers and tail catching the flashlight very attractively

Ref: D5C_20130218_0746_004_FB2 Magpie landing on log with iridescent wings and tail (crop).jpg

23 Mar 2013

A Tree Sparrow getting an unpleasant greeting from the arriving Robin.

Ref: D3B_20130207_1316_029_FB3 Robin in flight attacking Tree Sparrow on perch (crop).jpg

A Blue tit ABOUT to get an unpleasant greeting from the arriving Robin?

Ref: D3B_20130208_1610_126_FB3 Robin flying in to attack Bluetit on perch.jpg

22 Mar 2013

Our dominant male pheasant ...

Ref: D5C_20130207_1541_027_FB2 Pheasant male (identical crop to 1525_019).jpg

One of our dominant male pheasants 'wives' at identical crop and scale.

Ref: D5C_20130207_1525_019_FB2 Pheasant female (identical crop to 1541_027).jpg

21 Mar 2013

A flurry of subtle grey feathers as a collared dove flies over the log

Ref: D5C_20130207_1548_029_FB2 Collared dove in flight (crop).jpg

20 Mar 2013

A Hare lolloping about in the harvested wheat field to our south. We don't know the time gap between the top images and the rest, but the rest are at about 7 fps of an unhurried 'walking' gait.

Ref: DF1_20130208_1049_050-055 Hare running through wheat stubble in field to South 1-5 of 5 (vertical montage).jpg

19 Mar 2013

We are aware of just this visit from the Barn owl this week. Oh how WE want a neck that can turn 180 degrees, but then the birds huge eyes are fixed so it needs this movement to look about.

Ref: D01_20130211_1907_007+008+1908_010 Barn Owl on meadow post 1-3 of 4 (montage).jpg

A fixed stare at the ground suggests that the Barn Owl has heard some movement on the ground.

Ref: D01_20130211_1908_011 Barn Owl on meadow post 4 of 4 (crop).jpg

18 Mar 2013

You think YOU get cold feet?
Birds have heat exchangers at the top of their legs and expect their legs to get very cold so they probably don't notice.

Ref: D45_20130211_0752_057_FB1 Blackbird female standing in icy puddle.jpg

17 Mar 2013

Rain removed the snow cover in just a few hours. What a relief from the endless white - an antarctic camp would not suit us at all, but then you hear of people going mad in such environments, so perhaps we are not alone

Ref: D5C_20130211_0739_030+20130212_1542_128_FB2 Pheasant female in snow and 32hrs later after thaw (montage).jpg

16 Mar 2013

A Magpie hunting for food under the snow on the log.

Ref: D5C_20130211_0750_032_FB2 Magpie on log with snowy beak.jpg

15 Mar 2013

For some reason we have started getting a few of these reasonably focussed face-on shots of leaping mice.

Ref: D45_20130206_1730_153_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaping (crop).jpg

"Hey - I can leap as well!"
A vole demonstrates that it is not only Fieldmice (Wood Mice) can leap. We don't want to tell the vole that we only give the mark 3/10

Ref: D45_20130203_1704_223_FB1 Vole mid-leap (crop).jpg

14 Mar 2013

Twee or what?

Ref: D45_20130203_1809_227_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) eating food from paws.jpg

13 Mar 2013

In a pasture to the South around midday we saw this pair of hares cavorting about. The pairs may seem to be in the wrong sequence but are correct top to bottom - we first saw them mating, then running about.
We watched for a while hoping for a 'boxing match' but they ran around a bit and then settled to feeding.

Ref: DF1_20130201_1301_083-085 Hares mating (q) & chasing (spread montage).jpg

12 Mar 2013

The Tawny Owl made its first visit for many weeks to the kitchen feeder perch, as usual avoiding the sense beam by landing at the other side. Spotted on CCTV, a dash in the dark to the camera captured this portrait.

Ref: D3B_20130206_2122_233_FB3 Tawny Owl on Kitchen peanut feeder perch (crop).jpg

The next 3 images after the first included one just as the bird left. This last was pure chance - the human eye can't see anything out of the window.

Ref: D3B_20130206_2122_234-236_FB3 Tawny Owl on Kitchen peanut feeder perch then taking off (montage).jpg

11 Mar 2013

We are not sure what the male pheasant in the foreground is up to (except maybe displaying to the female in the background), but it gives an opportunity to examine the incredibly intricate plumage at the 'back'. Look at the shapes, colours & textures normally hidden.

Ref: D5C_20130204_0844_011_FB2 Pheasant male landing (q) at log as female walks away (crop).jpg

10 Mar 2013

We are seeing these 2 robins tolerating each other regularly at this site. Most probably they are nearby territory holding birds accepting each other ready for breeding.

Ref: D5C_20130206_0757_121_FB2 Pair of Robins at log.jpg

09 Mar 2013

Contrails are not our favourite sky adornment.
But here the rising sun at least made them a pretty colour for a few minutes

Ref: DF1_20130207_0720_024 Contrail lit by dawn sun (crop).jpg

08 Mar 2013

An elegant female chaffinch flying in to pick over the remains of food put out for the wildlife on the stump.

Ref: D36_20130121_0840_002_FB4 Chaffinch female coming in to land on tree-stump (crop).jpg

07 Mar 2013

We love the 'this whole feeder is mine' with the section around the other side occupied by the wonderful tail.

Ref: D3B_20130120_1626_237_FB3 Grey Squirrel commandeering whole peanut feeder (crop).jpg

Rabbit standing guard over remains of a carrot?

Ref: D45_20130120_0012_286_FB1 Rabbit sitting in snow.jpg

06 Mar 2013

The (presumably same) Barn Owl was spotted on the CCTV visiting 5 times in 4 days, twice for less than a minute before diving down. This set of images is from one of the visits.

Ref: D01_20130127_2130_030+029+2133_042 Barn Owl on Meadow post (montage).jpg

The (presumably same) Barn Owl was spotted on the CCTV visiting 5 times in 4 days, twice for less than a minute before diving down. This set of images is from one of the visits.

Ref: D01_20130129_1737_009+012+1736_006 Barn Owl on Meadow Post (montage).jpg

05 Mar 2013

Mrs. Blackbird elegantly poised.

Ref: D36_20130125_1005_042_FB4 Blackbird female with snowy background.jpg

Mr. Blackbird at a ground level site about 10 metres from the tree-stump

Ref: D5C_20130125_1638_162_FB2 Blackbird male on log surrounded by snow.jpg

04 Mar 2013

2 days apart, different views of probably the same Collared Dove. We have a pair spending a lot of time together in the conifer whose thick trunk is the wide black vertical near the left edge.

Ref: D36_20130127_1548_094+20130129_1535_033_FB4 Collared dove on tree-stump 2 days apart (montage).jpg

03 Mar 2013

Grey Squirrels are normally so elegant, but here we catch one off-guard enjoying an ecstatic scratch.

Ref: D36_20130130_0744_037_FB4 Grey Squirrel scratching itself on tree-stump.jpg

Grey Squirrels are normally so elegant, but here we catch one starting the 1.5 metre drop to the ground.

Ref: D3B_20130128_1630_039_FB3 Grey Squirrel jumping down from perch.jpg

02 Mar 2013

A pair of Little Egrets are making occasional forays where we can see them. This one flew by to the north - this is an accurate montage.

Ref: DF1_20130126_1250_085-090 Little Egret flying along line of brook to north 1-6 of 6 (accurate montage 1 @7fps).jpg

01 Mar 2013

This Magpie is out just after a fresh fall of snow. The soft powder sticks to many bird's beaks in this quite funny way.

Ref: D36_20130118_1319_043_FB4 Magpie in snow with beak caked in snow.jpg



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