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30 Sep 2013

Is this juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker watching the wasp?
Is the bird planning to try and catch it?
We wish we knew!

Ref: D36_20130808_1758_015_FB4 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile watching (q) wasp in flight (crop).jpg

This juvenile Great Tit is struggling with the weight of a stale pea-pod, leaning back to counter-balance.

Ref: D50_20130812_0626_250_FB1 Great Tit juvenile holding half pea-pod in beak.jpg

There was no image for 29 Sep 2013

28 Sep 2013

Small Copper butterflies have only visited here in the last few years and provide a welcome splash of colour.

Ref: A77_20130809_1630_030 Small Copper Butterfly feeding on Thistle flower (crop).jpg

27 Sep 2013

This female Southern Hawker Dragonfly laying eggs on the Iris fronds well above (say 0.5 metre) the water surface. We have only previously seen them laying on near water-level sodden dead wood.

Ref: DF1_20130807_1246_118 Southern Hawker Dragonfly female laying eggs in Iris fronds (crop 2).jpg

26 Sep 2013

The first of the year's Ruddy Darter Dragonfly glowing in the fickle sunlight.

Ref: DF1_20130807_1236_101 Ruddy Darter Dragonfly male (crop).jpg

25 Sep 2013

An unusual excess of Ragwort in our meadow brought with it an unprecedented number of Cinnabar caterpillars. Ragwort is poisonous to some mammals, but it is the only food plant of these caterpillars.

Ref: P10_20130805_1548_889 Cinnabar moth caterpillar on Ragwort (crop).jpg

An unusual excess of Ragwort in our meadow brought with it an unprecedented number of Cinnabar caterpillars. Ragwort is poisonous to some mammals, but it is the only food plant of these caterpillars.

Ref: P10_20130805_1549_897 Cinnabar moth caterpillar on Ragwort (crop 2).jpg

24 Sep 2013

In this Sparrowhawk's left talon is a large and probably not yet dead rodent (we think a vole) it has just caught on the top of the tree stump. 2 hours after dawn the summer woodland is still cloaked in shadow - the rodent was taking a chance being out in the light.

Ref: D36_20130807_0722_108_FB4 Sparrowhawk catching rodent on tree-stump in talons (crop 1).jpg

23 Sep 2013

A daytime fox giving us a look at that impressive canine.

Ref: D50_20130726_1817_095_FB1 Fox in daytime staring to side (crop 2).jpg

The fox regularly visits this site about half an hour after we put out food.

Ref: D50_20130802_1832_100_FB1 Fox turning.jpg

22 Sep 2013

"Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run, Run, Run ..."

Ref: D5C_20130801_0737_006_FB2 Rabbit running over log (crop).jpg

21 Sep 2013

A pair of Blackbirds are now feeding young in an overgrown ivy on the south side of the house. This may be the male from that nest about 50m away, or another from a nest we know nothing about.

Ref: D50_20130806_1737_131_FB1 Blackbird male with beak full of worms (crop 2).jpg

20 Sep 2013

We are not sure what the male Chaffinch (left) is doing with or to this female, but knowing their nature we expect he is un-gallantly shoving her off the food!

Ref: D36_20130802_1859_093_FB4 Chaffinch male pushing (q) female off tree-stump top.jpg

19 Sep 2013

There are several species of Burnet Moth, the most common types differentiated by the number of spots on a single side (not BOTH sides like counting spots on ladybird carapaces). This one was using it's proboscis to drink nectar from the thistle flower, accompanied by two hover-flies.

Ref: DF1_20130730_1556_084 Six-Spot Burnet Moth and Marmalade Hoverflies (Episyrphus balteatus) on Thistle flower (crop).jpg

One of the Marmalade Hoverflies ... err ... hovering.

Ref: DF1_20130730_1556_095 Marmalade Hoverfly (Episyrphus balteatus) in flight (crop).jpg

18 Sep 2013

This a young fox around midnight apparently licking a Leopard slug. More adult foxes completely ignore slugs, but maybe they have to learn for themselves that they taste bad?

Ref: D5C_20130731_0041_080_FB2 Fox tasting slug (q) (crop).jpg

17 Sep 2013

Spider on the shell of a
    Snail clambering on
        Potato peel resting on the
            Tree stump top

Ref: D36_20130729_0403_040_FB4 Spider on shell of snail on food on tree stump (crop).jpg

16 Sep 2013

Foxes have been visiting afternoons and early nighttime. This one seems to be staring at the camera.

Ref: D5C_20130725_1903_009_FB2 Fox staring at camera (off edge of frame) (crop).jpg

We sometimes smear peanut butter on the end of the log, and here the Fox licks it off.

Ref: D5C_20130726_1828_040_FB2 Fox licking end of log (crop).jpg

15 Sep 2013

A juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker peers down the side of the tree-stump. The bird may be looking for food pushed into the bark as we do at another post.

Ref: D36_20130726_1455_068_FB4 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile looking down over edge of tree-stump.jpg

14 Sep 2013

The Green Woodpeckers have bred somewhere nearby and we sometimes see this juvenile exploring our patch. Here it is using it's tongue to explore the crevice between the wood and the peeling bark.

Ref: D01_20130727_0847_017 Green Woodpecker juvenile on meadow post top - tongue probing under bark (crop).jpg

We didn't hear any calling on this occasion, although they do sometimes call for food, locating them for us as well as the parents.

Ref: D01_20130727_0854_056 Green Woodpecker juvenile on meadow post top - beak open (crop).jpg

The juvenile Green Woodpecker had this wing stretch, waited a few seconds, and then took to the wing.

Ref: D01_20130727_0854_085 Green Woodpecker juvenile on meadow post top - wings spread (crop).jpg

13 Sep 2013

We have a lot of Ragwort in flower this year (and we will cut most of the heads before they seed to prevent it taking over!). Despite the plant being poisonous to some animals, the flowers obviously deliver thoroughly palatable nectar to this Peacock butterfly.

Ref: A77_20130725_1213_038 Peacock Butterfly feeding on Ragwort flower (crop).jpg

The delicate on the delicate.
The tiny weight of this Comma Butterfly is about 0.25 gram (See Weights of Insects)
but this is sufficient to substantially pull down the grass seed head. The insect is photographed from below showing the left hand 'comma' but is back lit so you also see the orange pattern from the top of the wing.

Ref: A77_20130726_0903_072 Comma Butterfly viewed from below perched on grass seed head with translucent wings (crop).jpg

12 Sep 2013

A Comma butterfly enjoying nectar from a blackberry flower. The characteristic white 'comma' marking are on the underside of the wing and are not visible on the perched insect with wings 'open'.

Ref: A77_20130721_1537_041 Comma Butterfly feeding on Blackberry flower (crop).jpg

Taken indoors in flight, this shows the undersides of the Comma Butterfly's wings, including the white 'comma' on both sides of the insect at once.

Ref: DA1_20130722_1352_316+1310_290_FT1 Comma Butterfly in flight showing underwing with thistle flower (montage).jpg

11 Sep 2013

This fox is currently a daily visitor at this site an hour or so after we have laid down food. Here though it's attention has been diverted from the ground by something in the tree or on the flashgun box. Notice the slit irises indicating still in daylight

Ref: D50_20130724_1846_159_FB1 Fox with open mouth looking upwards (crop).jpg

This fox also visits the other ground level site, sometimes staying for half an hour in the half light. Notice the partially open Irises in a dark patch of woodland as dusk falls.

Ref: D5C_20130722_2011_019_FB2 Fox looking sideways with mouth open (crop).jpg

10 Sep 2013

The Angle Shades moth is an old favourite visitor. We include this 'incidental' picture of it on the outside of a box because you can clearly see the curled proboscis they share with butterflies.

Ref: DA1_20130722_1247_238_FT1 Angle Shades moth on box showing proboscis (ID crop).jpg

An Angle-Shades moth turning in flight.

Ref: DA1_20130722_1245_229+1300_252_FT1 Angle Shades moth in flight with Grass head (montage).jpg

09 Sep 2013

Early Thorn moths vary in appearance with sex and brood This male shows lovely rich orange brown.

Ref: DA1_20130722_1249_242_FT1 Early Thorn moth in flight (crop).jpg

08 Sep 2013

This White Satin Moth was hanging like this from a grass seed head a couple of metres from the moth trap in which we caught another. We like the pretty black and white ringed legs.

Ref: A77_20130720_1640_004 White Satin Moth on grass head (crop).jpg

One of the two White Satin Moths obliged with a flight for us.

Ref: DA1_20130722_1103_042+1300_255_FT1 White Satin Moth in flight as from grass head (montage).jpg

07 Sep 2013

This is a Poplar Hawk Moth as if taking off from the thistle. If you look for this insect in a reference book DON'T look for the orange patches - the resting position of the moth has the rear wings partly in front of the forewings, hiding the orange for use in startling attackers.

Ref: DA1_20130722_1057_024+1303_270_FT1 Poplar Hawk-moth in flight as if taking off from thistle (montage).jpg

Another Poplar Hawk Moth this time shown with Ragwort flowers for scale.

Ref: DA1_20130722_1234_163+1301_259_FT1 Poplar Hawk-moth in flight with Ragwort flowers (montage).jpg

06 Sep 2013

This female Mallard seems to fly in most days, visit the main and duck-shaped ponds to up-end or dive for corn in the water, & then depart.

Ref: A77_20130720_1647_011-014 Mallard duck female flying from main pond 2-5 of 5 (adjusted montage 2 @ 4 fps).jpg

05 Sep 2013

Out first sighting of a Comma butterfly this year, atypically perched over a pond on the Hop Sedge

Ref: DF1_20130712_1545_123 Comma Butterfly on Hop Sedge leaf (adjusted crop).jpg

The hot weather has produced a show of perhaps 100 of various 'brown' butterflies over our meadow. Here are a pair of Meadow Brown butterflies mating - you can see the coupling of the abdomens just below the inverted V where their wings cross at the bottom.

Ref: A77_20130716_0905_019 Meadow Brown Butterflies mating (crop).jpg

04 Sep 2013

The Green-veined White butterfly has been a bit of a rarity here - maybe the arable farming around us has encouraged them. Anyway, along our track-side we found this one feeding on the rampant Blackberry brambles.

Ref: DF1_20130717_1215_025 Green-veined White Butterfly (single spot) on Blackberry flower (crop 2).jpg

Sharing a thistle flower for a moment, this pair of mating Soldier Beetles are joined for a few seconds by a Small Skipper Butterfly collecting supper.

Ref: DF1_20130718_1804_042 Small Skipper butterfly & mating pair of Soldier Beetles on Thistle flower (crop).jpg

03 Sep 2013

This White Plume Moth was caught in the daytime and shows how the filaments on the wing struts lay over one another to make a (admittedly weak) aerodynamic structure.

Ref: DA1_20130714_1445_309+1229_015_FT1 White Plume Moth in flight with grass (montage).jpg

After release this same White Plume Moth decided it liked the post of our conservatory gate and was still there when we went to bed, but gone next morning.

Ref: P10_20130714_1434_791 White Plume moth on security gate post (crop).jpg

02 Sep 2013

A Spinach moth (which doesn't mean it has anything to do with the vegetable), has a rather subtly marked forewing.

Ref: DA1_20130714_1415_254_FT1 Spinach moth in flight (crop).jpg

This is a Common Footman Moth in flight. Apparently they appear anywhere that there are soft fruit bushes.

Ref: DA1_20130714_1305_068+1451_284_FT1 Common Footman Moth in flight with grass head (montage).jpg

01 Sep 2013

This startlingly coloured Elephant Hawk-moth obliged with this nice portrait hanging from the end of a hawthorn twig.

Ref: DA1_20130714_1350_186_FT1 Elephant Hawk-moth on Hawthorn (crop).jpg

Once this Elephant Hawk-moth had warmed itself up fluttering its wings on the hawthorn, it obliged with a few photos in flight - this one is of it flying towards camera.

Ref: DA1_20130714_1353_196_FT1 Elephant Hawk-moth in flight (crop).jpg



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