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30 Apr 2014

This Tawny Owl was landing on the perch of our peanut feeder, and we are sure it wasn't after the peanuts!

Ref: E60_20140317_2317_028_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on perch (crop).jpg

The same night, 3 hours earlier, a different one-off image of a different Tawny Owl on our meadow post. Note the different colouration of the facial disc.

Ref: D01_20140317_2021_009_FB6 Tawny Owl.jpg

29 Apr 2014

For once a Pair of chaffinches in the same single frame.

Ref: E62_20140320_0753_008_FB5 Chaffinch pair on log and ground (adjusted crop).jpg

28 Apr 2014

Who turned up the colour? Nobody!
We hope the potential mates for this Yellowhammer think he is as wonderful as we do.

Ref: E62_20140319_1645_097_FB5 Yellowhammer male (crop - no colour enhancement).jpg

27 Apr 2014

We don't see the Mistle Thrush very often, so this second sighting at a more open than normal photo-site is welcome.

Ref: E62_20140319_1634_094_FB5 Mistle Thrush (crop).jpg

26 Apr 2014

Blossom looks lovely from a distance, but for photographs we prefer to capture the intricacy of just a twig.

Ref: P34_20140315_1627_071 Front Garden Seq - Blossom detail (crop).jpg

25 Apr 2014

Those of you living in cities probably rarely get a view of the opposite sides of the horizon good enough to see that full moon only occurs when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the sky.
First to view to the East for the rising moon ...

Ref: DF2_20140315_1733_118 Moonrise near full and Sunset 1 of2 (orig).jpg

Those of you living in cities probably rarely get a view of the opposite sides of the horizon good enough to see that full moon only occurs when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the sky.
Turning round 1 minute later a view to the West of the setting sun.

Ref: DF2_20140315_1734_129 Moonrise near full and Sunset 2 of2 (orig).jpg

24 Apr 2014

This Skylark was starting his ascent, singing his little heart out.
This is an accurate montage at about 4fps (so this is less than a second).

Ref: DF2_20140316_0957_346-349 Skylark singing in flight 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage @ about 4fps).jpg

A Skylark ascending, but with no points of reference we can't get the spacing accurate. But the bird is gorgeous!

Ref: DF2_20140316_0958_381-383 Skylark in flight 1-3 of 4 (arbitrary montage).jpg

23 Apr 2014

"Look - no wings"
This male Chaffinch gives us a look at his normally hidden green back as we catch a 'bounding' moment in his flight.

Ref: E60_20140311_1454_063_FB3 Chaffinch male in flight with wings folded.jpg

22 Apr 2014

A Tawny owl visited the Tree stump for the first time since November 2013. We don't know how long it stayed but 26 minutes later we have vague image of a Tawny owl on a distant post though the nighttime fog.

Ref: D36_20140312_2222_064_FB4 Tawny Owl on Tree stump seen 26min later on meadow Post (FB6) (crop).jpg

21 Apr 2014

Weeks ago we were surprised at discovering we see at least 2 different Barn Owls.
Well we are now sure we also see at least 2 different Tawny Owls as well!
Here they are over the same night with all the same camera settings - very obviously different browns, and with different facial disc patterns. (We have checked the left side of the bird on the left in another more messy image, and its not a left/right difference).

Ref: D01_20140310_2010_013+20140311_0225_017_FB6 Tawny Owl 5 minute visit + short visit by a different Tawny owl 6hrs later 3+4 of 4 (montage).jpg

20 Apr 2014

We are seeing quite a lot of 7-spot Ladybirds (and so far very few Harlequins). We rather like this portrayal on the top of a Hazel catkin along with 2 of the tiny red (female) flowers. The ladybird is visible speckled with the air-dispersed pollen.
We have used flash here to make the shaded insect visible.

Ref: P10_20140307_1629_577 7 Spot Ladybird on Hazel catkin & 2 female flowers (crop).jpg

Whose been sticking their beak into the hazel catkins then? Note the yellow ring of pollen around the base of the beak.

Ref: E60_20140310_1135_012_FB3 Bluetit with pollen around beak.jpg

19 Apr 2014

This attempt to get 'Plane and Moon' in the same image got photobombed by a Great Tit wanting to get in on the action!

Ref: DF2_20140309_1622_102 Aeroplane G-BTNT flying past half Moon photobombed by a Great Tit 3 of 9 (crop).jpg

Isn't the sky amazing - little more than an hour after the photobomb against blue, the sunset produced this glorious sight.

Ref: DF2_20140309_1747_156 Sunset (crop).jpg

18 Apr 2014

One pair of Skylarks spent a minute or two fluttering round each other over the hedge. It was all so quick and random we can't find a suitable montage to express it, so here is a moment of the birds facing each other.
The 'adjusted' aspect was 'raising' the hedge a bit to provide some context.

Ref: DF2_20140309_0904_387 2 Skylarks fluttering around each other over hedge 07 of 33 (adjusted crop).jpg

This Skylark started it's ascent only 10 metres or so away. We caught 22 images of varying quality & chose three to make a nice impression of the moment, rather than any accuracy.

Ref: DF2_20140309_0907_461+465+471 Skylark flying up from ground 08+12+18 of 22 (montage for impression).jpg

17 Apr 2014

A few Bumble Bees were warming themselves in the sunshine on some lichen covered Willow trunk behind the Duck-shaped pond. We think this is a Buff-Tailed Bumble Bee

Ref: P10_20140307_1618_564 Buff-Tailed Bumble-Bee on Lichen covered Willow bark (crop).jpg

We are glad to see at least a few Honey Bees enjoying the first blossoms.

Ref: DF2_20140308_1543_060 Honey Bee on Cherry flower (crop).jpg

16 Apr 2014

From a few Owl visits this week we thought it would be interesting to show a direct comparison of a Tawny Owl (left) and Barn Owl (right) at the same scale & exposures. The different leg positions seem to be characteristic of the two species.

Ref: D01_20140307_2335_014+20140309_1917_046 Tawny Owl & Barn Owl visits 2 days apart (montage for comparison).jpg

15 Apr 2014

Genuine unusual single shot (modified images and montages say so in the labels).
Better a shouting match than claws or beaks?

Ref: D36_20140309_1304_096_FB4 Great Tit and Robin contesting tree-stump top with calls (q) (crop).jpg

15 Apr 2014

Surprise - 2 male pheasants in the breeding season not fighting. Their colours are closely similar and we wonder whether they are siblings who tolerate one another.

Ref: D5C_20140304_0646_011_FB2 2 Pheasant males (crop).jpg

Even more of a surprise - they may be going round together. This (the new) site is about 40 metres from the woodland site. Taken only 15 minutes after the previous. Note how the frost from the open sky here is completely suppressed by even a little canopy at the woodland site.

Ref: E62_20140304_0705_014_FB5 2 Pheasant males feeding together (crop).jpg

14 Apr 2014

A single 11 minute visit from the barn owl (with the right leg ring). In the middle image the bird is on its left leg - the same bird was standing on its right leg a week or so ago. Are Owls or birds in general are left or right legged? We could spend hours researching this one!

Ref: D01_20140306_0028_016+0033_022+0041_028 Barn owl (right leg ringed) 11 minute visit (seleted) 2+5+6 of 6 (montage).jpg

13 Apr 2014

The sun is finally high enough for this clump of Snowdrops to receive the morning sunshine.

Ref: P10_20140301_0819_463 Snowdrops on west bank of main pond (crop).jpg

A previously shady spot behind an apple tree now has enough sunshine for some comparatively late flowering snowdrops.

Ref: P10_20140304_1602_475 Snowdrop flower (crop).jpg

12 Apr 2014

The Cherry blossom has started - a welcome sign of good things to come.

Ref: DF2_20140301_1059_061 Cherry blossom on south side of tree by orchard (crop).jpg

The Cherry blossom has started - a welcome sign of good things to come.

Ref: DF2_20140301_1059_064 Cherry blossom on south side of tree by orchard (crop).jpg

11 Apr 2014

This Jackdaw, first to arrive at the fresh arrival of food, is spoilt for choice. Enjoy the wonderful details of the feathers underneath the wing.

Ref: D36_20140301_1632_061_FB4 Jackdaw first arrival at fresh food.jpg

10 Apr 2014

3 images taken from 2 separate visits.

Ref: D01_20140302_2336_013+2337_015+20140303_0100_023_FB6 Tawny Owl visiting meadow post twice for a few minutes (selected) 1+2+7 of 7 (montage).jpg

Ref: D01_20140303_0102_021_FB6 Tawny Owl visiting meadow post twice for a few minutes (selected) 6 of 7 (crop).jpg

09 Apr 2014

The female Muntjac Deer has been visiting site 2 regularly ...
& still with her apple fixation!

Ref: D5C_20140223_0322_153_FB2 Muntjac Deer female examining apple (crop).jpg

08 Apr 2014

On an overcast day these two Collared Doves spent a minute or two 'playing' at the top of our concrete electricity supply pole, frequently brushing their wings delicately over one another.

Ref: DF2_20140226_1603_084 Collared Doves flying around top of post (selected) 24 of 24 (crop).jpg

07 Apr 2014

Just before dawn we saw this unusual juxtaposition of the crescent moon and Venus (the 'Morning Star') with centres less than 1 degree apart. The moon's diameter always appears as about half a degree.

Ref: P02_20140226_0618_039 Moon crescent and Venus close together in morning sky (crop).jpg

06 Apr 2014

As male Chaffinches come into breeding condition their beaks develop a blue overlay. Just look at that blue on this beak - we haven't 'wound up' the colour. We are sure the girls will like it.

Ref: E62_20140225_1610_077_FB5 Chaffinch male with strongly blue beak.jpg

05 Apr 2014

A Barn Owl visited our post in the meadow 3 nights running
The first visit was from the Barn Owl with a ring on its right leg.

Ref: D01_20140224_2218_017+2226_025+2233_032 Barn Owl (right leg ringed) visit (selected) 08+13+17 of 19 (montage).jpg

A Barn Owl visited our post in the meadow 3 nights running
The next night we saw the Un-ringed Barn Owl which seemed to doze off just before flying away after some 15 minutes.

Ref: D01_20140226_0244_002+0255_017+0257_019 Barn Owl (no ring) visit for 15 minutes (selected) 1+6+8 of 8 (montage).jpg

A Barn Owl visited our post in the meadow 3 nights running
The final night saw the Ringed Barn Owl appear again, but it only stayed for 3 minutes.

Ref: D01_20140227_1942_003_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ringed) 3 minute visit (selected) 2 of 2 (crop).jpg

04 Apr 2014

An unusual position for the female Muntjac Deer makes for a compact composition

Ref: D5C_20140224_1658_023_FB2 Muntjac Deer female in compact pose (crop).jpg

03 Apr 2014

The days are lengthening but the nights are getting colder. This Grey Squirrel is Undoubtedly collecting fresh bedding for the Dray.

Ref: D5C_20140222_0720_109_FB2 Grey squirrel with mouthful of dry bedding.jpg

02 Apr 2014

The lengthening days seem to have emboldened the Grey Squirrels
This one goes for 'our' pair of rooks who look much more likely to defend than flee.

Ref: D5C_20140225_1652_014_FB2 Grey Squirrel attacking 2 Rooks (crop).jpg

The lengthening days seem to have emboldened the Grey Squirrels
Here one does a headlong charge at our dominant male pheasant who doesn't seem to be reacting at all - yet. These timid birds seem to be a match for squirrels - a female was at the site a few minutes later

Ref: D5C_20140226_1718_063_FB2 Grey Squirrel attacking Pheasant male (crop).jpg

The lengthening days seem to have emboldened the Grey Squirrels
If they don't have other species to challenge they romp among themselves.

Ref: D5C_20140220_0712_003_FB2 2 Grey Squirrel crossing leaps.jpg

01 Apr 2014

A little fun (but no fool) for April Fools day.
The oversized and over bright animal in the air looks like it was heading for the camera, but we didn't notice any disturbance next day. We sometimes find camera covers askew or the IR sensors knocked out of line and assume that it was squirrels (or badgers if we are seeing them)

Ref: D5C_20140216_1646_178_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels romping with one high over the other (crop).jpg



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